Updates: 2014 Reflections and The Holiday Season

December 30, 2014

Well hello little blog of mine.

It has been over a month since I provided an update on life's current happenings. I am still here and life is still proceeding as it has been since last month.

Before I get into life, I want to share someone with you guys...

This is my amazing boyfriend, Johnathan. A little over a month ago, we made it "official". I can honestly say that I have never been happier. If you read my blog (or haven't yet, you can go through the archives) you know that 2014 has been an extremely difficult, productive, hard, exhausting year. However, I have grown tremendously as a woman and as an adult. Though it was a difficult year, I pushed on and tried to do the best that I could. Patience is not my virtue, but this year, I did not have a choice but to live patiently -- optimistically hoping that everything would eventually fall into place.

It has.

Life has been wonderful, but busier than ever. I have been with my best friend every single day. It is so refreshing to be in a relationship to where you feel like a team. It feels like I have gotten to know someone that I haven't seen in 100 years. It feels like I have always known him. He makes all of the pain that I went through worth it. I would live through everything again if it would lead me to this point. Since day one, we have been inseparable. He is so kind. He is hilarious. He is so smart; he knows so many random facts about random things and it's so fun. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman that ever walked on this planet. He thinks I am most beautiful when I do not have a drop of makeup on. 

I never thought I would be saying that.

We have traveled a lot and made so many memories in the time that he and I have been together. It makes every day that much better. Monotonous tasks aren't so boring anymore. The sun shines just a little brighter. 

Work is still busier than ever. Honestly, I wish it would slow down just a tad so at the end of the day I would not feel so tired. However being overly busy is better than the alternative in my opinion, so I will take it. 

I still make my healthy foods and exercise, I have just been a lot more lax about it than normal. To my surprise, I have not gained a pound. I haven't lost either, but I have maintained. I am happy about that. November and December were lax months for me in the health and fitness department. I have been off of my schedule and just "going with the flow". I am unapologetic about it as well. I needed it. It felt good. I am only human and to be able to "let loose", enjoy my new relationship, make sure I do a great job at work, and enjoy my free time a little more has been absolutely wonderful.

On the contrary, I miss blogging. I miss writing and I am so excited to be back! I have lots of ideas, recipes, and topics I can't wait to write about it. As always, if there is anything specific you want to know or have me write about, please leave me a comment or email me and I will be happy too. 

I will have new fitness challenges coming up when I get my to structured schedule of work, blogging, and losing my last 30 pounds! It isn't just me anymore; I now have a partner and he is not the biggest fan of healthy eating (damn him, he is so fit and eats whatever the hell he wants, ha!) so it is challenging balancing all of that now and being a good partner. And truth be told, I welcome it. It will be another phase for me to write about it -- another way for me to grow, become stronger, and continue to fight and permanently overcome my past eating and body disorders. 

I am so, so excited for 2015, and for all of my friends and readers, thank you for staying by my side throughout my absence. There are thousands of blogs one can put their energy into and you guys continue to come back and check on me on a regular basis. It means the world to me. 

I have lots of new content and adventures coming your way and I thrilled to write about and share this new chapter of my life with you all.

I have not been checking emails regularly over the past 2 months, but I will be now. Please bare with me over this next week as I catch up and email everyone back. Please also feel free to email me now if you would like! Liz@TheFitnessBlondie.com -and- Business@TheFitnessBlondie.com.

Life's Journey Lately

November 19, 2014

Blogging and social media are ambiguous. On one side, I love sharing random pictures and writings of my daily life happenings - even the most monotonous that I get poked fun at. Additionally, I enjoy looking into everyone's lives: because of curiosity, to find new beauty tricks,  see new products, and/or find motivation, etc. 

On the other side, sometimes I just want to be quiet. Sometimes I do not want to share about my life, what I am doing, and things like that. When that happens, people close to me or who read here regularly get concerned. It makes me emotional because I am still in awe that people read and follow my writings. I will never get over that either. I will never stop thanking people for reading, believing in me and seeing the good even when I can't. 

Lately I have been in one of the "hermit" moods. My state of mind where I do not want to "publicly" share what is going on. There is not anything wrong, I have just felt in the mood to keep to myself a little more. Being the extrovert I am and how open I have been, I know that may sound odd, but I consider it a "phase". 

I feel as if I am starting a new journey in life. I am finally free of heartache and the life I had. It took one freaking year, but I can tell you, I am absolutely free of it. Now that the smoke around me has finally settled and I can see through clear eyes, I feel different. 

I do not feel weighed down by chains. I absolutely still have my inner demons that come to play more often than not, but I do not have the chains of putting myself, my heart, and my dreams last because I cared more about another person. 

I have not felt this way in over 3 years.

For the most part of this year, I have worked. All of my my time has been spent by working my regular job with a lot of overtime and extra dedication, growing "Fitness Blondie" and not just as a blog, and starting a novel. Plus, numbing myself. Most of the time the only way I could do that was by working.

It is a lot. It's productive and it is essential to me as single woman who is solely responsibility for everything in life, but it is exhausting. At first, I had no balance and I wore myself out tremendously. After I recovered, I proceeded to get better at finding a balance. 

Then a couple of weeks ago, I found myself begging internally for a break. My regular job is busier than ever with everyone more stressed than ever. That is what pays my bills and allows me to have a roof over my head, so it must come first. After the work day is done, I am craving fun and adventure -- more than just a Saturday night. 

Thus I have been going out a lot lately; doing different things. Surprisingly, getting back to my "country" roots some. I have made a ton of new friends. I have laughed and made fun memories, and I have enjoyed myself. 

On the contrary, I know that I have to get back down to business so I don't lose you guys, and I definitely will. I am still here. I have just needed a break. 

Since writing is my outlet, my escape, my high, and everything in between, I have been working hard on my novel. I enjoy that a lot because it is only me and my characters. It almost feels like when I am writing, I am in another world. I like that. 

I have also had this awful cold for over a week and a half now. It is about to drive me insane since there is nothing you can do but stay loaded up on over the counter medications until it passes.

I also got my hair done Monday. I am back to my blonde with red streaks... except there was a problem. My best friend/stylist's sink was clogged up when she was rinsing my color and she did not know it. Thus the rinsed red die was still in the bowl as she was taking out my blonde foils. The result? Pink everywhere. We spent last night trying to do as much damage control as we could, but I am now officially a hot mess. Now I just have to wait for it to fade. I will post a picture when I get the guts.

Other than that, I have truly just been trying to figure things out. I feel different and I feel like I am starting a new chapter and new journey with life. It's exciting, intriguing and still a bit scary. But I have come to realize that I do not have all the answers, and sometimes, I just have to take my feelings and plans one day at a time. Through realizing this, it prompted me to keep to myself a little more than normal. 

I'm still here though, I am just finding that balance (especially with work stress) and I am excited for my friends and readers to go through this journey with me. Like I always say: weight loss, fitness, life... we're all in this together. 

The Perfect Healthy Snack: Nature Box Review

November 17, 2014

I was recently given product from the awesome company Nature Box to try and review. When the opportunity was presented to me, I immediately had to jump in. I am a busy and very on the go person, so being able to have healthy snacks readily available are essential to me. This prevents me from going through the drive-thru or stopping at a convenience store.

The best part? You can get a free trial.

NatureBox delivers a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door. Each snack contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, zero grams trans fats, and no high fructose corn syrup. You can learn more about their Product Promise here.

I have to start with my favorite; the lemon tea biscuits. There is no other way to describe them other than absolutely delicious. They reminded me so much of everyone's beloved girl scout cookies, They had a bit of a crunch, but still soft, and a sweet taste; but not to the point of being overly sweet.

Coconut cashews sounded very interesting to me, which is why I had to try them. Nuts in general are a perfect source of good fats and energy. This is a great snack to keep in your bag, purse, desk -- anywhere. The taste is very unique, but it goes so well together. It's a satisfying blend and sweet and salty. 

These sourdough cheddar pretzels had more flavor than I thought possible. Every bite was fantastic. I have never been a big pretzel eater, but I was sold when I read they were "sourdough cheddar". You can tell just by looking at them how much flavor they have. These are also fantastic to me because I dip them hummus. 

I have never participated or purchased from a company like Nature Box before and overall I was extremely pleased. The products tasted much better than I thought they would and there is SO much you can choose from.

Here are the details:

When you join NatureBox, you'll receive five different snacks every month. You can choose the snacks you want or be surprised with their carefully curated selections.

The free trial box contains one full-sized bag and four single-served pouches.

Got a dietary goal or taste preference? NatureBox has 100+ snacks to excite and delight every palate.
NatureBox snacks are perfect for this indulgent holiday season as a better for you snacking alternative – delicious snacks for your holiday party (and options for all of the picky eaters), easy and unique additions to fall/holiday recipes and fun ways to change up the lunchbox routine.

Click here for your free trial
Click here to visit their homepage
Click here to visit their complete snack catalog

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

The Hump Day Blog Hop!

November 11, 2014

Happy Hump Day everyone! We are halfway through the week and the hump day camel is too freaking cool, so lets have some fun and a blog hop to celebrate.

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3 Ways I Help Myself When I Lose My Weigh (Get it?)

November 7, 2014

The real world has been kicking my butt this week. I am so, so tired. I normally thrive and appreciate the hectic days in my office, but this week they are drowning me. I am normally liberated at new blogging opportunities and posts, but this week they are exhausting me. My mom was in town Monday through yesterday, which helped, and was so nice to have. I let loose a little and enjoyed time with her. 

What has been bothering me most-- a lot of the reason why I am more tired than usual, and why I have had so much trouble sleeping lately is my RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). I was diagnosed in February. I started showing symptoms a year before though, but they were sporadic and did not happen often. At the time, I attributed the symptoms to overworking myself at the gym. 

It feels like ever since I was diagnosed I have issues nearly every night when I get into bed, which is horrible for me because I absolutely love sleep, and I ensure I get plenty of it nightly. It is rare that I let anything interfere with my sleep schedule. For my RLS, I have been on prescribed medication from my doctor as well engaging in a plethora of "home remedies" that my friends and readers have advised to me. Most of the time, that entire combination helps, but sometimes it doesn't. 

Saturday and last night it did not. I was up all night in so much pain. It is so hard to describe the pain to people: it is not an ache or pulled muscle type of pain, it is nerve pain. It is agony to lay still. The only relief I find is when I get up and walk around; which last night I did until 2 in the morning. By then, all of my sleep medication kicked in and knocked me out. Which is great, but I have felt horrible today: fatigued, unable to concentrate, falling asleep at my desk, and my RLS pain is still active. It carried on from the night and is still hurting as I am in my office. I keep getting up to stretch my legs that provides provides relief, but the pain sneaks right back in when I become still. 

Being sleep deprived affects me more than others sometimes. A lot of people are used to it, and their bodies and mind have adjusted. Unfortunately, I am not at that stage. Since I am a very high energy, outgoing, nonstop kind of person, I wear myself out a lot. I have admitted that on here many times. My remedy is sleep. When I am deprived from this, I can maybe be a bit dramatic and overbearing. Hell, I may even act like a 2 year old who needs a nap. I admit it, though. I am not proud. It is just one of my many flaws. 

I was dealing with the sleep deprivation over the weekend and on Monday and now I am back again plowing through it today. When I feel this way, it makes me lose sight of everything. I am a person who has never had balance in their life. It has always been all or nothing. Thus, over the past year, I have been working extensively to teach myself a life balance. 

I have gotten so, so much better, but I am still not where I want to be.

When I find myself slipping and losing my way-- losing vision of my goals, I need motivation to help me get over this internal negativity. 

Below is what I have done to help lately. It may be "over the top" to some, but for me, it's perfect. I am a woman on a mission, I am a woman who is fighting emotional eating, and I am a woman who still has 30 pounds to lose. I am also a woman who is working on improving the way I handle tasks and stress. 

Some of us truly need this extra, grandiose motivation. 

Food Motivation:

Print that picture above (I think the black background and white font just make it so intense and like it's really challenging you) and put it on your refrigerator, near your purse and/or wallet, at your desk-- wherever you need too. 

It may sound silly, but I promise you it works. There is nothing quite like reaching for that slice of chocolate cake after you already had a slice yesterday, and seeing something like that. It ruins the mood. It kills the cravings.

I am all about losing weight the healthy way-- a person needs their occasional bad food and cheat meal(s), however, if you're like me and stress eat, binge when life gets hard, or just have an issue with saying "no" to bad foods more often than you want to admit, something like this will help. It is a reminder of the measures you are taking to try and lose weight and become healthier.

Seeing something that like that puts my journey into perspective for me when a bad day or overbearing food craving start to take over and cloud my judgement.

Exercise Motivation:

I love to exercise. The high that comes from sweating and pushing your body's limits while blasting your favorite music, to me, is indescribable. I absolutely love training. 

But sometimes, my case of the "blah's" after a long day of work or stress, outweigh my my love for exercise. That is when I have to dig deep inside of myself and kick my own ass. Which is unbelievably hard as I am sure most of you know. That is why it can be so difficult to stay motivated.

When this happens, you have to look deep within yourself. It is not easy. This is the number 1 one reason why so many people give up on their weight loss journey: the lack of self-motivation. Motivation cannot be bought. Motivation cannot be taken with a glass of water to start your day each morning. 

Motivation comes from constantly cheering yourself on and making yourself mentally stronger. That is why I think the above picture is perfect to print and keep for those days when you lose sight, and most importantly, when you lose hope.
  • I started because everyday I could not look in the mirror without crying.
  • I would shower with the lights off because my naked body disgusted me. 
  • I started because I was in Target trying on a size 18 in pants that did not fit and I broke down. 
  • I started because I felt so tired all of the time. 
  • I started because my passion and work ethic for life dissipated on a daily basis..
  • I started because I wanted to FEEL good about myself.
When I remember how bad I used to feel, and how desperately I wanted to change, it helps me push on. I may be weary, I may be cussing and crying, but I push on. 

Eventually, you reach the finish line. You pushed yourself: you made healthy choices, and you attended that workout you so vehemently wanted to miss. That is when everything changes. The endorphin's are pumping, your confidence is built back up, and you now how the strength to keep going. 

Goal Motivation

There is nothing that makes a journey so real than seeing what you could be-- what you WILL be. One thing I have done for years now and continue to do, is carry pictures of my favorite fitness inspirations; be it on my phone, on my refrigerator, desk, or somewhere in my home. My two favorite women are Ava Cowan and Pauline Nordin. They remind me that what I want is possible if I work hard enough. When my passion for fitness began in late 2008, those two women stood out to me more in the magazines than anyone else. I have been inspired ever since. 

If they can do it, damn it, so can I. They are women and I am a woman. It's simple-- if I put in the work and dedication, I will get the same results.

The Hump Day Blog Hop and Two Awesome Giveaways!

November 5, 2014

Happy Hump Day everyone! We are halfway through the week and the hump day camel is too freaking cool, so lets have some fun and a blog hop to celebrate.

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(Crockpot) Easy, Skinny Orange Chicken

November 4, 2014

Orange chicken is one of my absolute favorite Chinese dishes to eat. One day, the idea to make it in a healthier way hit me like a ton of bricks when I was in the grocery store and saw sugar free orange marmalade. I make this recipe via crockpot. It is simple, and I really like the taste. 

  • 1 pound of fresh chicken breast
  • 1 cup of Walden Farm's (calorie free) BBQ Sauce
  • 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/3 cup honey BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup sugar free orange marmalade 
  • 4 tablespoons cornstarch 
  • Couple dashes of ginger seasoning
What you do:
  • Cut chicken into small pieces
  • Place in crockpot and add all other ingredients
  • Stir to thoroughly combine
  • Place ingredients in a tupperware container
  • Stir to throughly combine
  • Let marinate over night
  • When ready to cook, place all ingredients in crockpot on high for 3-5 hours depending up on size and quantity.
  • Serve over a bed of brown rice or lo mein!
Super easy and super delicious. It's something different, too!

Nutritional Information:
This will vary based on different ingredients and specific brands used; this is to be used as a generic guide only.
Servings: 5
Calories: 110
Fat: 4g
Carbohydrates: 6g
Fiber: 2g
Protein: 20g

Short and Sweet: Pop Sugar Event and Halloween!

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Today's blog post is sweet and short to finish out another week and go on into the weekend. I have been battling a cold off and on and I feel exhausted this morning. For some reason I am usually always battling colds at Halloween.

Last night Alexis and I went uptown for an event with Pop Sugar that was sponsored by Smirnoff. I tell you; being a blogger has perks sometimes, ha! It was such a fun event with a plethora of drinks, delicious foods, music, cornhole, other games, manicure and hair stations, and prizes. All of it was complimentary as well. We had such a fun time and thank the vendors significantly for their hard work and items provided to us. I also learned that Smirnoff is changing up their marketing and products to gear more towards women; one can make some super fun drinks with them!
I visited my hairstylist earlier this week because aside from always making my hair look absolutely gorgeous; she is a close friend. Sara goes all out of Halloween and I freaking love it. Her decor is sick, twisted, and all of what the holiday should be about it! I was in love.
Lastly, the ladies at my office are doing it up big today with their decor and I think it looks great. It doesn't hurt that later I am getting treats for everyone as well as giving out Target gift cards for best decor and costume.

Enjoy the day and weekend everyone! I am linking up with the girls!

My Story of (and how you can avoid) Exercise Addiction

October 29, 2014

Finding and living with a balance in regards to weight loss, no matter how much or little, is what my blog and mission is all about. Since I have battled such extensive self-esteem and weight issues all of my life, I have been at the end of both extremes: exercising way too much or not much at all. 

When I first started exercising at 13 years old, my step-mom told me that if I stuck with it, I would hate not exercising -- that it would feel odd and not right to miss days. Initially, I thought she was crazy and there way no way that could happen.

However, it absolutely did. Two weeks into regular exercise, I was in love and a brand new hobby that I enjoyed immensely was developed. Being that young though, I did not understand the importance of resting my body and switching up workouts. I battled this problem until I was about 22 years old. 

If I missed a scheduled workout, my world crumbled. If I was sick and I had a workout planned, I would still go. If I was invited to a party, event, festival, etc. and it interfered with the gym and working out, I would never go. If I planned a rest day because I was very store and/or tired, a few hours into the afternoon and evening, I would be driving myself crazy, then end up going to the gym. I had to exercise; if I didn't, all of my hard work would come undone by missing that single workout. 

That is unbelievably dramatic and most of all false, but that was how my mind worked. I was an extremist, and I am still fighting that to this day. I was either all in at 120% or at negative 120%. If I missed that planned workout for some reason, I would cry and refuse to go out or be seen because of how disgusting I felt. At times, I would cancel plans to go with my friends because I had missed my workout and felt I did not deserve to go out. I felt by missing that workout, I had put on 20 pounds. 

When I put on the significant amount of weight at end of 2012 and throughout most of 2013, I knew when I lost weight for the second time, I had to dig exceptionally deep inside of myself and tackle all of my food, exercise, and self-esteem issues that I had been suppressing for so long; not resolving. 

If you feel yourself  or you know someone feeling this way about exercise and working out, this post is for you. 

The first thing I had to realize is that I did not put all of my weight on overnight and I was definitely not going to lose it that soon. It is much easier to gain weight than lose weight; which is why so much of the United States is obese. Fat loss is achieved by being consistent. You are still consistent if a workout is missed. Learning your body is the best thing you can do for yourself. You may have your workouts scheduled for the entire week, then after a couple of them, you are more sore than you thought. When it is a hurting kind of sore, you absolutely need to rest your body so the muscles can repair. Another extremely important thing to teach yourself is the difference between "tired" and "fatigued". The days where you feel "ugh, I so don't feel like working out, I'm tired", you absolutely should still exercise. However, if you are chronically tired, feeling overly sluggish throughout the day, and having a hard time staying focused or motivated, that is usually your body begging for rest to recover. 

Below could be signs of over-exercise: 
  • excessive weight loss -- this is usually muscle, not fat
  • undernourishment
  • menstruation problems in women
  • fatigue
  • isolation and weakened social relationships
  • irritability
  • frequent injuries

There are consequences to over exercising. The body can enter a catabolic state, in which muscle (NOT fat) tissues are broken down to fuel immediate needs. In short: muscle is burned and the fat is stored. Additionally, one can develop microscopic tears in muscle fibers,; which if unable to repair because of extreme exercise is still being continued, could lead to permanent injuries. Immune systems are actually weakened from over-exercise, which is why when I would still workout when I was sick, I would take significantly longer to heal. Other issues are bone problems, especially in women, and insomnia. 

Weight loss is hard. It is simple, but very hard. It requires dedication and consistency, but it is also absolutely imperative that someone have a balance while trying. You can drive yourself crazy if you don't. You can miss out so much in life if you don't. Being fit and healthy should be lifestyle; not your entire life. As I always like to say and remember, and what helps me often times is that yes I may mess up - especially lately, but every second I am alive, it's a chance for me to get it right. If I had a cupcake yesterday after having my cheat meal the day before, there is nothing I can do it about now. It's done. But I can make a healthy choice today. I can push harder on my training. I can ensure I eat enough to fight cravings.

This journey is all about learning to believe in yourself and know that if you just keep going and trying, the results you want will happen. 

I am now 11 months into my weight loss journey. I wanted to be at a 90 pound loss at this time, however, I am at 65 pounds. I am disappointed, I will not lie and say that I am not, but I know the journey can still be continued. I am alive today, I am healthy today, and that means I can keep going and pushing myself and my 100 pound weight loss goal will absolutely be achieved. 

These posts may also help and are closely related to this issue:

The Hump Day Blog Hop!

Happy Hump Day everyone! We are halfway through the week and the hump day camel is too freaking cool, so lets have some fun and a blog hop to celebrate.

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3) Mingle with your fellow Bloggers.

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Diva on a Budget: Health, Fitness, and Beauty Talk!

October 28, 2014

I have some things health, fitness, and beauty related that I want to share with you guys. I always love to share new health and beauty things I am trying and getting into, and I love to hear what other beauty and health junkies are using and intrigued by as well.

We live in a world where women are photoshopped, airbrushed, and filtered on a regular basis. Sometimes I can't blame anyone for doing that because of how ridiculed we can be if we don't. It is a doubled edged sword that can be debated without end. For me; I am not in the game of doing that because it goes against everything I stand and work hard for, thus I elect to refrain from such drastic measures. 

However, I think I have found something just as good: translucent powder by "It Cosmetics". The powder has light reflecting particles so when you are in the sunlight sunlight and other light, it makes your skin look even better.

I absolutely love this product and I am so happy I went on a whim and purchased it. It makes my skin look almost flawless, especially when you add a dash on bronzer on your cheeks. 

I went to GNC over the weekend because I had an awesome coupon-- just being a Diva on a Budget, of course. I picked up my vitamins on clearance, my 5HTP, and I think I am going to try the "apple cider vinegar" fad that has been going on.

My friend Gabe convinced me that there is all kinds of benefits from drinking it everyday; but I am struggling! This stuff is so nasty. You are supposed to do 1-2 tablespoons with 8 oz. of water first thing in the morning and then again 1-2 times during the day. It is gross to me though, even with water. I would like to just take it as a shot and be done with it, but I have read not to do that.

Who is on the Apple Cider Vinegar band wagon and do you feel like it has helped and improved your health?

I am ecstatic to be doing a promotional post and working with NatureBox. I know a lot of of you guys have heard of them. I have been trying their products and quickly fallen in love with everything. It is wonderful to me to be able to eat such delicious and satisfying snacks without all of the fat and calories. I will write more about this later, but I wanted to share my favorite right now.

If you love Girl Scout cookies, you will love the lemon tea biscuits. They are out of this world!

If you want to view all of the deliciousness NatureBox offers; click here
If you want a FREE trial; click here.

To continue my Diva on a Budget fabulousness this weekend, I had a 20% my total order coupon from Ulta plus lots of points to use. Those coupons only happen once or twice a year so I had to take advantage. My face has been breaking out bad a lot around my mouth and chin lately so I bought a new acne wash face. For a few days now, I have used it twice a day. It has helped without a lot with out drying my skin out.

I am so also trying out Paul Mitchell products for more voluminous hair. In my opinion, the bigger  the hair the better. In the above picture of me, I used both the hair spray and daily boost. I like them! I am almost as pleased with the daily boost as I am with Big Sexy Hair. I actually like Paul Mitchell's hairspray much better.

Lastly, I tried a new "Skinny girl" cocktail over the weekend. This brand is cheaper than "Skinny Girl", has few less calories, and tastes just as good. When you're in the mood for a cosmo (my personal favorite) this is a great go to!