Weekend Recap and Friday 5 - All in 1!

April 3, 2014

Since I have yet to write about my long weekend that ensued, I thought now would be a good time. It's Little Friday and I need to catch up. Health and fitness posts are most important, so these silly life ones can wait, right?

My weekend started at noon on Friday. I went to my doctor for my B12 injection and weighed. (1) I lost 3 pounds last week. My total down since November 25th, 2013 is now 43.2 pounds. I am beyond thrilled. That is the best way I know to start a weekend. After that I went home to grab my suitcase, feed Marty, and go to Kelly's apartment. From there we made a pit stop at Trader Joe's for our necessities and hit the road. The picture below speaks volumes about Kels and I, and our priorities. Ha ha! We were driving 2 1/2 hours to Charleston, SC to spend a couple of nights with her grandmother. Kelly and I stopped being friends long ago; we're sisters now. Her family is my family. Stocked with our wine and snack bars we were ready for a dance party in the car and nonstop laughs. 

(2) The first part of the weekend was very fun in Charleston, SC. Friday evening was mellow; complete with a delicious dinner at Logan's Roadhouse, frozen yogurt, and lots of catching up and life talk. I have not had frozen yogurt in so long. my taste buds were going wild.

Kelly and I awoke Saturday morning to a hot, sunny day. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't. We made the best of it. We had a beautiful run through downtown and came back to her grandmother's house to do my Hot Mess Express workout in her driveway. It was hilarious. Her grandmother lives downtown, on a busy street so us working out outside was quite the show.

After our workout, we were drenched. It was warm in Charleston, but oh so muggy. It was a workout and sauna all in one. We took showers and got ready then spent the day shopping. What else is better? After shopping for a few hours, we worked up an appetite. We went downtown and had delicious, fresh pizza from a place called "Evo". We had a vegan pizza and a garlic and mushroom pizza. The ingredients were high quality, fresh, and the crust was gluten free. I love eating at restaurants that serve high quality food. 

After our early dinner we explored a little then went back to her grandmother's to freshen up. Our initial plan was to go see the movie "God's Not Dead". We went and waited in line only to find out it was sold out. We just decided to go to a wine bar called "Accents". It was such a fun place. We had a bottle Italian of champagne outside. 

Sunday morning we were on the road by 9 AM. I had a busy day as did Kelly. When we arrived back in Charlotte we forced ourselves to go to the gym. Our gym is right off of the interstate, so we had no excuse not to go. We kicked butt then went to lunch, then we went back to her apartment so I could get my car. I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking, cleaning, and getting ready.

(3) I thought Sunday evening was going to be one of the best nights I have had in a long time. I could not have been more wrong. I had been "talking" and was going out with a guy that I have known for years and even briefly dated years ago. We have been recently back in touch and things seemed to be amazing. He has grown up as have I, he is extremely into fitness, and he knew how to make me feel like I was the most incredible woman in the entire world. We have talked SO much and he was beginning the feel like my best friend. Y'all, it was disaster. He text on his phone literally the entire time, he was so hard to talk to, and I was beyond uncomfortable. It was nothing that I thought it would be. NOTHING. It gets worse and it ended up being an awful, awful night. Lies on top of lies and lets just say he apparently has a bad reputation with women. I was so disappointed. I was hurt by him, but I was more disappointed in myself. I have been single almost 6 months and took all that time to focus on myself with my career and weight loss journey, and honestly haven't given any men a chance. But I thought this guy was different. Wrong, Liz. WRONG. I am such a fool sometimes. 

But you know what, I at least looked damn good that night.

Sunday night I slept horrible. I can't pretend that I didn't. I was upset, angry, and hurt. Luckily, I was off Monday. I had already planned to take that day off for him. I decided to push myself and make the best of the sunny, warm, beautiful day. I went hiking -- my happy place. I walked fast, I walked hard, I didn't stop, and I felt extremely strong. There was not really anyone there which was wonderful. I sat on the edge of the mountain, cleared my mind, and talked to God. (4) I did 9 miles and climbed the mountain top to bottom in record time. 

I am very happy since I have made tremendous progress with my hiking. I feel myself getting strong everyday. But I can't lie, it's been a hard week. I have been very busy at work, which is great. I have been pushed hard at the gym, which is great, but I am tired. That emptiness kind of tired. Disappointment, in my opinion, hurts worse than anger or sadness sometimes. Night turns to day and life goes on. I am 24 years old and I am sure in my years to come I will have many more let downs. I am just a VERY careful, picky person when it comes to dating and when it blows up in my face, I feel like the biggest idiot in the world. There is not any use in speaking of this ever again but no one can make it better, so I am leaving it in my past.

(5) Thank goodness for a ton of sunshine and weather in 80's this week. I have enjoyed breaking out my spring clothes. I have also been able to rock my new wedges.

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  1. Being in nature can really be awesome medicine. Men suck, I'm pretty sure we've all been in a situation like that or similar (I know I have) so brush that ish off and keep being awesome.

    PS: I hate you for your weather right now. Yesterday afternoon was the first time I didn't need the heat on in my car.

  2. Sounds like a fun little getaway!!! We actually thought about getting married in Charleston, SC, I want to got there still!!!

    Better you find out now about that guy than later down the road....you're better off :)

  3. You're not a fool. It's his loss, acting that way. Focus on yourself and if someone else comes along that fits into that, well that's just a bonus.
    That weather looks amazing. British weather is no joke. It really is as crappy here as people say.

  4. sounds like a great weekend minus the bad date ugh. we've all been there, so it's definitely not just you! you're still young though and sounds like you know what you want in a guy so it's just a matter of time :) and that hike looks amazing! hope our weather stays nice so I can enjoy more time outdoors soon.

  5. There's so much I love about this post. I'm glad you had a good weekend over all. Your make up looks great in that close up picture; I wish I had blue eyes yours are beautiful. The views from your hiking trip look amazing. I love hiking and can't wait to start once the weather gets better here. And I love your wedges in that last picture. Do you remember where you got them? Have a great Thursday!

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend...you know...without the whole bad date thing. I am going to be honest. I have learned to just leave people of the past in the PAST. There is a reason that they didn't work out and it is probably best to leave it alone. You looked hot, his loss!

    PS - That pizza looks amazing and now I am freaking starving!

  7. so glad you had a great weekend! and try not to worry about the bad date....its just a matter of time before you find "the one"

  8. When your past calls, don't answer. It has nothing new to say.

    Great job on your day off hike!

  9. Ugh... sorry your date sucked so bad! But you DID look damn fine! :D

  10. Hiking is the best place to work out all the frustration. Sorry it was such a bad date but that speaks volumes on him not on you! At least you looked good and showed him what he won't have!

  11. Looks like we have similar road trip priorities! Sorry about your bad date but you looked AWESOME!

  12. people who do that (text/look at their phone while out with company) are straight up rude bitches. i HATE that so much! so be glad that you found out now instead of later. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT!!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  13. Baby girl, you aren't lame! You are amazing, and it's that assholes loss. Love youuuuu

  14. Dang, you killed it on that hike! So sorry about your date, but chin up, at least you didn't waste any more time on him than just the one date! Xoxo.

  15. Sounds like an awesome weekend except for that date, yikes. You totally aren't lame, he definitely lost out.

  16. That hiiike! That piiizza!!!

    xx MaDonna

  17. That pizza looks really good glad you had a great workout


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