Short and Sweet: Pop Sugar Event and Halloween!

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Today's blog post is sweet and short to finish out another week and go on into the weekend. I have been battling a cold off and on and I feel exhausted this morning. For some reason I am usually always battling colds at Halloween.

Last night Alexis and I went uptown for an event with Pop Sugar that was sponsored by Smirnoff. I tell you; being a blogger has perks sometimes, ha! It was such a fun event with a plethora of drinks, delicious foods, music, cornhole, other games, manicure and hair stations, and prizes. All of it was complimentary as well. We had such a fun time and thank the vendors significantly for their hard work and items provided to us. I also learned that Smirnoff is changing up their marketing and products to gear more towards women; one can make some super fun drinks with them!
I visited my hairstylist earlier this week because aside from always making my hair look absolutely gorgeous; she is a close friend. Sara goes all out of Halloween and I freaking love it. Her decor is sick, twisted, and all of what the holiday should be about it! I was in love.
Lastly, the ladies at my office are doing it up big today with their decor and I think it looks great. It doesn't hurt that later I am getting treats for everyone as well as giving out Target gift cards for best decor and costume.

Enjoy the day and weekend everyone! I am linking up with the girls!


  1. OH MY GOSH! How fun --- for all of the above!!!!! I'm pretty jealous right now, I'm not even going to lie!!!

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. What a fun event to be able to attend! Oh my I love all the Halloween decorations!! That house looks fab!! I wish we could decoration our office but it's a no no. Oh I wish I worked in an office that would let us do that!! The tape off cube is too funny!! Happy Halloween.

  3. I love the ladies at your office. Some of us dressed up - but all in all - our office is very TAME.

    :) The event looked super cool!

  4. That definitely looks like a FUN event!

  5. When I worked in an office, no one dressed up or decorated for Halloween. Probably because state workers are boring for the most part and the state hates fun.

    I'm not a Halloween fan but even I enjoyed all the pictures you posted. And I love that you went to a Smirnoff event. I need to live somewhere good. Delaware never has that stuff.

  6. Wow! you guys definitely went above and beyond with those office decorations... they look great! Happy Halloween!

  7. Your office looks awesome! We don't dress up or decorate but there are many of us wearing orange today.

  8. I love it! The decorations are so fun. We have a lot of that going on at work too :) The event looks really cool and such fun. Girls should know that vodka is a great drink for the waistline so I am curious to see how their campaign does.

  9. Happy Halloween! all the decorations look awesome. I'm glad you had fun at the PopSugar event.

  10. Aww, I wish our office had done something like that, looks like fun!

  11. Halloween looks awesome! Australia needs to lift their game and start celebrating it too LOL. Looks like you've had lots of fun.

  12. That event looks like a lot of fun! That would be so hard to judge everyone did so good decorating their office.

  13. Those halloween decorations are crazy! I love when people go all out for the holidays! It is so fun : )

  14. It sounds like a great night!!! I know you have a had a lot of fun!

  15. That event sounds totally fun! And your stylist and office went all out, didn't they?! A Target gift card would have me doing all kinds of things too! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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