What is "My Fitness Dream?"

April 9, 2014

I get asked the question a lot: "What is your ultimate dream with fitness? Where do you want to take this?" and that is a damn good question. Admittedly, it is one that I have never truly thought about. That is only because I am so wrapped up in my corporate job, paying all of my bills on time, etc. To start, I do know that I always want to be better. My goal is to be better today than I was yesterday. Health and fitness are my passions. There is no end to this. I want to keep going until the good man above calls me home.

People ask: do you want to compete? 

I love bodybuilding. Besides MMA, it is my favorite sport. People underestimate the absolute dedication and raw, hard work that goes into being a figure, bikini, body, or physique competitor. Every single day of your life while in contest prep, you are practicing. A competitor does not just practice 2 hours a day then play a game, and hopefully win. Training for a fitness competition affects every single aspect of your life. Clean diets, rigorous workouts, putting together a routine, posing, and plenty of rest are your top priorities. You have to engage in this 24/7 for months up until your show. Most of my friends compete and every boyfriend (which isn't many at all, ha) I have ever had, bodybuild. It's in my blood; it's second nature to me. I enjoy supporting them, assisting in prep, and being with them on their journey. However, I do not think it is for me.

Personally, I am all about "balance" with a healthy lifestyle. I want to enjoy my food. I want it to taste good. I train hard after work - really damn hard, and that is how I like it. I cannot fathom adding a fasted cardio session on top of that first thing in the morning before a long day at my 8-5. I love to go out with my friends and be social on the weekends. I want to travel. I want to do things outside of the gym. Most of them are still physical activity related, but I digress. Unfortunately if you choose to compete, you have to give up that balance (mostly) for months at a time. Your schedule is normally fasted cardio, work, evening workouts, plenty of sleep, extremely clean food, not going out, spending a LOT of money for competitions, and the list could go on. Plus, most people are 15-20 pounds slimmer for their competitions than they are at their "normal" weight. Mentally, that would be hard on me especially with my past history of childhood obesity and bullying. I fear what that would do to my emotional and mental state. 

However, I change my mind a lot on this. One day I want to do it and one day I do not. I may compete in Figure one time just to say I did it, but being an IFBB pro is not something I feel plausible to strive for.

My ultimate dream? To be a motivational speaker.

I enjoy public speaking and I thrive in crowds and being around people. Most of all, I am so passionate about what I want to speak about. I want to travel to schools, universities, businesses, churches, auditoriums - anywhere that will have me. I want to speak about my childhood; what I went through, how I lost weight, and how I taught myself about proper nutrition and exercise. My weight loss journey is not just about my body - I came from too much pain for it to be that restricted. My weight loss journey is about coming to believe in myself; getting over hard times like an abusive step father, high school bullying, and health problems. It is about engraving the power of positive thinking in my mind. Hustling for my dreams. Empowering other women. Self love that goes deeper than the hair on my head and the foundation on my face. 

I want to share my heartache, pain, low moments, and the beauty, strength, and power of taking control of your own life. If everyone loved themselves as much as they put love in their partners, children, jobs, material things - imagine how much of a wonderful of a place this world will be. If everyone stopped being so jealous of other women, what they do not have, what they wish they had, etc. and learned to appreciate diversity and what they already have, and loving the uniqueness about them - imagine how wonderful that would be.

That is where I one day wish to take Fitness Blondie. This is why I write. This is why I share things I am ashamed of, my weaknesses, and my afflictions. This is why I open myself up for the entire world to judge me -- in hopes that someone, somewhere can find hope and strength from my words and love themselves for who they are even - their imperfections. Most importantly, my mission about self belief. One can overcome any obstacle they encounter in life. You truly can do anything you want.

Ideally, my blog would be launching pad. I would provide information on bookings and seminars, have an affordable exercise clothes line, and write books/articles. Those are my dreams with fitness. I hope to one day look back on this specific blog entry, smile, and say "If only I knew then what was to come..."


  1. I love this! Your dreams to inspire women to love themselves is so wonderful. Keep it up girl!

  2. You can do this!!! I am so excited for you because you are amazing and will fulfill your dreams!!

  3. :) This is an amazing and positive post.

    Very uplifting and motivating!

  4. I have the same yes/no relationship with bodybuilding. Motivational speaking sounds like something you would be good at, since you do it so well here!

  5. You are certainly inspiring people every day by sharing your stories, fitness, recipes, and life in general here on your blog! I think that you would make an excellent speaker and I hope that all your dreams come true! You deserve them!!!

  6. You can do anything your heart desires, pretty lady! Love you.

  7. You would make a GREAT motivational speaker! You have such a good head on your shoulders! I'd go see you speak for sure! :)

  8. I think all you can do is try and be better than you were yesterday! I think you would be a great motivational speaker, you motivate people everyday already!

  9. this is such a great dream and you would be such a great inspirational speaker for others! and I agree that dedicating yourself to something like bodybuilding would be so tough. I could never be 100% committed to something like that either because I like having some flexibility as well. but I definitely give props to those who can do it!

  10. What a wonderful dream to have! You would make an incredible inspirational speaker for others!

  11. That is such an amazing dream to have!!! Good luck girl. You definitely can get there!

  12. I love your dream! I think people become really motivated when they hear someone else's story..especially kids! I know you can do it and im so excited for you!

  13. You would be a great motivational speaker. I would definitely come to see you.

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