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July 24, 2014

Happy almost Friday! I am so happy it's Thursday evening, my body is aching. This week was absolutely exhausting.  It was all about 12 and 14 hour work days: meetings upon meetings, lunches, visitors, client dinners, and assisting my President (which is part of my normal duties, it was just escalated this week). It was a ton of work because I organized the agendas, meetings, and meals, then attended it all as well. I rocked high heels all week, too! My feet are killing me. I have to say though, now that it's over, I feel accomplished and proud. I truly love our weeks that are a bit chaotic like that.

Monday morning, I went to purchase drinks and refreshments for the week. Of course with my luck, the flood gates of heaven opened, and I was out in it all day. Wednesday evening I had a strategic planning dinner meeting. I was able to pick the place. We went to a restaurant called "131 Main". I had never tried it, but really wanted too. Simply put, it was great. I am still salivating over my meal! I had a delicious pear martini and the best, juiciest, and most tender steak. The mashed baby reds were phenomenal too. If you are ever in Charlotte, you must try it.
Last week I lost 2 pounds! That brought my total to a 62 pound loss since November 25th. However, I am sure after this week, I gained the 2 pounds back, ha. I was a little off schedule with working long hours, missing the gym some, and eating off of my plan. That's life though and it will happen. I just have to be flexible, find a balance, and always get back on track -- which I do. Tuesday night was one of the evenings I did not have to go to a dinner meeting so I went to the gym per usual. For some reason, I had the BEST work out I have had in a LONG time. I did 30 minutes on the StairMill alternating between 65 SPM and 90 SPM-- I even threw in a couple of sprint intervals at 160 SPM. I did my usual upper body weight circuit, backsquats, then I did a mile and a half of sprint intervals in our indoor track. 

The sprint intervals were the icing on the cake. I ran track in high school. My short, muscular legs were of good use for speed running. I was a fast runner. I never sprint anymore though. When I was heavier, it hurt too much, so I just left it alone. I forgot how high sprinting makes me feel. I literally pushed through my sprints like I was running for my life... and it was incredible. I knew I would not be able to workout Wednesday, so I made sure I pushed myself with a vengeance. Wednesday I was sore. Today I am deathly sore! Talk about hurt so good. The craziest part is that my lower abs were the sorest of all. Running really uses your core so I was happy to be that sore. My core is weak. My legs were also screaming. I couldn't train I was so sore. Delayed onset muscle soreness was in full effect. I will absolutely be incorporating sprints in my weekly training routine now. Lesson learned!

My birthday is Wednesday! I will officially be the big 2-5, which in my opinion, is a pretty big milestone! I will be a quarter of a century old. I will not longer be in my early 20's. I will be 5 years away from 30. Holy crap, where does the time go? I swear yesterday I was boarding a plane for California for my 21st birthday. Since my birthday is Wednesday, my mom came down today and is staying until Sunday. We got the celebrations started early! We went to Kohls and I got a super cute pair outfit: a pair of faded jeans with holes and a fun black tank. After, we went to one of mama's favorite restaurants in Charlotte, "City Tavern". I sipped on a delicious Cosmo, she had her usual Sangria, and as we were leaving, my waiter gave us a piece of chocolate cake for my birthday! We were stuffed so it is in the fridge now. 
Every once in a while, I like to promote my good blog friends, sponsors, and/or anyone else that sticks out to me. I happen to have a few amazing sponsors this month who definitely deserve to be recognized. Please head over to their blog, say hello, and make a new friend. Also, on Wednesday I updated my advertising page, so if you have a blog and/or business and you would like to work together, let's talk!

Maegen. My good friend and former co-worker at Urban Active Fitness. She is a beauty queen (in my eyes and in a lot of pageants eyes as well, ha!) but she is so, so, much more than that. I was really happy a few months ago when she told me she started a blog for one of her classes. Luckily, she still writes even though the class has ended. Maegen writes about a lot of social issues that we as women have to endure in today's world. The standard definition of beauty, unrealistic expectations, and pressures of today's media. We are so much more than our outer appearance, and Maegen's mission to make sure every woman knows that. I am all about empowering women -- I am a total girl's girl, so I want to support and help her every way I can. 

Another inspiring blogger is Jessica. Her blog is named Healthy is Happy. How true is that, by the way? Healthy is happy. Healthy is beautiful. She is really fun to follow because with her, you get a little of everything. She is hardworking, dedicated, and passionate. She is also fun and easygoing. You get inspiring fitness ideas and her journey, along with glimpses into other parts of her life. Not to mention all kinds of business and blog information -- which is personally my favorite. You have to check her out; there is a TON to see and learn from her and her blog.

My girl, Trace. This girl is either going to inspire the hell out of you or make you really jealous. She is plugging away at her fitness and weight loss journey, and every time I see a new picture on Instagram or a new blog post, I am amazed. She really is giving this her all, made it a lifestyle, and has stayed immensely dedicated. Heck, I feel like I am going through her journey with her now. She has stayed that consistent and it has been awesome seeing her transform. She is a great friend of mine with positive energy that is contagious, and watching her succeed and lose weight keeps me motivated as well. She is definitely someone you want to get to know. 

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  1. What's your occupation, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Oh, wow!!
    You are a beauty and your blog is amazing, I'm totally falling in love about it!! I'm now a new follower :D

  3. 131 Main sounds amazing, but I still have not been. We may need to meet up for a girls night there some time...when I get paid...ha! Happy early Bday and yes 25 is a milestone! I loved being 25 and my birthday that year. Enjoy yourself hun!

  4. Loved your dress. Glad you got through such a busy week and still rocked the weight loss. Such a great pic of you and your mom. That cake looks delish! Happy early birthday!

  5. :) Look at you being a rock star!

    Sprints are starting to become a favorite thing of mine too... Just the ability to carry my body at a high speed for a short interval of time... Shows my progress... And, it is so INVIGORATING!

    Yesterday, I did Tabata in the morning, and then Emry and I did pre-race training.. The race is 4 miles.. and on his first try of the course he did 3.44 miles (86% of the course) in about 40 minutes. I was so proud. But, I am totally feeling that today.

    Oh man.. SORE SORE SORE!

    Enjoy your pre birthday weekend!

  6. all hail the weekend!! it's been so busy for me as well; i hope you're able to get in some RnR this weekend.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Happy early birthday love!! Congrats in the successful meeting!

  8. Yay for your upcoming birthday, have so much fun celebrating this weekend :) I LOVE that tank!

  9. Busy busy girl!!!! Look at you being a beast in the gym. GET IT!

    Yay for birthdays!!! I have one coming up soon as well. Only, I will be hitting....gulp.....31. Eek!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  10. Birthday week, birthday week!

    Congratulations on killing it at work this week & the successful meeting.

  11. Ahhhh this was such a surprise, thank you!! You are entirely too sweet. I fully admit that once I found your blog, I read all the way back to the archives, and am consistently amazed at how hard you work and how consistent you are, even during the low times. Happy early birthday, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  12. So glad you had a great week! Happy early Birthday!

  13. Sounds like an amazing week and happy early birthday. That cake looks absolutely delicious!

    xx 365hangers

  14. Happy early birthday! I am so excited that you are still losing weight and doing well with your exercise.

  15. Great week! And even if you gained the 2 pounds back you are still doing a stellar job!!!

  16. That dress is seriously adorable. Love it! A lady after my own heart, I love my cosmos too!

  17. Thanks so much for the shout out lady!! <3

  18. you look amazing as always lovely! sprints = enemy. haha. we don't get along, but they are worth it and important, right?! 62lbs is amazing, even if you did gain 2lbs - I gained 4lbs so I just cant win. It keeps going down and then back up again!


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