All About The Week + Quest Giveaway Winners!

May 16, 2014

Since it is Friday and my brain is ready to shut off for the weekend (ha, who am I kidding, it is always ready to shut off) I am going to partake in the fun Friday 5 and favorites link up's and share randoms about the week that has been!

First, I want to thank you guys for your participation in the Quest Nutrition giveaway. They emailed me to let me know how much feedback they received from it, so I am hoping we will team up again very soon away to give you guys more products! I have tell you, even on my darkest and hardest days, you guys never fail to make me smile and give the that push I need to keep going. As I said earlier this week, it has been difficult adjusting to the abundance of changes ensuing in personal life, but you guys make it worth it. This my passion. It's hard work, but I love it. Some of you say I inspire you, but you will never know how much you all inspire me. Thank you for all of the meaningful and heartfelt comments and emails. They gave me hope and faith. OK enough sappiness...

Last week when I was in the grocery store, I happened to see a trial/travel size of John Frieda's Curl Reviver Mousse. Since it was like $1-$2 I figured why not try it. I love big hair. There are three things that can never be too high in life - one's heels, hair, and standards. Ha! I forgot it about over the weekend, but found it on Monday morning when I was fixing my hair for work. I absolutely love this product! It gives tons of volume, does not weigh the hair down, and it adds just enough curl - not too tight, but not too dull. It is like a wavy/beachy look. If you want an affordable, good product to add volume, I say give it a try!
Tuesday I awoke to hitting the 50 pound loss mark. It was exciting and rewarding. It's been a lot of hard work getting my life and body back, but I continue it one healthy choice and one kick-ass workout at a time. I have really stepped up my cardiovascular training over the past 2 months. I believe it is really helping. Of course, clean eating must be the top priority, but intensifying workouts never hurt anyone! Plus I rarely ever drink anymore. In August of 2010 when my gym first opened, I used the StairMill. My gym is huge - 3 stories, and only has two StairMill's. It is the hardest cardio machine I ever used besides the Jacob's Ladder (I wish so much I had access to this machine!). Last year I did not use it at all. I lost motivation, so the last thing I would want to do is use a machine that pushes me to my limits. Even earlier this year, I stayed away. Finally, I snapped out of it and I have been using it again at least 4 times a week. The StairMill aids tremendously in training to make me stronger while hiking and jogging. I can absolutely tell a huge difference strength wise. If you have access to this machine at a gym, use it! It is hard, but worth it. It makes me sweat like no other. Do not expect to use that machine and look pretty. It is all about hard work. When I first started using it a few years ago, I could barely do 10 minutes. I kept it and kept working and now I can do an hour. Do not be discouraged if you can only use this machine for a few minutes - just keep trying! It is worth it!
To celebrate my 50 pound loss, I went to Polished Nail Bar for a pedicure. I never ever get manicures or pedicures... I do everything myself at home. However, this past weekend I decided to treat myself to manicure and pedicure since I worked so much last week and my body was aching. I loved it. I received a leg massage that my calves were so thankful for, the chair vibrated your back, and you are served a class of Chardonnay. That is my idea of relaxing. Thus I went again. I didn't even need another pedicure, but I loved the massage and relaxation part of it so much that it felt worth it!

Wednesday, my Ipsy bag came! What do you guys think about yours so far? At first glance, I was not excited. I love makeup and color. This bag just seemed kind of... boring. However, now that I have received it, it is not so bad. I am eager to try the hair mask; I am always looking for good products for my hair. I never wear concealer so I am happy to have a tube to try out! If anyone wants to try my facial cleansing wipes for something they received - let me know. I' m open!

If you don't know what Ipsy is - it is a monthly makeup bag you receive via mail. It is only $10 a month and with that you get a makeup bag and 3-4 beauty products. You are billed on the first of every month and products arrive between the 10-15th! When you sign up, you get to customize your settings so you get products closely matched to your beauty preferences. If you want to join, please click here and use my link! I will appreciate you!

My mom arrived yesterday! She is here for the weekend and I am so excited to have her here. She single and ready to mingle, so I hope to show her a good time this weekend. We already started it good last night. We went grocery shopping at Target, bought some goodies at Ulta, then had dinner and a cocktail at one of our favorite restaurants "City Tavern". Now to get through this work day, then it will be time for the weekend!

Least but not least, I have the winners from the Quest Bar giveaway! They are listed below and were chosen via Rafflecopter who used Random.org. All entries were verified and I will email the winners for their shipping address! 

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  1. 50 lbs!! Congratulations!!!! A pedicure is the perfect reward for such a thing, I use it as my reward for nearly everything just for the foot rub. One last time congratulations!! this is such a huge milestone for you!

  2. Hey girl, new follower from Holly. Can't wait to stalk your blog and catch up with you. Stop by and say hi anytime! xoxo

  3. Congrats on hitting 50 pounds so awesome girl!! A massage and wine is the best kind of pedicure! Glad you are getting some time to spend with you mom. This was the first time I loved everything in my Ipsy bag!

  4. yayyyy! congrats on the 50lbs loss! a huge thing to be so proud of. keep going, keep working and stay awesome :)

    Vodka and Soda

  5. YAY! Congratulations on 50 pounds, that is amazing! Your momma is too cute! Y'all have fun this weekend.

  6. Haha! I love the 3 things that can never be too high in life! Happy Friday sweet girl :)

  7. Congrats on hitting the 50 lb mark!!!! You look fantastic!

  8. Yay!! Congrats on the 50lb mark!!! That is just amazing!!! Hope you have a great weekend and btw....Love the beachy/wavy look!! Rock that look girl...it looks great on you!!

  9. Congrats!!! So freaking happy and proud of you!

  10. Hi there! I love your blog. Two questions for you - how did you style your hair with the John Frieda product? It looks great. Second - I notice you eat out fairly often - do you give yourself multiple treat meals a week, or just try to make healthier choices when you go out as well?

    1. Thank you! I can't reply via email to you so I will reply here :) I styled my hair by sleeping with it in a french braid - as long as your hair is braided some type of way (doesn't have to be french) to give it some curl, you will be fine. When I woke up, I put my hair down, put the John Frieda mousse in my hair and just scrunched it! I did not use hairspray or anything else; just the mousse! I usually go out to eat twice a week. I allow myself two treat meals a week to eat what I want (within reason of course). If I go out to eat more often than twice, be it work or a celebration, I will just choose clean choices. Like now, I rarely ever drink, and it usually one drink when I do. Last night my "treat" was a Cosmo drink (only) only one and for dinner I had prime rib and mashed cauliflower. I also always try to go to more upscale/healthier places where they have fresher foods and much healthier options!

  11. girl you look fantastic! stop it. stop being so gorgeous ;)
    i think i need to try that mousse stuff as i need all the help in the volume area as possible. i never thought to sleep with my hair in a braid - genius!

  12. I'm obsessed with your hair in the pic, amazing!! Jealous! Congrats again on 50 lbs, that is a HUGE accomplishment :)

  13. Glad you took time to celebrate your accomplishment! Your hair looks really good. Still waiting for my Ipsy bag...
    Have a great weekend with your mom!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  14. What a lovely week! :)

    I got my Ipsy bag this week too...I actually really like my bag this month, it's kind of refreshing to get skincare products verses all makeup products. I'm never disappointed with my ipsy bag, I always find a way to use the products.

    Happy Friday!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  15. Um Im jealous of your nail salon I wish I got served beverages with my pedi! haha
    Im definitely looking into this IPSY bag I think I can swing 10/month!
    Again congrats on your 50lbs youre awesome :))

  16. Congrats on 50lbs down! That's amazing!!

  17. Look at you!!! Getting all prettier than pretty ! So beautiful! Would love some before after pics if you have any! Cheers !

  18. yay so happy you celebrated your 50lb weight loss!! haha you are too funny, i sometimes think I want to go get a pedicure just to sit in the massage chair too!! It's amazing. You should go to message envy & get a full body - i promise you'll thank me later for it!! Have a blast with mommy!! Happy Friday darling!!
    i love you

  19. You look so beautiful in all these pix! And girl you deserve that pedi! Work!

  20. AH! 50# mark??!! That is awesome! I lost 20 with my transformation! That is so incredible! PS--your mascara in the John Frieda pic-- I DIE! What do you use?

    1. Thank you so much girlfriend! <3 I swear by Lancome's "Cils Booster". If this product was ever discontinued, I would literally cry. This is a primer/conditioner for my lashes. It also assists in making your lashes look darker. This product is top notch quality.
      I never buy full size mascara products. I purchase and obtain "trial" sizes whenever I can. Since the brushes are shorter, I am able to pull on my lashes harder; therefore it significantly lengths and thickens them. Lancome and Smashbox's "Full Exposure" are my top 2 favorites, but I also like Clinique's main brand! In the above picture, I am wearing Lancome!

  21. You look absolutely gorgeous in that first picture!!! Yeah for 50lbs girl!!!! That is amazing!!!! Definitely treat yo self to that pedi and wine you deserve it!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  22. Look at you hitting 50 lbs and celebrating right!!! Love it! The pedi was much deserved!

    Maybe I need to try some of that moose. My hair is flat and thin all day every day. oops!

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  23. Your hair looks awesome! I'm gonna be on the lookout for that stuff!

  24. Congratulations on the 50 pound weight loss! you look beautiful. Your hair looks amazing. I signed up for an Itsy. It looks like so much fun!

  25. Your hair looks great in that pic. I never usually believe that just using one product can make a huge difference, but I love the effect that had on yours.
    I really need to up my cardio. I've been. Saying it for ages, but I really can't stand it. I especially don't like it when the weather' swarm and we've got some kind of little heat wave going on at the minute.

  26. So pretty in all of those pics!

  27. Your hair looks great with that mousse! You and your Mamma look so much alike! I hope you have a great time together! That's awesome that you treated yourself to a pedicure not once but twice! You totally deserve it!! :)

  28. New follower here via Hollys instagram.
    girl you have been soo dediacted...I wana borrow your will...just need to slash 22 pounds.
    U look superb. Congrats on 50pounds mark.

  29. Whooohooo for momma time!! And UM I need to find a mani/pedi salon that will give me a glass of wine with my massage!

    aka Bailey

  30. Im kinda jealous of the hair mask you got from Ipsy haha. And I went to Target to get that Frizz Ease mousse and totally forgot! LOL. Go figure...

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

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  32. Congrats on the 50lb mark! And very cool going for a pedicure to celebrate!

    Your momma is adorable!!!!

    The GNC by me had the Quest Bars buy 1 get one 1/2 off... So I am going to go get SOME OF THOSE!!!

  33. Congrats on the 50 lb mark! That is so exciting :D Sounds like things have been going good for you. I definitely wouldn't mind a pedicure - the calf/foot massages feel so good, especially after a long week.


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