A Lovely Easter Weekend Recap

April 20, 2014

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend, or what is left of it. I know I did! Unfortunately I did not have Friday off like most of my friends did, but I did get to leave work early! I went to my doctor to get my B12 injection and my weight loss this week was 2 pounds. I am thankful for that! Last week my fat mass was down 3 pounds but the scale was up half a pound. I know that is good, but it still irritates me. 

After my doctor's appointment I went to the gym. Holy crap it was one of the best workouts I have had in a long time. I always schedule my leg workouts the day before my rest day. Legs are my favorite to work and I made sure I pushed to the limits. I am still very sore today from it. 

Once I finished I at the gym, I came home to get ready. I went to dinner with one of good friends, Crystal. Since I had a cheat meal earlier this week, I had my last week meal for the week with her. Go big or go home, ha! We went to one of my favorite restaurants, "City Tavern". I had my favorite dinner, their prime rib wheat wrap and we also had dessert, "Banana Foster". We were miserable after eating, ha! After dinner we we went to the movies. We saw the movie "Oculus". I am a horror junkie plus this movie got really good reviews. However I was not a fan. I hated the ending and the story line was hard to follow.

Saturday morning I woke up at 11 AM. I normally never sleep that late but that is what happens when I have those brutal leg workouts. As expected, I couldn't walk, ha. I got ready then took off to Greensboro to spend the night with my mom and grandma. When I got there we went to a wine store to a wine tasting then did some shopping. I found the cutest bag at Target, I love my new purse!

Once we got home, we went outside to enjoy my grandmothers new outdoor room. It is absolutely beautiful and it was the perfect night for it, too. The weather had been awful - very rainy and cold.

My two rocks in this world; my amazing mama and my amazing grandmother.

Also when we got home from shopping, my grandmother showed me her new purse. Can someone please help me figure out who this bag is by so I can purchase one? The bag does not have a label on it so I don't know if anyone will recognize the symbol. I begged my grandmother until I was blue in the face for this bag and she will not let me have it, ha. It matches with her Easter outfit too well. She bought it at a boutique at the beach and has no idea who the bag is by. All I know is, I died when I saw this purse. I want it!

I had a lot of fun, we had a girls night with lots of talking, laughs, and spending time together. Those are my favorite kind of nights - I am so close to my mom and grandmother. Perhaps too close. This morning my grandmother looked absolutely stunning in her new outfit for her Sunday best. Seriously, how gorgeous is she?

She was also excited because her dress makes her have a little booty. She wanted me to take a picture of it, too. She is SO taking after her granddaughter (hehe) and I absolutely love it. If you guys think I am crazy, you should meet the two generations of women above me! They are where I get it from!

I arrived back to Charlotte around 12:30 from Greensboro. I initially planned on driving from Greensboro straight to the mountains to hike, but I bailed on the idea. I did not sleep well last night, my legs are still really sore from Friday, and I forgot a sports bra. The idea of driving 2 1/2 hours to the mountains and being all stiff and sore when I got there, did not sound too great. Plus it rained all freaking weekend. 

I regretted my decision after being home for about 30 minutes. So I thought I would just go to the gym instead. Wrong! My gym was closed. Then I thought about just taking the day off from working out. That did not last long though - I have goals to attain and I am not going to get there by skipping planned workouts. Thus, I improvised. I did a 30 minute full body plyometric workout in my living room then jogged the greenway behind my apartment for 50 minutes. It was an awesome workout. I am so happy I pushed myself to do it, even when I wasn't really feeling it! 

Another great thing how much stamina I now have with running. I am down nearly 47 pounds since 11/25/13 and it is incredible how different I feel. Distance running previously hurt. I had too much weight, and short/big legs. Now that I have lost so much and built so much muscle, I can just run and run and run and run and not stop. That is truly incredible to me. It has been a long time since I have felt this way.

Now I am off to food prep for the week and clean my apartment! The list never ends!


  1. That bag looks amazing. Unfortunately i have no idea what company it is. Cheat meals are always the best, its that time were you just get to indulge on everything you have deprived yourself of without feeling guilty. I wish I had the stamina to run for an hour and a half, I can barley make it to half and hour. Keep up the great work girl!

  2. Bahh look at your grandma workin it! I love it! And I LOVE that Target bag!

  3. What a great weekend, that food looks so good and love that bag! Ok, your grandma is gorgeous and classy :)

  4. Your grandmother is so cute! She's right the purse matches perfectly. Love that with the weight you've lost you can just run and run. Keep up the great work!

  5. Great updates on your work outs! Your mom looks young enough to be your sister!! Your grandma looks like an amazing lady. I love you new bag. Target rocks!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. So glad you had a great holiday weekend! What a bunch of beautiful ladies you all are!

  7. Sounds like such a great weekend! I love brutal leg days even when I can't walk for days after! Your grandmother is a hot ticket! Love that you still managed to get in a good workout!

  8. I love that fire place area. It is so pretty!

  9. Oh my gosh, your grandmother seems AWESOME!!! I also LOVE that outdoor room - that would be my favorite place in the house :)

    Stopping by from the link up today!

    Meg @ www.myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com

  10. I'm so glad you had such an amazing weekend!

  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love your grandmother's outdoor room....and her booty picture lol! Go grandma!!!! That purse is super cute!

    Look at your getting in your work out even when you didn't feel like it. Such a good fitness role model!

    Hope you have a great week!

  12. Your Grandma is adorable! I love her outside room too. I'm glad you had the time with your ladies this weekend.

    Good job getting in a Sunday workout!

  13. Your grandma is so adorable! And I love that outside room - so pretty! Happy Monday :)

  14. sounds like a great weekend!!!! Your gram is seriously so cute. Those bags are AMAZING!!!!!!! hope you have a fabulous weekend sweet friend

  15. Grandma got style! Love her white purse and the black purse you got from Target! Nice fine!

  16. Your mom and grandma, both, looks so young and your grandma is full of fashion!! Love both your bags! And her outdoor room is uh-maze-eeng!! I want one! Except I live in the city & my backyard is small and way less amazing. haha

    Holy crap with being down 47 lbs! I get so excited every time I read your blog because you always have positive progress!!

  17. Love your grandma! She is too amazing! And awesome with being down 47 pounds!!

  18. The cheat meal looks very yummy! your grandma looks amazing! sounds like you had a fun weekend.

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  20. What is on those fries?! It looks delicious, whatever it is!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I think it is cool that you had such a great time with your mom and grandmother. Those relationships are so special! Enjoy every minute of them :)

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  23. Your mother looks so YOUNG! That must be some good genetics! And your grandmother is STUNNING!

    (And so are you!)

    :) I love the outdoor room, and I love all of the fitness/ health things in this post.

    I am a runner, self trained, self motivated, and I agree... Running is getting so much easier, as I tone up... and lose the extra fat.

    You are such an inspiration!

  24. Your grandma is awesome! Too cute! I love love love love her new outdoor room! So pretty! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!


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