A Wonderful Weekly Wrap - Friday 5!

April 25, 2014

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Mine was pretty pleasant; lots of work and training, but those are two things I love so win/win. I am ready for the weekend though!

(1) Monday my legs were screaming at me. I could not believe I was so sore from my workout on Sunday. I was even more sore than when I go hiking; it was a great feeling especially since I did not even want to train Sunday, but I pushed on. After work, I forced myself to the gym for 45 minutes on the Elliptical and an upper body circuit. Once I finished at the gym, I checked my mail like I usually do. That was when my day was made!

Next weekend my girlfriend Sandra and I will be spending the entire weekend at "Carolina Rebellion" letting our inner metal head shine through. Most people cannot believe I love heavy metal so much, but what can I say? I am weird person, ha! This concert is going to epic. My favorite band in the world will be there; Five Finger Death Punch. I am so in love with the lead singer; Ivan. I hope to meet him to let him know that we are getting married. 

(2) Tuesday work went by as normal then I took the evening off from the gym. I was still really sore and I knew if I kept pushing myself even when I was hurting so much, my workouts would continue to suffer. When I got to my apartment, I realized I had a package in the office waiting for me.

Thank you to Infulenster and PUR water! They sent a water filtration system  for me to try and write about. This is very special to me because this my first time being able to do this solely because of my blog! I have had opportunities in the past to receive compensation and products in lieu of writing, promoting, and reviewing them, but it just did not feel right. I am all for obtaining compensation whenever you can, but I just don't know how I can be passionate about tampons or toilet paper, ha! However, filtered water? Yes please! I drink water like it is going out of style. I swear I walk 5 miles a day from my office to the bathroom at work. I constantly have a glass of water by my side all day long. It is one of the healthiest habits I have. However, I am really bad about buying plastic water bottles from the grocery store and throwing them away once I have finished drinking the water. I would like to be more environmentally friendly so this was the perfect opportunity. I know my water is filtered and it tastes great. I can truly tell a difference in the taste, which I have heard people say before, but I did not really expect. I had another water filtration system a year or so ago but I did not use it. The pitcher was too small thus I was constantly having to re-fill it and changing the filter was expensive and a pain to do. Pur is much more affordable and simple plus the pitcher is the perfect size. I am thoroughly enjoying this product and will continue using it. What do you guys think?

(3) Wednesday morning I was running late for work. Ugh I hate being late for anything. My poor Marty had a hair ball (his hair is ridiculously long) and he got sick all over the living room. So my day started wonderfully, ha. I ended up only being about 10 minutes late, and when I walked in I had a beautiful surprise waiting for me! I was cheesing like no other!

It was "Administrative Professionals Day" and my president surprised me with the more gorgeous arrangement of flowers. They are perfect for spring and I love the assortment of colors. He did a great job of picking them out - I was thoroughly impressed. Normally I am the one planning surprises or gifts for fellow manager's or employees, so having the role reversed on me for once was great!

Update: the flowers have bloomed so beautifully since Wednesday morning! They look gorgeous.

(4) Yesterday my Bodybuilding.com order arrived. I can't rave about that company enough. I placed my order Tuesday evening with regular shipping and received it Thursday. That is stellar service right there. They had a killer deal where you could buy Jamie Eason's protein powder and receive a 90 capsule bottle of the multi-vitamins for free! It was like this sale was speaking to me because I had one multi-vitamin left and I was completely out of protein.

I am sipping on the protein now for breakfast and I have to say it is delicious. I mixed it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I like it because there is no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and it's gluten free. It's a great brand of protein!

(5) Say hello to my friend, Maegan. Her blog is "Creating Confidence". To all of my amazing friends and readers, please pop over and say hello to her. She is trying to grow and spread the message of her blog, and I could not more excited to help promote her. You guys know I am all about "girl power" and empowering women -- so is she. I worked with Maegan at LA Fitness and she is a wonderful friend of mine. Another fun fact - she was on America's Got Talent. Y'all know that is my favorite show. She writes about being a teenager and young woman in the American society. She also provides interesting prospective's on how the media and TV affects us from our looks to behaviors. Maegan posts are refreshing and a must have on your blog roll! She is guest posting for me soon and I can't wait to see what she has to say and write about it. 

 photo meagan_zps8cdd5b9e.jpg

Off to take on the work day then let the weekend begin! Linking up today!


  1. I'm looking for a new protein powder - I might need to try that one!

  2. I am a bit jealous you got the PUR water filter campaign!!! Those flowers are gorgeous. hope you have a great weekend

  3. Sounds like you had a good week! Just peeked at your link-up list, that's a nice organized collection too (thanks!)

  4. My work spoiled me as well and I had no idea it was admin professionals day I was like ummm do ya'll know something I don't..is it my birthday? hahaha Anyway have fun at the Carolina Rebellion girl and take pics!!

  5. Looks like you had a good week! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  6. I have total fitness blogs and i think which is the awesome fitness blogs ever really like it..
    Fitness Careers

  7. i had no idea about the day until i got flowers + pizza lol. your workouts sound so hardcore and awesome - so motivating! have a fab weekend :)

  8. dear Pur: please send me one of those water filtration thingies too! free shizz is the best; esp good products that actually work.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Aww those flowers are gorgeous! What an awesome surprise! My Bodybuilding.com order arrived yesterday too! I LOVE how quick they are! I seriously placed my order Tuesday night! I just got the chocolate protein powder (usually I get vanilla but I'm sick of it) but I haven't tried it yet!

    <3, Pamela

  10. Fellow metal head here!! So happy to hear you are into metal music as well! Take tons of pictures and let me know how the concert is!

  11. I am with Kathy.....I would be so ECSTATIC to receive a Pur water filtration item for free!!!!! Lucky you! I used to have a Brita filter but it was a pain in the ass because it was too small....like what you said!

    I will have to check out the Jamie Eason stuff.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

  12. Enjoy your concert!! That is so sweet of your president to get you those flowers, they are gorgeous.

  13. Your flowers are gorgeous! Happy Friday!

  14. Those flowers are gorgeous and actually for you what a concept ;-) Thanks for linking up girl hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Help me understand why people use protein powder and supplements. I need to know.

    1. Lean protein is essential to ones overall health and well-being. Most sources of protein are found in beans. However you can find some in beans, etc. I simply use protein powder as a source of lean protein. I love the way it tastes and I make all kinds of recipes with it! Lean protein is what helps me loose the most weight. I take supplements because of how much I exercise and being on a resistricted diet, I can sometimes lack nutrients that I need. I take a multi-vitamin for well being, fish oil for heart health, and Biotin for my hair, skin, and nails (it works so well). I then take BCAA's (branch chained amino acids) when I wake up in the morning and after I finish working out. Those help significantly with muscle recovery and even ones immune system. I hope this helps provide some insight!

    2. Oops I meant to say - Most sources of protein are found in meats. Ha

  16. Those flowers are so pretty what a nice surprise. I love Jamie Eason but i didn't know she had a protein powder. Yum!

  17. I love shaky legs after a workout lol!! beautiful flowers :)

  18. These might be silly questions, but I'm just starting to really get the itch to drink protein shakes. So, please forgive how naive I am ;) First, simply, how do you make your protein shakes? I'm not sure on what ratio of anything to use??? Also, why unsweetened almond milk? We just got a bullet and aside from making them in a shaker, how would I successfully make a frozen shake? Can you tell me how to do both? I will eventually venture out on my own and make some fancy ones, but I seriously don't even know the basics yet.....hence all the silly questions ;) Thanks so much!!!!

  19. My husband is a huge Five Finger Death Punch fan, he would be so jealous that you were going to see them this weekend! Have fun! Those flowers were beautiful, I got a plant this your for Admin Assistant Day, not nearly as pretty as your flowers!! Happy weekend lady! <3

  20. "I just don't know how I can be passionate about tampons or toilet paper" A. Fucking. MEN!

  21. those flowers are gorgeous! excited to check out maegen's new blog! xoxo

  22. Oh my gosh my other half LOVES Five Finger Death Punch, and all those types of bands. I'm more of a country gal myself ;D Oh my gosh what gorgeous flowers! I think we have a bodybuilding.com package delivered to our door at least once a week. That's where the guys go to get all of their "stuff". I love your blender bottle!

  23. Sounds like a great week you've had! Love the pic of you with your blender bottle! Your so pretty! That is so sweet of your employer to recognize you! Your flowers are beautiful!

  24. You are so stinking cute!
    I love that you are into Metal! That just ups your AWESOME LEVEL!!!

    And I have been trying to get into more protein powders and shakes... But, I'm just... being lazy about it.. It's the truth!


  25. Whoohooo for receiving flowers on your special holiday!! Awesome that it was on your boss's radar :) And hooooozah for receiving free PR samples - water purifiers make water taste so gooood!

    aka Bailey


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