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April 16, 2014

I have almost had "Fitness Blondie" up and running for a year. I started this bad boy Memorial Day weekend of 2013. I kind of went MIA a little in November, but that is beside the point. I am now a seasoned professional and I feel like if "Blogging" were a major in the college, I would have my PhD. Do you know why I feel this way? That is because in the world of blogging, there are no freaking rules. There is nothing you have to do (well I mean besides write). It is a small space, on the internet, where you can exude anything you want. I would just recommend being a little careful, because Google is a powerful tool. 

I see a lot of "Blogging 101" posts. How you should blog, what you should write, how beautiful your blog should be, and providing tips/advice. I actually found some of these posts helpful... but the most of the time I was all like:

Guidelines on your content, how your spot should look, what you should wear; I mean it was a lot to take in. As I was reading some of the posts when I started out, I thought to myself "Girlfriend needs to hit the delete blog button now because I don't think I am going to fit in here". I kind of felt like I was going to the church I grew up in. By that I mean: this place looks great and welcoming, but once you get inside, people are going to judge the hell out of you on every single move you make or article of clothing you wear. I then thought to myself "I just going to share my story, life, thoughts, and dreams, and hopefully it will be a great outlet for me". I LOVEEE to write, take pictures, help other people, and network. Blogging is without a doubt is one of my favorite things to do now. The reason it is that way is because as most things in life go; it is what you make of it.

Today I am going to present you the Liz Taylor aka "Fitness Blondie" rules of blogging:

There are no freaking rules.
  • If you want to use a default template on Blogger - have a red background with a purple font, and an elephant drinking a martini as your header - do it. I personally make my own header's on Blogger and they aren't great, but damn it, I try.
  • If your style is wearing a trashbag with rhinestones and you want to tell us all about your self titled couture, then by all means, do it.
  • If you hate crafting, cooking, and butterflies, and want to write about sex, drugs, and rock and roll - then do it. (And let me know, because I would love to check that out).
  • If you write once a year, that's fine. If you write twice a day, that's fine.
  • If you want to bitch about your husband, then do it. It's OK that your life has ups and downs; I promise.
  • If you feel beautiful today, tell us about it. If you feel fat and bloated, tell us about that too. Honestly, I am feeling a little on the bloated side myself. 
  • If you lead a really boring life and want to tell us about how the paint on your wall is drying, then do it. 
  • If you have a really extravagant life and you want to write about your 84th vacation this year, then do it. I can't promise I won't hate you, but certainly write about it.

Variety is the spice of life, and if you're going to do something because you want to, do it your way. Otherwise what is the point of doing it? 

Happy Hump Day everyone! We are halfway through the week and the hump day camel is too freaking cool, so lets have some fun and a blog hop to celebrate.

This is a little different than a link up. To participate, simply add your blog link. There is no required entry or anything like that. This is about networking, making new friends, and finding new blogs.

All I ask:
1) "The Hump Day" blog hop button button be displayed anywhere on your blog page or a specific entry with a link back to me or the weekly co-host. (Please do this. These blog hops take a lot of work and preparation.)
2) You don't have to follow me, but in the words of Blake Shelton: it'd sure be cool if ya did.
3) Please follow the co-host. I love helping and promoting these amazing women in the blog world! I do this to not only meet new people, but help my friends make new friends and readers.
4) Mingle with your fellow Bloggers.

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The Hump Day Blog Hop

Please join me in welcoming this weeks co-host and my amazing, hilarious, wonderful friend Kathy from ""Vodka and Soda" She also holds a link up on Wednesday's; "Hump Day confessions".

We love our hump days. Wink face.


  1. I love variety, I always say that too because I can't ever choose on things, I like to many things. There are some things I set on, but otherwise I float around like a butterfly and I am not going to change. Love this!! :)

  2. I seriously love this post! Variety is so nice because I would hate to see the same thing again and again. I am all for doing whatever you please! Write what you want to write about, if I don't like it I will click the handy little 'x' and go on with my life ha ha.

  3. Oh gosh I agree probably too much with this post. Everyone thinks there is this formula for blogging or something smh I actually prefer the blogs that don't give a crap about all of that. You do you. Ill do me.

  4. I love this post.. I'm fed up of people trying to enforce ridiculous rules on blogs. Primarily, your blog should be for you. I love your little rule list. :)

  5. You are hilarious and I love this!! People take bloggin to seriously. Best post yet!!!

  6. Amen girl! Half of the rules I see are ridiculous, yes some blogs may not be my cup of tea but there are so many out there that speak to me. It is all about finding the ones who love and leaving the others alone. There is something out there for everyone and no one should filter themselves because of some stupid rules.

  7. Preach, girl, preach! You gotta do things your way because if you don't, what's the point? I hate that there's all these "rules" for blogging and a "right" way to do things. That's crazy!

  8. I do think those kind of things are helpful when you're new and overwhelmed but I agree with everything you wrote too. Supposed rules are meant to be broken anyway, right?!

  9. Yes, love it! The rules are that there are no rules. While I am one who still reads the posts about "rules" to blogging, I end up doing what I want anyway. It may not jet-pack me to major blogger stardom, but I write b/c I enjoy it, not b/c I wanna get a book deal out of it (though that would be kinda awesome lol).

  10. Yes!!!! I don't know why everyone thinks there is a right or wrong way to blog. Just do your thaaaang and enjoy it!

  11. the only rule i follow is that i make sure the reading experience is good for my readers ie. you can see the font and it's not a disjointed experience by putting ads right in the middle of your content. there's nothing that makes me close a window faster than a disjointed reading experience. other than that, you write what you damn well please!!!

    thanks again for letting me cohost :)

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Nice! I don't follow many "rules" but I love the message here - Be you!

  13. I would like to cosign on ALL of these blogging tips, and actually this entire post. When I started blogging these kinds of posts had me suuuper stressed!

    PS let me know you find said sex/drugs/rock n roll blog (:

  14. Good for you!! Thank you for being honest, like I said in my post, that's what I love about you! Honestly if you want to blog about playing tic tac toe all day, do it!! Thanks girl!!

  15. I deleted my blog twice before I just stop giving shits and started posting more. I still don't think I belong here, but no shits. lol.

  16. This is so freaking awesome! I always worry especially as a very new blogger (equipped with the fb fanpage lol ;) ) that people won't keep coming back or if i miss to many days, I will lose touch with people, or whatever...but you know what- it's not about what other people think or what I can't control. I am going to blog my way and that will be enough :) Thank you so much for this post- I love your honesty and style. Have a great day!

  17. Dude! I have come across shit loads of blogs that are about fashion and crafting and I know nothing about either!! I am rough around the edges and cuss like a lady sailor. I keep it sorta clean on my blog to be semi professional about the wonderful info posted but I am more into sex, drugs and rock n roll than being wholesome and sweet!...... well, I do have some wholesome and sweet in me too :)

  18. Oh, and by the way, I love the headers you created. They are WAY better than what I can create!!

  19. I love this! I am still a new blogger and I am always afraid that I won't fit into a certain "blog type". I blog about everything and it's nice to hear that you don't have to be a cookie cutter blogger! Blog on lady!! ;)

  20. Yay for all blogging things!! :D I'm the same way. I don't get how people just bash other bloggers for being who they are (I've seen it...errr read it) and it's just crazy! I think of my blog as a type of journal for my life to an extent so I'm a far cry from being a cookie cutter blogger who only shows the pretty/normal things going on in my life hahaha. Keepin' it real....yo. ;)

  21. I love your outlook on blogging. It's so true. You can make the blogiverse ANYTHING you want it to be!

    :) Joined in for another Blog Hop Wednesday! I read and started following some great blogs last week!

  22. Funny, my Humpday Confessions post has a bit of meta chatter about blogging today too. Is there something in the air?? :) love your take on the rules of blogging here!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  23. This is by far the greatest Blogging 101 post I've ever read lol! I love your tips! Happy Wednesday girl!

  24. Came across your blog for the first time from Kathy's and joined in the link up! Those are the best "Blogging Tips" I've ever read. And I also really want to wear a garbage bag with rhinestones and blog about what a great fashion forward look I have made using only "upcycled" materials.

    Happy Wednesday!

  25. I can hear little Michelle saying "You got it dude"

    And I couldn't agree with you more... some people act like there are all these rules, but these blogs are our little space on the internet and it's up to us what we do with them :)

  26. OMG I really had a blast reading your post Liz!!!!! How honest & how true.....there are no freaking rules to freaking blogging hahah....and may I add that you don't have to attend any FW to be a blogger!!!!


  27. How did you get so many readers in a year? Is there some secret to this that I am missing? I will be honest, I do not allow my blog to be "found" in a name search, because of my job, but mostly I think it's about networking within the blogging community, is it not?

  28. If I was going to have a rule for blogging, it would be to add GIFs like once a week. They make everything better.

  29. I love Kathy!

    I don't read blogs if they post twice a day, but it's their prerogative to post it. It's your blog, you make your rules just like I make mine!

    One of my personal rules: no GIFs (they give me motion sickness).

  30. You kind of read my mind haha, some of the blogger 101 posts I've seen lately annoy me!

  31. I love this post! I think your blog is your space and you should enjoy the content you choose.

    I'm hosting a swap that benefits mental health awareness. Stop by and check it out! I hope you'll consider signing up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  32. A-to-the-freakin-men!!! I love this no rules post! I love the one you wrote about if your life is boring and want to talk about how the paint is drying then do it! hahaha.

    I think sometimes people get carried away with trying to put a formula together that will equate to success and you really can't measure that when it comes to blogging.

    Happy humpday!

  33. There are no rules!!! Thank you! My daddy and my ex husband were sailors and I sometimes feel like I have to sensor myself...I love to drop a good F-Bomb!! lol

  34. You've totally hit the nail on the head girl. There are zero rules. It's a matter of people wanting to read, what you have to say! :) Have a great day! xo

  35. This might be the best "Blogging 101" post I have ever seen! I adore you girl! HAHA! <3

  36. Thank you! I totally feel you on the rules and tips of blogging! I am pretty new to this, (coming up on 5 months or so) and I still pin all those tips and what not, only to get myself all stressed out in the process! Holy hell it's exhausting! Thanks for linking with Kathy too, I link with both of you girls every Wednesday and it's much easier to see you both in one place today!! Xo

  37. i love the way you put this today. i totally agree with you on the rules. people can get so strangely upset about things and uptight about how people do things on their own blogs. it just seems so odd to me.... like, if you don't like it. eff off and go do your own thing. i don't understand the point of being negative about the way someone else handles their life, or going out of the way to tell someone they should do something differently. weird. anyway, you know i love you and your blog, so i'll just leave it at that. happy wednesday! :)

  38. totally agree on your rules - do your thang for you and don't worry about the rest! i'm so bored of reading posts about how to monetize your blog and how to blog "better". i just wanna write and shop and wear all the clothes!

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  39. LOVE this list about blogging. I saw so many "blogging guides" when I first started out that I was so overwhelmed. But it's nice to have a special little place on the web where there's no rules :)


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