It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday!

August 30, 2013

Can I get a a HELL YES for Friday, the beach, and a long weekend?!

I am hyper and all over the place today so in honor of H54F and 5 on a Friday, here are 5 things I want to share with you about my week.

1.) C O U P O N S.
 Buying groceries pisses me off. Can you fathom how much money we could save if we didn't eat? It would be a lot. Grocery expenses eating healthy and living with a bodybuilder can break the bank. So I am diving in the world of coupons. I'm buying a minivan next week as well. I hope I can keep with it. So far I have done pretty good. But it has only been a week, ha. I am checking Harris Teeter's website for their sales, matching the sales with coupons, and then of course buying whatever I can at Aldi.

Regular: $53. I bought: $37

2.) THE B A T M O B I L E
Marq's tricked out Transformer's edition camaro. Just when I think the car looks great, he goes and adds/changes something. I am proud though, it looks badass. But ladies let me tell y'all; this man will get on one knee to tell me he wants to spend the rest of life with me, but will not let me drive his car. Is that logic or what? But that's OK, I plan on drugging him soon so I can take it for a spin.

Mine and Marq's relationship is kind of opposite sometimes than your traditional ones. First, our age difference, then he is the one in the kitchen and I am the one working. Ha ha ha. Since Marq is an entrepreneur he has people work for him. He of course helps, but not full time. And me, well I am your 8-5 girl. I like it though, I would go crazy not working. So he send me these texts with our healthy food prepared for the beach this weekend. Even with no air. (It's fixed now, $650 later. FML) Great job baby, what a trooper!

4.)  S U R P R I S E
Marquis sent me the below email Wednesday night as he was leaving the gym. It was notification that a laptop had shipped. He bought me a new computer after I told him about me starting my dream of writing. I absolutely cannot believe it. I have been using one of my office's old-as-dirt laptop's so he decided to get me one. And it's RED, my favorite color. Too. Effing. Awesome.

5.) D R A N K
We are off to the beach tomorrow and will be back Tuesday. Labor day is bittersweet. Our last hoorah before summer ends. When we get back, Marquis has to be on show prep full time so it will be clean eats, rigorous work outs, and early bed times for 7 weeks. I play along with him so he doesn't have to endure the pain alone. But I will ensure our last summer beach trip goes out with a bang...

Oh yes. I'm ready.

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  1. Goodness all at liquor looks like a bitch of a hangover the next day! have fun!

  2. Enjoy your beach weekend!
    Check out SouthernSavers.com There are coupon match-ups for HT and all of the sales.

  3. I LOVE the camaro!!!! (and Transformers haha) How sweet is he?! Buying you a brand new laptop?! That's love!!! ♥ have a great long weekend xo

  4. I love aldi!!

    That alcohol makes me head hurt lol ;)

    have a fabulous weekend gf

  5. Have such a fun beach weekend! Marq sounds like an amazing guy, despite the fact he wont let you drive his car (men with their toys lol). Also, I am so excited and super jealous about your new lap top! That is going to make your writing so much easier! Have a great weekend!

  6. Your man is so sweet!! You are very lucky! (and his car is so badass!) Have fun this weekend at the beach!! :)

  7. Have so much fun at the beach! I love that he got you a computer - what a sweet gift!

  8. Have fun, girl!!! Can't wait to see the weekend recap. Also, I love your new blog layout. Looks amazing! xo

  9. My mother-in-law has a black Camaro too but she doesn't have the SS. My hubby often borrows it and goes a million miles an hour in it, haha. Have fun at the beach this weekend!

    The Tiny Heart
    So Kate Giveaway!

  10. AMAZING car!!! I would totally drug him and take it for a spin too lol.... Have fun this weekend :)

  11. I am a couponer too, takes a little time but so worth it! Yay for a new laptop, so sweet of him! Have an amazing time at the beach ;)

  12. Oh my... I LOATHE the grocery & all things related to the grocery! Looks like you are about to have a ton of fun this weekend lady! ENJOY!!!

  13. He is too sweet of a guy!

    Agreed about the groceries; if Aldi wasn't around I do not know if I would be able to afford to live! :)

  14. A man that cooks is the best kind to have! Even better when he is prepping healthy meals! Happy weekend girl!

  15. He cooks and buys you laptops. Now that man is a catch! Have fun and let me know how that drugging goes.

  16. You and me both with those coupons! I'm all about saving! :)
    That man of yours sounds like a keeper :)

  17. I keep watching to clock, I'm ready to head to the beach as well! Also target has coupons on their website that you can use, everything from clothes to food!

  18. I'm starting couponing too. It's a lot more work than I thought it was! Have a fun weekend at the beach. :)

  19. Looks like you're going to have a fun holiday weekend! And enjoy your new laptop, at the rate I go with technology (my last two laptops have only lasted 3 years) I will probably be shopping for a new one soon too! :)

  20. Looks like you're going to have a fun holiday weekend! And enjoy your new laptop, at the rate I go with technology (my last two laptops have only lasted 3 years) I will probably be shopping for a new one soon too! :)

  21. I wish I was able to coupon, totally jealous!!

  22. I'm a couponing dunce, and I am way impressed by people who use them well. Nicely done.

    Love the car. And have fun with the new computer! That's super sweet.

  23. Hey babydoll. I tried to coupon my heart away but wasn't too cut out for it. I mean I use them if I ever go somewhere other than Aldi but yeah I really don't do that anymore. HA! Your liquor stash looks good except for the deer blood cough medicine (vomit in mouth). Yay for new computers, that's pretty fun. Hope your time away is awesome sauce. xx-Brownie

  24. Thats so sweet! I love red as well what a nice laptop :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours and have followed!

  25. how sweet of him to buy you a new laptop!!!! have a great beach day :)

    Vodka and Soda

  26. Hope you have fun at the beach! What a great guy to get you a new laptop!

  27. hope you are having a blast at the beach! and i need to start couponing! I got on the healthy eating program (finally!!) about five months ago and it is soooo expensive. worth it but expensive.

  28. Go girl!! I hope you are enjoying your vacation!! You deserve it!!! & i love the car & congrats on the new computer!! I wanna see pictures when you get it!!

    Ps. I got a new URL & i got my ads set up through adproval so make sure you get a spot!! I want you on my side bar :)


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