Summer Fun: My Birthday and Beach Trip!

July 31, 2013

Yesterday I turned 24 years old. I can't believe it. I still cannot believe I even turned 21. Now here I am turning 24. OMG! Where does time go?! I have had a great weekend filled with love, celebration, salty air, and good food. Here is what has been going on:

Friday: Long day at work, but at 5 o'clock it was finally dunzo. I started with a heavy leg work out at the gym and cardio then went home. There was lots of packing to be done! My cat was the best little helper in the world, then he decided to play in the bathtub. I just thought these pictures were cute! :)

Saturday: Marquis and I left for the beach bright and early. We arrived around 2 and had a drink at our hotel bar, toured some condo's, then got ready. We had dinner at our favorite Myrtle spot, "California Pizza Kitchen" then had a lovely evening on the boardwalk: live music, arcade games, shopping, and maybe a cocktail or two! 
Vodka tonic at our oceanside hotel bar!
Beautiful beach view from the bar!

Sunday: We spent the day at the pool and ocean soaking up the sun! When we were all pooped out from the sun, we showered and went to Planet Hollywood for an early dinner and cocktail, then saw "Wolverine" in 3D at the awesome theater at "Broadway at the Beach". By the time the movie was over we went back to our hotel for a drink at the hotel. It was such a beautiful night. The breeze was perfect and there is nothing like having a drink by the ocean. The bartender even turned on "True Blood" for me on the bar outside!

My beach bum!
Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood
Drinks at Planet Hollywood in our souvenir cups!
Ready for an evening out!
Monday: We woke up bright and early and toured more condo's (we have been looking for a while) and finally placed an offer on an awesome ocean front condo at "Ocean Reef Resort" this place is amazing. It was a bowling alley in it, water park, general store, Starbucks, restaurant/exclusive bar, and tons of indoor/outdoor pools. The rest of the day was spent being beach bums again, but it was interrupted by a huge storm around 4 PM. We decided to go back to the room and get ready, then went to Encounters: UFO Museum. I love the paranormal and UFO's so I was really excited about it, but very disappointed. Afterwards we had dinner at Margaritaville. 

Gorgeous view
Soaking up the sun!
Poolside kisses
Encounters: UFO Museum
Encounters: UFO Museum
Encounters: UFO Museum
Encounters: UFO Museum
Encounters: UFO Museum
Encounters: UFO Museum
Listening to real 911 calls about UFO's in Encounter's
Encounters: UFO Museum
Tuesday: It was my birthday and time to leave the beach and head home. I spent the afternoon of my birthday grocery shopping, unpacking, prepping food, cleaning, and getting ready to be back on my grind. Marquis is prepping for his next bodybuilding show in October so we are back on our grind. We did take a little break last night for some birthday cake, though. My o my, it was amazing! I had a fantastic birthday and I welcome "24" with open arms!

Cake batter ice cream cake for my birthday!
My first picture at "24" - let's do this! :)

High Five! (Birthday Weekend!)

July 25, 2013

I am starting the "Five on Friday" link up fun a little early!

Before I start, The Huffington Post and AOL featured my weight loss story. If you are interested you can read it here!

(1) My birthday is Tuesday (July 30th! Leo, baby!) and I am going to be 24 years old. Holla!

(2) I'm taking off to the beach in the morning to go have some fun in the sun and soak up the salty air. In my world, I use every excuse possible to go to the beach, so I'm celebrating my birthday there!

(3) Since I am going to the beach, every girl should travel in style, right? I love my new zebra print luggage set, so fun!

(4) I have crazy new glasses, that are a little absub. But I don't care, I love it!

(5) Over the past 4 weeks, I have really stuck to clean eating, very limited wine consumption, and hard workout's, but I will blow it all at the beach. I'm starting to see some good muscle definition!

What's your 5 things you want to blog about today? Link up!

Weekend Recap and Weekly Health Plan!

July 22, 2013

Hey Blogger buddies. I hope everyone has been doing well. I have been a little MIA lately (at least from the Blog world. I still use Facebook and Instagram religiously, ha). I have actually had some big life changes to ensue and I have been going non-freaking-stop. But anywho, I'm taking a mental break from work and recapping my weekend.

It was a really crappy week at work. I was so busy, so stressed, and I was just in a horrible mood. I was tired from training hard at the gym, not to mention "clean eating", and I was just read to jump off of a bridge. I decided I need "me" time and to just rest. After work, I went to the gym for legs. Friday's are my leg work out's and I cannot miss those! It's my favorite work out. So, I worked out, and hard. I felt a little sick after but ran errands. I grocery shopped, picked up dinner, then went home. I think I was dehydrated, way too hot, and my sugar was low and I ended up getting sick in the parking lot of my condo building. Thankfully, I don't think anyone saw. I grabbed my bags, went into my condo, and quickly took a bath and cleaned up. I had dinner after and felt completely back to normal. I poured a class of wine and watched an old season of True Blood to "wine down" (haha, get it!) and relax.

I woke up feeling like "me" again. I did some things at home, hit the gym for 45 minutes of cardio, then spent the next 4 hours at my hairstylist's house. She did my roots and we watched a movie and caught up. I am finally back to blonde BLONDE... ya know, not just blonde.

When I left her house, I went home and made a pizza for dinner then got ready. I met Marquis at the movies and we saw "The Conjuring" - it was so scary and SO good. I am a huge paranormal buff so I have been waiting for months for this movie. It did not disappoint either. Afterwards, I was a little freaked out and did not want to go home right away so we went next door to a bar called "City Tavern" and had a drink. I had a "Little Black Dress Cosmo" and it was delicious. It has cranberry in it and I LOVE cranberry. It was only 98 calories as well. After the drink I went home. I couldn't sleep so I watched "Pretty Woman" then finally fell asleep around 2 AM.

I do my usual on Sunday's. Gym - Food prep - Cleaning. I went to the gym and noon for spin class, and it was tough. It was hard to push through, my quads were sore, but I did. I lifted weights after. Next, I had errands to run. I bought my chicken at Aldi, then went by GNC and Harris Teeter (I am the queen of buying groceries, forgetting my list, AND forgetting at least 2 or 3 things). I went home after all of that, made some lunch, and then forced myself to prep food and scrub my condo. By the time I finished it was around 5. I decided to take a bubble bath and read for a while. I made dinner after and watched all of my shows - RHONJ, True Blood, and Bar Rescue. All in all, it was a great weekend!

Delicious dinner: Zucchini and reduced fat Feta cheese burgers (recipe here) and a side of spicy sweet potato fries... yum! 
Food prep = done! Ready for a successful week!
This week's fitness and nutrition plan:
Meal 1: 3 egg whites with spinach and turkey bacon with a side of 2 slices of double-fiber whole wheat toast
Meal 2: Power Smoothie
Meal 3: Chicken and mixed vegetable stir-fry
Meal 4: 1/2 cup of oats with one tablespoon of sugar/fat free butterscotch pudding mix
Meal 5: Whole wheat cereal crusted chicken and mixed vegetables
Meal 6: Sugar free cherry Jello with a tablespoon of fat free whipped creme
*   *   *   *   *
Sunday: 45 minute spin class/full upper-body weight circuit
Monday: 20 minutes lateral cardio, abs, and 45 minute spin class 
Tuesday: 10 minutes of lateral cardio, full upper body weight circuit, 10 minutes on Elliptical
Wednesday: 20 minutes of lateral cardio, abs, and 45 minute spin class
Thursday: 15 minutes of lateral cardio, full upper body weight circuit, 10 minutes on Elliptical
Friday: 20 minutes of lateral cardio, full leg work out, 10 minutes on Elliptical
Saturday: OFF!

PS- I am happy to report, I am down 8 pounds since Memorial Day weekend! :)