Really Stupid Things I Always Say

May 2, 2014

Happy Friday my friends! It has been a long week for me and next week will be a really, hectic week with work. I am ready for it though! But I sure can't wait for the weekend. I jogged last night for 45 minutes straight on the greenway behind my apartment. I don't think my legs and hips have hurt this bad in a long time. It feels good, but ouch. Also, guess what? I am teaming up with Quest Nutrition and I am hosting a giveaway next week of Quest Bars. There will be not 1 winner, not 2 winners, but 3! You guys want them, you guys ask about them a lot, so you guys get them! Stay close!

Since it's Friday, today's blog entry will be light, fun and really stupid. Ha! After you read this post, I will probably show just how much a white girl I really am. We all have our weird sayings that we catch ourselves repeating constantly. Or maybe it's just to me? I get tormented, as I rightfully should, so I thought I would share my stupidness with you all. The only stipulation? You have to list yours as well, ha!

If you give me the side eye after reading this, that's fine. I am right there with you.

Sometimes when something is just so funny, I will comment saying only "dying". That just means what you have posted or written is beyond "LOL" or "LMAO" and even "LMFAO". I am just dying. I am dying of laughter and giggles.

This is the funniest of all of the funny. When I die, at something you said or wrote, it is because you killed me with laughter. You cannot top "Dying. Dead." in the world of hilarious.

Also said as "I literally cannot even deal with you right now". I mainly use that on my best friend Kelly because she is a basket case sometimes. When you have pushed me to where I "literally" cannot even "deal" with you or the issue, I am at the end. Do not speak of it around me anymore. 

I am so guilty of this. I say "OMG" at everything. EVERYTHING. If it's good, bad, great, happy, sad, painful, stupid, hilarious. EVERYTHING. Let's not get it confused though - it is not "oh my God", it is "oh my goa". My mama drilled into my head growing up to "never say the Lord's name in vain". I am 99% sure the first words I ever spoke as a baby were "oh my goa".

I often have to use this on my friends and family if they think I am full of crap with an idea or presenting something. "Y'all, we have to go. It really is legit". "No trust me, it tastes good. It's legit". "Don't be silly, it's a legit place". 

You know it's about to get deep when I hit you with "honestly..." or "seriously..."
Examples: Honestly... my hair is such a mess. Seriously... I hate my stomach. Honestly... you are being really stupid right now. Honestly... I don't want to do this. 

There are some days where I am just the hot mess express. I like to experiment with my hair and makeup and even lately - my fashion. And you know guys, sometimes it just doesn't work. Those times are when I just look at myself and think "I don't know what I am doing with my life". I also say this with awful recipes I have accidentally created and any random thing that will make you shake your head and say "what is she thinking?". Well, it's because... I don't know what I am doing with my life. 


  1. Legit is one of my favorite words. Using it at work (in a law school, with very serious people) makes people do a double take and even though its meaning is obvious, I often have to clarify. I have been asking if things are "real life" lately pretty often, too. I blame blogs :)

  2. There is a friend on IG who has "Your Mom" listed in her profile description--and I laugh everytime I see it--so I think I'm going to start using it as my stupid saying. It is just dumb and makes me laugh!! Happy Friday gorgeous!!!

  3. Kosher.
    Everything is legit and status quo, so its Kosher. I have no idea if its appropriate but I find myself saying it quite a bit lately.

  4. haha love this! i say legit, and honestly, and seriously. i am also guilty of saying 'i cant even' and 'whatever' like its my job

  5. You're too funny! I need to start using "dying dead" more often in my vocabulary. lol

  6. HA! I love this so so much.

    I have words or saying that I say all the time too. Legit is one of them.
    and the other day I think I said Legitimately about 600 times...It was almost ridiculous. almost.
    My husband makes fun of me because I guess I say "no but for real" and "I Can't" a lot..I didn't even notice this. haha

    -Ashlee Michelle

  7. That is so awesome that you are teaming up with Quest Nutrition!! That is so exciting :D
    Those are all too funny :D
    I'm always telling John that "I have this new thing" and he rolls his eyes and responds with EVERYTHING is your new thing. I also say "you know what I mean" a lot.

  8. Hot Mess Express... oh man.. I loved that!

    And... I use EPIC.. a lot more than I should!

    But, Legit comes out of my mouth a lot too.

    You are too funny! Great light Friday Post!

  9. "Legit" is the SHIT.
    "Dying. Dead." My new life goal is to make you say that to me at least once. :)

  10. Haha! I totally say OMG and honestly/seriously all the time.

  11. You had me at quest bars. Honestly and seriously my fav.. LOL..I've never heard of dying dead.

  12. I say legit a lot. I also have over used seriously my entire life. Like, seriously. Also another word I use is really. Like, really. Apparently I like the word like to. Like a high school girl.

    I also have some stupid phrases I use, like if Chris says "Where is my _____" I will reply with "I'll be your ____" Dumb.

    I am with Amanda, my goal in life is for you to tell me Dying. Dead.

  13. Literally say all those things which is why we are besties <3 <3

  14. I truly say seriously more times a day than I say anything in the world....I hear ya!

  15. You crack me up! Dying and seriously are my most used ;)

  16. you are too funny & this is why we need to BFF's. I always say my life is a hot mess.. it just means I am going crazy & need to get it together.. eek like currently.. I somehow lost a pair of my yoga pants with in seconds of pulling them out!! WTF

    lol it must be friday..
    Have a great weekend!

  17. OMG I Legit think we are sisters SERIOUSLY! People laugh at me all the time because I say ALL of those things!

  18. "Truly" and "Honestly" are my main words lol! Happy weekend!

  19. HAHAHAHHA - Yessss me too! Are we twins?!?! "Legit" "Seriously?" "Dying" are my GO to words hahahaha <3

  20. I am so proud of you for that-not taking the Lord's name in vain!! I had one of those mamas too!! We are lucky!!

  21. Dude, seriously, legit, and obviously are in heavy rotation with me sometimes i want to slap myself for saying them. ;)

  22. First of all, how awesome that youre teaming up with Quest! That's awesome!! Second, yes Legit is one of my constantly used words, also "absolutely" and "that's crazy"! Happy weekens doll!

  23. DYING..LEGIT! No seriously though, I am dying at this post. I say all of these things more often than I should especially dying. I also say "same" when I agree with someone or have the same thing going on. Just a plain ol' "same" hah! P.s. Love the new layout!!!

  24. yay for a great giveaway!!! I Cant wait

    I say I know right? a lot but am also guilty of all these as well!!!

    have a fab weekend sweet friend

  25. LOL I loved reading this. "I swear" --almost added that to the end of the sentence in my head haha. Yeah Those 3 for sure-- LOL, I swear, haha (because everything is funny), oh and I so use OMG all the time. I could keep going. I swear (for real) the age of instagram and social media apps has taken my typing skills down a notch on the grammar scale. Seriously. My English teacher would be disappointed ;) Oh and another one-- my husband makes fun of me all the time for this one-- literally-- everything, to make sure I get my point across is literally that way for a reason. You're so funny! Have a great friday!

  26. I'm guilty of saying "legit" ... and the biggest crime ever ... I literally say "literally" all the time... No really 'literally'!

  27. Something I've noticed you write alot while blogging is, "ha!"

    Such as this, "Since it's Friday, today's blog entry will be light, fun and really stupid. Ha!"
    I never know how to read it out in my head.

    Mine is saying "literally" after everything, literally. Also saying "essentially", ALOT!

    1. Ha! Nailed it! Yes I definitely do say "ha!" a lot when I write. That is so funny. I say "literally" a lot too. I forgot about that one!

  28. Hahaha love it. I totally am on the OMG train and I also say "I know right" like all the time. Have a great weekend

  29. Hey, new follower from the No Rules Blog Party. I enjoyed this post, you have a great sense of humour! Definitely looking forward to checking out more of your blog and following along. :)



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