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October 28, 2014

I have some things health, fitness, and beauty related that I want to share with you guys. I always love to share new health and beauty things I am trying and getting into, and I love to hear what other beauty and health junkies are using and intrigued by as well.

We live in a world where women are photoshopped, airbrushed, and filtered on a regular basis. Sometimes I can't blame anyone for doing that because of how ridiculed we can be if we don't. It is a doubled edged sword that can be debated without end. For me; I am not in the game of doing that because it goes against everything I stand and work hard for, thus I elect to refrain from such drastic measures. 

However, I think I have found something just as good: translucent powder by "It Cosmetics". The powder has light reflecting particles so when you are in the sunlight sunlight and other light, it makes your skin look even better.

I absolutely love this product and I am so happy I went on a whim and purchased it. It makes my skin look almost flawless, especially when you add a dash on bronzer on your cheeks. 

I went to GNC over the weekend because I had an awesome coupon-- just being a Diva on a Budget, of course. I picked up my vitamins on clearance, my 5HTP, and I think I am going to try the "apple cider vinegar" fad that has been going on.

My friend Gabe convinced me that there is all kinds of benefits from drinking it everyday; but I am struggling! This stuff is so nasty. You are supposed to do 1-2 tablespoons with 8 oz. of water first thing in the morning and then again 1-2 times during the day. It is gross to me though, even with water. I would like to just take it as a shot and be done with it, but I have read not to do that.

Who is on the Apple Cider Vinegar band wagon and do you feel like it has helped and improved your health?

I am ecstatic to be doing a promotional post and working with NatureBox. I know a lot of of you guys have heard of them. I have been trying their products and quickly fallen in love with everything. It is wonderful to me to be able to eat such delicious and satisfying snacks without all of the fat and calories. I will write more about this later, but I wanted to share my favorite right now.

If you love Girl Scout cookies, you will love the lemon tea biscuits. They are out of this world!

If you want to view all of the deliciousness NatureBox offers; click here
If you want a FREE trial; click here.

To continue my Diva on a Budget fabulousness this weekend, I had a 20% my total order coupon from Ulta plus lots of points to use. Those coupons only happen once or twice a year so I had to take advantage. My face has been breaking out bad a lot around my mouth and chin lately so I bought a new acne wash face. For a few days now, I have used it twice a day. It has helped without a lot with out drying my skin out.

I am so also trying out Paul Mitchell products for more voluminous hair. In my opinion, the bigger  the hair the better. In the above picture of me, I used both the hair spray and daily boost. I like them! I am almost as pleased with the daily boost as I am with Big Sexy Hair. I actually like Paul Mitchell's hairspray much better.

Lastly, I tried a new "Skinny girl" cocktail over the weekend. This brand is cheaper than "Skinny Girl", has few less calories, and tastes just as good. When you're in the mood for a cosmo (my personal favorite) this is a great go to!


  1. I know several people who do ACV as shooters - why are you not supposed to take it straight??

  2. You look gorgeous and I love your hair!! Ohh good to know about LuLu B. I will look out for it because you're right, the Skinny Girl drinks are quite pricey.

  3. I am on day four of the apple cider vinegar. I do not yet notice a difference butyou are right, it is horrible to get it down! I do two tablespoons each morning in 8 oz of water and then quickly eat my fruit chewable vitamins to kill the taste!! I only do once a day not two.

  4. So many great ways to save a little $$$. I will have to check out the It powder!

  5. I do apple cider vinegar, 2tsp in the am mixed in a quarter cup of warm water. After the first week my reflux was gone! Stuff works miracles!

  6. I so need to check out that powder. You look gorgeous.

  7. You are so beautiful!!! I love your martini glass too!!

    as far as ACV - I do 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 lemon, cayenne pepper and turmick - drink it through a straw as the acid is bad for your teeth but it's so good for you. Last week when I was on vacation I can totally tell i wasnt doing it. Here's the post I wrote about it... http://wifesticated.blogspot.com/2014/10/lets-take-shot-together.html

    so many good benefits from it!

  8. ACV is really good for you and helps with digestion, blood pressure and numerous other things! My mom used to make me drink it as a teenager after reading a book about it lol! But she would add a little local honey to it and it would help the taste some! Try that!
    I love IT Cosmetics btw!!I really need to check out that powder though! And yes Cosmos are SO yumm!!

  9. I got a bottle of the ACV awhile ago and it has pretty much just sat on the shelf ever since! I'm too afraid to try it! I'm not a big fan of really vinegary stuff anyway, so the thought of drinking it in a glass of water- ugh! I have heard such good things about it though.

    Those lemon cookies look so good, I LOVE lemon!

  10. Our multivitamins from GNC are $9.99 yesterday and today, I bought us each 3 bottles haha! I tried apple cider vinegar a while back but I could NOT drink it, I took the pills instead. I didn't stay on them long enough though to really say. fail.

  11. I used to mix my ACV with some pineapple juice and water which helped. Haven't heard of Lulu B will have to check it out.

  12. I have never heard of it cosmetics, but I will have to check it out!

    Why are you doing ACV? I have seen many people say they were doing it but no one ever really said why or if it worked. I never looked more into it. What is the 5-HTP for? I have never heard of that either. Totally need to get it together, don't I?!

  13. Hi Liz, if you love IT Cosmetics and are a diva on budget be sure sign up for their emails and watch for Jamie on QVC. I DVR their programs all the time to make sure I am up on the latest and greatest. QVC offers phenomenal deals that often include the best brushes...Ulta just can't match the deals that QVC offers in most cases. I have that powder and got an incredible brush included for about $39 on QVC. Thanks for all of your tips; I hope this one is useful to you.

  14. It always intrigues me when someone uses voluminizing anything because that is not a product I have ever needed. The drama of thick hair, I suppose. And by "thick" I mean "huge if I do anything to it except let it air dry and put it in a ponytail because it's ridiculously unmanageable".

    Ulta coupons are so fantastic! And I love that martini glass. Polka dots are my favorite pattern!

  15. Apple Cider Vinegar is soooo incredibly good for you and simultaneously disgusting. haha I try to add small amounts to my smoothies to get the benefit without the taste!

  16. You look so pretty! Apple Cider is good for a lot of stuff but I am with you, I cannot do it every day. I did not notice a whole lot when I was - maybe it is because I just feel awesome anyway. LOL

    I like trying new hair products, especially when they work! And even more when they are a good price or on sale!

  17. I definitely could use some of your budgeting and coupon-ing skills! I need to find some products that work, I just don't really know what I am in the market for ha ha.

  18. I just recently purchased the Urban Decay De-Slick spray as well, at first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but I think I was spraying it way too close to my face lol. Now that I hold it away the 8-10 inches like I'm supposed to, I think I really like it! Have you had success with using it as well?


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