My Weekly Nutrition and Training Plan

October 1, 2014

The below nutrition plan is what I eat Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday during the day I still eat clean but will eat whatever is left over or what I have around my apartment. Two nights a week I have "treat" meals - whatever I choose. They are usually Saturday and Sunday night, but it does vary. I switch up my eating every week. I plan the week before what I want to have for meals, make the grocery list, and prep the food on Sunday's. A lot of times people will ask me if I get bored eating the same thing everyday. The answer is no. It is only 5 days a week that I eat the same thing. I eat to live - not live to eat. It took me a long time to come to that.  I also do this to save money. I live alone so I can't really cook tons of different things during the week because it's too expensive and will go bad. There are also ways you can switch up your eating day to day. Like my Quest Bars for instance; I eat a different flavor everyday, same with my yogurt. You can read here for meal prep ideas!

Total down (since 11/25/13):  64 pounds!

Meal 1 (7:15 AM)

Meal 2 (4 10:30 AM)

Meal 3 (1:15 PM)

It is varying this week due to lunch meetings. I am keeping my choices as healthy as possible, but Monday was hard -- I am obsessed with Panera's "Butternut Squash Ravioli!"

Meal 4 (3:45 PM) 

Gym 4:30-6PM

Meal 5 (6:30 PM) [Post workout]
Kay Natural's Cinnamon Almond Protein Bites (I eat this like cereal with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk) and 1/4 cup of turkey jerky.

Meal 6 (9 PM)
Crock-pot BBQ'ed chicken (Chicken breast cooked in Walden's Farm calorie free BBQ sauce, two tablespoons of honey BBQ sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. I shredded the meat once it was finished) and "hidden veggie" healthy macaroni and cheese casserole

Bed time 11PM
Sunday: (Rest)

Monday: (Weight Circuit)
-15 minutes cardio: Elliptical (Incline 9, Resistance 10)
-Weight Circuit:
   -Shoulders: 3 x 15
   -Back: 3 x 15
   -Biceps: 3 x 15
   -Chest: 3 x 15
   -Triceps: 3 x 15
-25 minutes cardio: Elliptical (Incline 9, Resistance 10)

Tuesday: (Core and Boxing)
-20 minutes of cardio: Elliptical (Incline: 9/12/1, Resistance: 10/11)
- 3 sets of 45 second planks
- 3 sets of "Russian Twists" with a 10 pound weight plate
- 3 sets of 20 crunches
- 3 sets of 20 heel touches
- 3 sets of  10 elevated leg crunches
-45 minutes of boxing at Title Boxing Club

Wednesday: (Rest)

Thursday: (Kickboxing)
-20 minutes of cardio: Elliptical (Incline: 9/12/1, Resistance: 10/11)
-45 minutes of kickboxing at Title Boxing Club
Friday: (Weight Circuit + squats)
-15 minutes of cardio: Elliptical (Incline 9, Resistance 10)
-Squats (4 sets of 20, 50 pounds)
-Weight Circuit:
   -Shoulders: 3 x 15
   -Back: 3 x 15
   -Biceps: 3 x 15
   -Chest: 3 x 15
   -Triceps: 3 x 15
-15 minutes of high intensity interval training: Tredmill (Work: 3 minutes at 3.2 speed and 12 incline and rest 2 minutes at 3.4 speed and 0 incline. No holding onto the tredmill at all)

Saturday: (Full Body Plyometic + jog)
Back in February, I wrote about my "at home" workout that I created since I was snowed in for two days and could not go to the gym. I call this "The Hot Mess Express". I create a playlist on my Iphone that is 35 minutes long and blast it on my Bluetooth speaker while I exercise. It's about 9-10 songs, so I do 9-10 different routines. I repeat the routine for the entire song then switch.

Below are different routines I do during a song. I repeat the exercises for the entire song then I will move onto the next routine. I did this for 35 minutes:
Mini suicides runs
Kickboxing cardio routines (I have 3-4 different routines for this. I do not know the names of the exercises so that is why I am not listing that out right now)
10 Jumpsquats, run in place, then 10 jumping jacks
10 regular jumping jacks, 10 scissor jumping jacks, jog around the living room
10 pushups, jog down the hallway, walking lunges back to the living room
20 burpees, 10 high kicks
10 pushups, jog around the couch, 10 jumpjacks

Hour jog/walk on the greenway behind my apartment.


  1. I love your hot mess express workout - it's so DOABLE at HOME! And even though finding a video on YouTube is easy - sometimes I just hate the videos. This - I can list out - and just check it off as I go.
    My OCD prefers that.

    1. I am with you girl, I hate videos too. I would rather blast my music and do my own thing. I meant to thank you for your comment on my blog post yesterday, that meant the world to me and your friendship does the same. XO

  2. It's probably a verrrry good thing I have never had Panera's ravioli, huh? Yet again, way to go on your motivation, chickie! You're killllllling it

  3. You are killing it! I saw your boxing pic on Instagram looking forward to hearing how you like it, I've been thinking about trying it!


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