Weekend Shannies: Fall is in the air!

September 29, 2013

This weekend was quite different than the last few. It was very low key and productive, and I was able to catch up on my rest. That was glorious! Last weekend, I did not sleep well at all and was up really early both days. This past week was stressful and emotional so I did not sleep good then either. Being able to sleep in and rest some really made me feel like a new person.

Originally Marq and I were supposed to go to Myrtle Beach to meet with a national franchise that Marq is considering buying. Friday evening that fell through so we stayed here. Friday night did not consist of much, just gym. After the gym, I was tired and Marq was exhausted so we cooked dinner and just hung out at home.

Saturday morning I slept in until 11! It was so nice. When I finally woke up Marq and I took off to town to tour a tanning salon he is considering purchasing (this gets tiring) then had a bunch of errands to run. We came back from all of that around 3. My house decided to take a nap after that. Look at my lazy babies!

While they napped, I got myself prepped for the week!

After about an hour we took off to the dog park. The weather was absolutely perfection! Hello fall! We had a great time.  There was a particular Pug that took to Marq and I, we loved him! I debated on taking him home. Heh.

After the dog park we all came back home, took showers, and got ready. Marquis and I decided to go see "Prisoners". It was really good, the acting was incredible. And I love Hugh and Jake. They define sexy. It is a really long movie though. We went to the 9 o'clock showing and did not get home until after midnight. I wore my new lace top from Venus. It's sexy, I love it!

This morning I woke up and Marquis surprised me with breakfast; egg white omelet with egg whites, turkey sausage, and cheese with a side of Special K Yogurt cereal. Yum! I went to spin class at noon, normally class is 45 minutes but today it was an hour. I pushed hard and man my legs are aching! After the gym I had a lot more errands to run. My grocery shopping alone takes 3 stops. Ugh! 

Now I'm ready to make it a successful week! Food is prepped!

Tonight Marquis and I are cooked all of our chicken on the grill. I'm so glad because everything tastes so much better on the grill. I am making a side of baked beans and I also made a healthy potato salad. It's made with red potatoes and plain greek yogurt. It's packed with protein and complex carbohydrates - completely healthy for you and delicious. It's a win, win!

Now it is time for a little Sunday night relaxation!

Well, that's about it for me this weekend! Cheers!

A Season of Change...

September 26, 2013

What a week. What a life.
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I feel like I have so much I want to say right now. I want to write my situation down on my blog, get out on paper, and get it out of my head. But I can't do that right now. There is a lot of uncertainty in my life and I feel a lot of hard changes coming. If there is one quote that has always stuck with me in life, it is this one:

and sometimes, a lot of times in life, I do not feel I follow this. I used too. But over the years I have transformed. I do not always like the person I have become. This probably does not make sense. Sometimes when your heart is speaking, your brain does not always translate the words and the feelings like it should. 

More soon on that. Now, back to this week.

It has been a pretty quiet and calm week. I have been battling mood highs and lows because of all the change coming forth in my job. I had a job interview yesterday. It is for the Executive Assistant/Administration Director to the CEO of a Real Estate company. The CEO is an amazing woman. She was voted one of Charlotte's 50 most influential women and CEO's, and has won many, many awards in the real estate world. She started her company from the ground a mere 7 years ago and has grown it extraordinarily. 

Yesterday was finally the interview. After completing an essay on why they should hire me followed by a personality test, I was called in for the interview.

When I went into it, I was pretty calm. I am used to interviews at this point. I have been trying on and off for a year for a new position. But in walks the CEO. She is very stern and intimidating. She knows what she wants and how she wants it done. Those are key components for a CEO so I do not know why I was surprised. 

She had a thick stack of papers in her hands. She sat down in the conference room across the table from me and dove right into asking the standard questions. They were very difficult to answer. You guys probably know how that is. Describe a time where the outcome of a specific project did not align to the clients requests and how you elected to rectify the situation. Ugh, I hate that. I'm not good at that. She asks all of those type of questions for each job I have ever held. It was not going that great. I stuttered some, did not know exactly what to say, and I was just ready to walk out of the interview. Literally in the middle of her asking those questions, just get up and walk out. But I didn't.

Next we get to the paper filled with words. Upon her reading each word, I had to rate myself a 1-6. One meaning I'm not good at all and 6 meaning that I am superstar. I was doing OK I thought and then she says the word "pragmatic". I had no idea what that meant. She did not either, really. She thought about it for a second and kind of explained it. And I believe the definition is "your ability to think logically and realistically". I could Google to verify, but who cares.

Just as I thought the interview was a complete bomb and a complete waste of an uncomfortable outfit, she says the word "ambition". 1-6? I don't think think so. I say 7. She laughs and it breaks the ice a little. She tells me I did a good job on the test. Then we get down to the basics. I get to tell her all about me, my life, and what I want. I told her how I admired her accomplishments so much and I want to strive to be like that. I also talked a little about her company since I did my research and how I would fit and be able to help her grow her business even more.

Gosh, being an interview is the biggest sales pitch of ones life, ha.

After an hour and a half, we close our conversation. She has had the job I interviewed for posted for a month and a half. She did this because she wants to ensure she finds the right person. She also added that she deleted thousand's of Resume's sent to her because they did not follow the directions on the job posting. You could not just send them your Resume, you had to write the essay on why you would be a good fit then attach your Resume. She told me to set up reference appointments with each of my references so she could call them. She then added that as long as the references went well, she would do a criminal and credit background check, and be in touch.

My current supervisor told me he just got off the phone with her and she told him that he provided one of the best references she has ever heard. Now we wait. We will see what happens next.

Other than the interview, this week has been usual. Working and the gym. Marquis and I are leaving for Myrtle Beach on Saturday because we have a meeting with a franchise he is considering buying. It will be a short trip though, we are coming back Sunday. 

How have you guys been this week? 

The Hump Day Blog Hop! (2)

September 25, 2013

Hey guys! I am so excited you have come over. We are halfway through the week and the hump day camel is too freaking cool, so I decided to start a weekly blog hop to celebrate.

It has been a busy week over in my world. I am still working (for now) and applying for jobs until my fingers fall off every night. I decided to take it a step further as well, and I have been researching and emailing companies just to get my name out there and ask to keep my Resume on file. It can't hurt, right?

Anyways, this is a little different than a link up. To participate, simply add your blog link. There is no required entry or anything like that. This is about networking, making new friends, and finding new blogs.

All I ask:
1) "The Hump Day" blog hop button button be displayed anywhere on your blog page or a specific entry with a link back to me or the weekly co-host.
2) You don't have to follow me, but in the words of Blake Shelton: it'd sure be cool if ya did.
3) But please follow the co-host. I love helping and promoting these amazing women in the blog world!
4) Mingle with your fellow Bloggers. 
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The Hump Day Blog Hop

Please help me welcome this weeks co-host, Hilary @ Young Texan Mama!

Young Texan Mama
She is young, she is Texan, and she is a Mama. You would have never guessed, would you? It sounds like the perfect blog to check out to me! Also, she taught herself how to sew when she was only 14 and has never broken a bone. Make sure you go over to her little space on the internet, say hi, and follow along. She is a great friend.

Weekend Shannies: Good food, good shopping, and the best mom!

September 22, 2013

It has been the best weekend. I am heartbroken it is coming to an end. But I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week. As all of my Blogger friends and readers know, I have some big life changes coming up. Mama has been staying with us since Thursday night and we have a had a great time.
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Friday, it was a busy day at work. I worked out during my lunch so I could go home and get ready for a mother/daughter date. Mama and I went to our favorite spot; "The Melting Pot" for fondue!

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels... unless it is fondue!"

After, we had a little bubbly.

Can I interest you in a bottle?

Saturday, we were early risers. We had shopping on our minds. We fueled up on Ihop and hit some of our favorite and regular spots that we love to go to when Mama comes to Charlotte to stay.

I found most of my shopping goodies at my favorite place in the whole world; "Ulta". My big find: Urban Decay's Vice 2.

Okay, so I have a story: I was reading Tara's blog (Fabulous But Evil) and I saw her review on Urban Decay's Vice 2. I knew I HAD to have it. I had my heart set. So when Mama and I were out running errands, I ran into Ulta like a crack head to find the Vice 2. Well, I could not find it. I finally asked a vendor, who grabbed a manager. The manager told me she had a sample I could look at, but they cannot start selling the palette until the 26th. As crazy as this sounds, I had tears in my eyes. I was SO disappointed. I know that sounds so crazy, but I love makeup. So then the manager says she can tell I really want it, so she went into the stock room and pulled one for me! I was SO thankful!

I also found really fun nail colors. I love China Glaze!

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful. I hit the gym after shopping all day and it was hard. Mom's MS started acting up and she felt bad so we stayed in and enjoyed watching Ghost shows on the Bio channel. 

Today. Sigh... today looks fun, but I have to tell you guys, it wasn't... at first. I slept horrible last night. I had really bad nightmares. The nightmares effected me so bad that I felt sick to my stomach. I will not go into detail, but one of the dreams was that Marty was killed. I was up and down all night. Marquis and I finally woke up at 7:30. We went and got breakfast then went up to Concord to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a car show. It was a blast, but we walked in the blazing sun for hours. My body was aching by the time we left. 

I was in such a rotten mood after. I slept horrible, the nightmares were still weighing on me, and my body was aching. Marquis and I argued over the air we were breathing. You would think he and I were brother and sister, not an engaged couple as much as we were arguing. It as PMS on steroids. We managed to get groceries without killing each other, then I took a nap. 

When I woke up, I felt better, but I wanted to drink. I haven't had a drink in like two weeks so I wanted a Margarita. And what goes good with a blackberry Margarita? Mexican food!

After we had a delicious dinner, Mama wanted to go to Target one last time since she is leaving tomorrow morning. Mama lives in my hometown, a tiny farm town in northern NC. The nearest Target is over an hour away so she does not get to go often. Me? I have 2 Target's within a 5 mile radius.

Anyways, she was able to get some goodies for herself, I bought a Batman watch for Marquis for being such a bitch today, and I got myself a planner - that includes meals, fitness, and expense planning! It was only $20, too! Take that Erin Condren! Ha. Kidding. I also found some fun Sharpies. It just felt appropriate to get Sharpies with a new planner. 

So, the main reason I bought this? My new Weight Watcher's membership. I bought a three month membership. I am not a Weight Watcher's affiliate or anything like that, but Weight Watcher's works. It really, honestly, truly does. I did it a few years and I loved it. I have been on a stand still with my weight. I managed to get off the weight from my miscarriage and emergency surgery from earlier this year, but I need a kick. So I am doing the online program. Aside from wanting to switch things up, I have a lot of chaos going on with life right now. I am leaving my job in a few weeks, applying for new jobs, interviewing (I have one this Wednesday, please a say a prayer), and on top of all of that, Marquis is still starting new businesses. We are literally all over the place. I am working and interviewing this week, and this weekend Marquis and I are driving down to Myrtle Beach for a franchise meeting. Life is nonstop so Weight Watcher's will help me stay on track so I do not fall apart during these next transitions in our lives I don't know about you guys, but when I am so busy and scattered brained, the first aspect of my life to suffer is healthy eating.

Let's make it a great week. I can't wait to read what all you guys have been up to this weekend. Don't forget to join me for "The Hump Day" blog hop on Wednesday! Our first week was a success, so lets make this week even better!

Life is all about change

September 20, 2013

I am trying to gather my thoughts and put myself together right now. Writing helps. This week has been one of the most emotionally draining weeks I have ever had. As we have always heard "it is darkest before dawn". And now is when I have to believe it.

This week started off with a text message from my step mother at 7:30 on Monday morning. My dad had two seizures Sunday night. My dad has been battling incurable cancer for exactly 2 years now. Though it is incurable, he is receiving the best treatment from Duke. He can lead a semi-normal life. There are a lot of ups and downs, but over the past 6-8 months, the disease has been very doormat and under control. I don't know how much longer than it is going to last though. Having a father with incurable cancer and a mother with the incurable disease MS, is very heartbreaking. I do not speak about it, write about it, or complain about it to anyone because it is something no one can change. Sometimes I like to pretend it does not exist. It's not denial, but an escape. Anyways, my dad is back home now and taking a lot of medication. He had some swelling in his head from his brain tumors. He will go back to Duke for more radiation once the swelling goes down. I spoke to him earlier and thankfully he sounds in good spirit. My dad is a fighter, I know that much. He refuses to let cancer get the best of him. I love you, Dad.

Wednesday, I must have eaten something bad. Wednesday evening I was SO sick. I am still reeling from the effects. Not to be gross, but I have never thrown up so much in my life. On my way home, I had to pull over twice so I could "get it out me", I only live 10 minutes from work too. It passed within a few hours, but it was unbearable. I still feel weak from it. 

On top of the issues with my father, I am resigning from my job in a couple of weeks. The meeting came to a head yesterday. This is heartbreaking but happy at the same time. Horrible and great. I do not know how it is all of those things at one time, but it is. I am very lucky because I have my mother and a wonderful fiance standing behind of me through all of this. I have written about my job before  and the downhill turn things have taken for the past year, and now the company has hit the bottom. It is sad because you always want to root for a small, start up company, but with every risk there comes either a reward or penalty. You do not always win. We are a very small company, over the past two and a half years we have been more family than co-workers, that is the hardest part about it all. Thankfully, I will be able to collect unemployment, and I will be right back in the job market looking for something new. Marquis is in the works of a new business I could run, but I don't know if I want to do that. I do not know what is next, but I am going to look at all different kinds of ventures. I may not be on Blogger as much as I am applying and interviewing, but I will still be here.

So in true Friday fashion, I am going to write 5 great things about my week. No matter how hard life gets, we can always see the good in things, right?

1) My Hump Day b l o g h o p 
Ladies, you all amaze me. You guys helped me spread the word and we had nearly 80 link up's our first time. Plus over 1,500 views. My co-host gained 12 new readers and I loved hearing about you guys finding new friends and blogs. To me, this is what Blogging is all about - making new friends, networking, and coming together as a community. Sometimes I like writing on my blog and telling you guys about my life, more than I do to people in real life. So thank you for helping me make Wednesday a success. I look forward to doing this every week and promoting my next co-hosts.

2) I p s y and M a r y K a y
I came home on Monday to my first Ipsy bag, Mary Kay foundation and "Makeup Stay Spray". I have not use much from my Ipsy bag yet, but I did try the red Cailyn lip stain. Holy crap I love it! I always love receiving new mascara so I cannot wait to try it out. I will die with my Mary Kay foundation so I was happy to receive that and I am excited to try the new makeup stay spray. I have read about Urban Decay's stay spray but since I love my Mary Kay girl, I thought I would try theirs first. I hope it works!
3) P o l a r FT4
My new Polar arrived Tuesday! I am so happy to finally have this for the gym. It is more than just a heart rate monitor, it is a challenge. I am excited to keep up with how many calories I burn and what zone I am training it. I want to push myself to burn more calories and beat yesterday's goal. Another great thing - I only paid $60 for it, plus free shipping. Ladies, do not pay $90-120 for this, pay $60 like I did. You can purchase it here.
4) My mama is in town. There is nothing better than having your mom come see you after a very hard week. We are having a blast. I love my mom way too much. I am 24 years old and I still get like a baby around her. And in my true mother's fashion (you guys know how she is on Facebook) here is what she has said:

Brantley is my brother's son, her one year old grandson. I think I may break it to her that she is famous on my blog, ha ha!

5) I needed some fun in my life last night. Mom, Marquis, and I all went to the White Water Center for drinks and live music, and took the pups with us for extra added fun. It was a great time and much needed.

Mama, Marquis, and a couple of the pups @ Whitewater Center
Now I am ready for the weekend, I hope you guys have a great one!

The Hump Day Blog Hop (1)

September 18, 2013

Hello! Hi! Good Morning! Hola!
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Welcome to the FIRST EVER "The Hump Day Blog Hop"

I am so excited you have come over. We are halfway through the week and the hump day camel is too freaking cool, so I decided to start a weekly blog hop to celebrate.

This is a little different than a link up. To participate, simply add your blog link. There is no required entry or anything like that. This is about networking, making new friends, and finding new blogs.

All I ask:
1) "The Hump Day" blog hop button button be displayed anywhere on your blog page or a specific entry with a link back to me or the weekly co-host.
2) You don't have to follow me, but in the words of Blake Shelton: it'd sure be cool if ya did.
3) But please follow the co-host. I love helping and promoting these amazing women in the blog world!
4) Mingle with your fellow Bloggers. 
The Hump Day Blog Hop

This weeks co-host is none other than my partner-in-crime; Raven

Don't Quote the Raven

She's hot, she's funny, she's controversial, and most of all she is pure fun and entertainment. Make sure you go check out the hype with this chick. She is one of a kind.

Weekly Nutrition and Fitness Plan

September 16, 2013

I hope I can stay on track with my weekly health plan as closely as possible. My mother is coming into town Thursday and staying with us until Monday. Homegirl LOVES to cook so I can only imagine what she is going to fatten Marquis and I up with! But I don't hate it.
Image Map


Meal 1 (7 AM): 100 calorie Greek Yogurt and Vanilla Almond Granola

Meal 2 (10:30 AM): Half of an acorn squash with sugar/calorie free syrup, and ground cinnamon

Meal 3 (1:30 PM): 2 MorningStar vegetarian chicken patties with a side of steamed mixed veggies

Meal 4 (4 PM) : 1/2 cup of oats, blueberries, one tablespoon of Peanut butter, and 1/4 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. (I call this peanut butter and jelly oatmeal. The perfect prework meal! for tons of energy)

Meal 5 (7:30 PM): 2 pieces of GardenIn vegetarian chicken scallopini with a side of mixed veggies, and half of an acorn squash with ground cinnamon and sugar/calorie free syrup.

Meal 6 [optional]: Fiber One Protein Bar

*I am not vegetarian, I just love vegetarian products
* I have a slight addiction to squash. It is SO healthy for you. 
*Fiber is an ESSENTIAL part of weight loss. It is the best form of carbohydrates for your body to intake. Ensure you are eating enough! 


  12:30 PM - 20 minutes of Lateral cardio
  *This is very easy, low impact cardio I do on my lunch hour at my gym. I sit at a desk all day and do not move around a   lot so I need this as a mental break and to get my blood flowing.
  5 PM - Regular workout: 15 minutes of lateral cardio followed by a 45 minute spin class.

  12:30 PM - 20 minutes of Lateral cardio
  5PM: Regular workout: 15 minutes on the Elliptical, full upper body weight circuit, and minutes of lateral      cardio

  5PM: 20 minutes of Lateral cardio and a 45 minute spin class

  12:30 PM - 20 minutes of lateral cardio
  5PM: Regular workout: 15 minutes on the Elliptical, full upper body weight circuit, and 10 minutes of lateral cardio

 12:30 PM - 20 minutes of lateral cardio
 5PM: Regular work out, lighter on cardio. 10 minutes on the Elliptical, full leg work out, and 10 minutes on the Elliptical

Saturday: O F F

  1 PM: 15 minutes on the StairMill, full upper body weight circuit, and 10 minutes on the StairMill

Relaxing but Productive Weekend Shannies

September 15, 2013

It was a lovely but relaxing weekend. Definitely a lot slower than the fun filled weekends we have had lately. I suppose every once in a while we need to slow down though, right? Especially since Marq is in show prep - only 6 more weeks until we are a normal couple again! This blog entry is pretty much just random tidbit's and lots of pictures about nothing.

Friday, when the work day was done, per usual, I hit the gym for some good cardio and yoga. My body needed that yoga too. Stretching is essential when you work out regularly. After, I got some goodies at Ulta:

I received an awesome free gift from Lancome for my powder purchase!

Friday night Marquis and I saw "Insidious 2". It was really good and SO scary. I am a horror movie junkie, and I definitely recommend you see it if you are into that like I am!

What better way to see a movie than tickets for a free drink and popcorn?! Score!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early. Marquis and I both had different errands to run so we left the house and went our separate ways around 9 AM. I was off to get my awful roots colored and a hair cut then I went to the mall to find new gym shoes. I got a killer deal on two pairs of Nike shoes. I was so excited. They definitely added a "pep to my step" and I was ready to go to the gym to try my pink pair out.

That did the trick. I had a great work out. After the gym I had a few more errands to run then it was finally time to go home. When I got home I cleaned up a bit then decided to take a bubble bath. Marquis arrived home from training around 7PM and was exhausted. Thus we decided to stay in. 

I gave myself a home pedicure

and then we picked up a pizza and "Cloud Atlas" from Redbox. The pizza was delicious but we only lasted 10 minutes into "Cloud Atlas". It was awful.

This morning Marquis and I were woken up by Marty. He decided to turn into crack head mode and had us up at 5:30. He was running around all over the place, meowing, scratching the bed... I don't know what was wrong with him. Around 7:30 we were tired of it, so we decided to go ahead and get the day started. Marq took me to "Dunkin Donuts" for the first time; I have never been! We had coffee and a Pumpkin Spice muffin. After breakfast we went to get groceries, Wal-Mart, and a local produce stand.

I have a slight addiction to squash!
New litter box for Marty. He makes a horrendous mess with the his regular one so we decided to try out this new kind on the market. It uses pellets instead of regular litter. I hope it isn't a waste of money!
Tonight we are grilling steak and squash, and watching "Now You See Me"

How was your weekend?