Why My Mom Should Not Have Facebook; (part 2)

August 28, 2013

Well my friends, it is time for Why My Mom Should Not Have Facebook; part 2. I did part 1 in June so if you have not had a chance to her prior antics, you can do so here. She is such a weirdo.

I accidentally bought some sex vitamins at GNC. My mom wanted them.

She is not a fan of "Honey Boo Boo". I deliberately replied to her posting that picture on my wall (she feels the need to share 8382 pictures with me everyday on Facebook) with a boo boo comment because she hates them.

She thinks I could be a stripper.

and that my cat is a drunk.

and that you can die from eating mushrooms.

Hope y'all enjoyed. I love my mom more than life and we have the craziest relationship. She lets me be the foul mouthed wild child that I am, and I owe her my life for letting me be that way.


  1. my mom is like, from the caveman era..she has no idea about technology, can't even work the vacuum properly and thinks I'm the internet haha!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. haha this was awesome!! I'll never forget the day my mom joined Facebook. I took a screenshot of it and texted her the photo and said "my life is over" I eventually let her be my friend and now she cyber stalks me!

  3. lol thats hilarious! My mom is on but still doesnt use it correct

  4. my oh my. The vitamins one was definitely the best!

  5. So so funny! And I definitely love the cat in the pot :)

  6. LOL. Mothers and Facebook do NOT pair well.

  7. What a great post! You are adorable :) Have an awesome day


  8. I want to be friends with your mom.

  9. I LOVE this! Your Mom is hilarious! The cat picture is so funny! Was he really asleep?

  10. LOL she is a trip! I love reading her comments too funny!!!

  11. What a great post!! Have a fabulous Thursday!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  12. haha love it! luckily my parents don't have facebook (or even the internet) so i get to avoid these fun encounters ha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  13. My mom is banned from FB by her children. She is an avid tweeter, and she comments on my blog daily and people get a huge kick out of her. She's quite eccentric.

  14. Hahah the stripper part was the best! I think all moms are that way! Love it :)

  15. This post had me laughing out loud!! I even had to show my husband because he was wondering what I was laughing at!! Haha :)

  16. This is EXACTLY why I blocked my father as soon as I found out he had a Facebook. I'm not an a-hole! I love him to death but bless his heart, he is clueless.
    I would not put it past him to post embarrassing pics of me or to announce himself with every post the way he does on my voicemail - "Carrie it's your father..."

    Seriously I just had to explain to him for the 20th time that email addresses are not case sensitive.
    He was under the impression that if I didn't capitalize the first letter of his email address it would go to someone else...

    I just can't... hahaha


  17. At least what your mom posts makes sense... I mean it may be ridiculous haha but it makes sense.
    My dad posts the most nonsensical shit ever.
    Case in point: Tagged in a picture with a group of friends & our dogs. My dog (Parker) is on my lap. There is no caption. Everyone tagged is a human. He posts "You forgot Parker."
    hahahaha Thank you for this post!


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