My Simple, Fall Weekend Recap

October 5, 2014

My weekend was so nice. It was not very eventful though. It was quiet, but I got some great rest and I felt super productive. As I am getting older, I cherish weekends like that, ha! 

Friday after work, I went to the gym for 45 minutes of cardio on the Elliptical and an upper body weight circuit. Since I boxed on Thursday evening and my pushed myself extremely hard, I felt just as motivated Friday. I lifted very, very heavy -- heavier than I have in a while. 

After my awesome workout, I came home to shower and get ready. I then met Alexis and her husband Daniel at our favorite local spot; Cantina 1511. We had our favorite strawberry Margarita's and dinner. I had so much fun -- we three always do! Tons of laughs and good food and drink is my favorite way to start the weekend.
Saturday morning I woke up more sore than I have been in a long time, which was a great feeling. Because of what I have been going through over the past month, my weight loss has been a little stagnant and I have not been pushing myself to the "limit" like I normally love to do. I busted through that though and my body paid the price. Though I was up early since I slept great Friday night, I was really lazy through the early afternoon.

I did rent a good documentary on demand called "Fed Up". It was utterly disturbing, sad, but a must see. It revealed how the biggest food companies in United States effect the "truth" as we know it about health and nutrition. I don't know about you guys, but to me, it is disheartening knowing that companies like Coke and Lays fund a LOT of university research, federal organizations, and politicians. The documentary also focused on the effects that sugar has on the brain (which is similar to cocaine), and childhood obesity. 

Later on in the evening I finally got a burst of energy so I did a little food prep, laundry, then completely cleaned out my closet. The weather has been so nice this weekend and a bit chilly. I think fall is here to stay, thus I decided to pull out my warmer clothes and put up the summer ones. Doing that gave me the inspiration to clean and organize my closet. 

The fun did not stop there though, ha. Afterwards I cleaned out the big cabinet below my bathroom sink, which looked like train wreck. I am constantly getting my hair tools and makeup out of there so it was a mess. The before and after clearly shows that!
Today I caught an early showing of "Gone Girl". I was so excited to see it and it was even better than I thought it was going to be. It was such a freaking good movie; lots of twists and turns with great acting. It is a must see and now I want to read the book. Usually when I go to the movies, I indulge in the "Kids Pack" popcorn/gummy bear/soda combination, but I am trying to be better, so I resisted and brought my water and Quest Bar. Ugh, the struggles... but at least my protein bar is delicious.
Once the movie was over, I knew I had to go outside and take advantage of the beautiful afternoon so I went for an hour jog/walk on the greenway behind my apartment. 

I am not as sore, so I had a really good jog. When I finished I took a shower, ate an early dinner, then finished the rest my food prep for the week. 

Now it's time for my Sunday night shows and I am super happy that Bar Rescue is back tonight. I hope you guys had a great weekend that fall is headed y'alls way!


  1. sounds like an awesome weekend!! Glad you got to relax and be productive this weekend!!!
    Love youuuuu

  2. Looks like a pretty good weekend! Which headphones do you use when you workout?

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!! I'm so happy that Fall is here!! This weather has been perfect!! I can't wait to check out that documentary!! I would like to know too👆👆 which headphones do you use?

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I read Gone Girl's book, so I'm excited to see the movie! However, being in Japan, I won't be able to see it until I get home ha. I feel you about those struggles haha

  5. I think I got 1/8th of my to do list done this weekend. I ended up on an impromptu hiking trip with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. It was awesome, but it showed me how out of shape I got this summer. I’m so sore and need to get it into gear again!
    Also I know what you mean about those documentaries’s really getting to you. I have a mild addiction to them.

  6. Yay for a good weekend! I'm absolutely DYING to see Gone Girl. The book is utterly amazing :)

  7. I read Gone Girl on the weekend and now I want to see the movie, even though the book kind of annoyed me a tad bit. I normally eat junk and drink soda when I go to the movies, so I have been avoiding them lol

  8. i don't even go near the snack stand when i go to the movies! although i do eat some popcorn because it's the movies :) no pop though; i can't even stand drinking it because it's way too sweet!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. I saw Gone Girl on Saturday and really enjoyed it! Though I had no idea it was a book until the movie was over and my friend mentioned it haha. I've been battling a really bad shoulder pain for the last 2+ months so my workouts have taken a real hit. Every time I try to get back into my routine, my shoulder just ends up hurting more. It's a real drag!!

  10. I love relaxed and productive weekends like that too! I always feel so much more ready for the week!

  11. Your food for the week looks yummy! I have been wanting to see Gone Girl. I'm trying to read the book first though so I will probably catch the movie when it comes out on Blue-ray. I haven't seen Fed-up but it amazes me all the junk they put in food. And how addictive sugar and even artificial sugars can be.

  12. Gone Girl (the book) is so good!

  13. Great weekend! I can't wait to see Gone Girl.

  14. I heard the movie had a different ending from the book. Glad the movie was still good. It's awesome that you have a place to run and jog so close to home.

  15. Sounds like you had a great weekend! And look at you being all strong and skipping the popcorn...no easy task! I have Gone Girl on my list to read and I wont see the movie til I read the book, so I am glad everyone is liking it!

  16. Bar Rescue! I haven't seen that in ages and I don't know why disgusting bars are so intriguing. Maybe it is because of the transformation. I did a movie review on Fed Up, I am glad you had a chance to watch it! I have been seeing bloggers write about Gone Girl so maybe I need to check it out.

    I always love the scenery where you live, it is pretty. I'm not really a margarita person but that strawberry rita looks delish.

  17. Looks like a great weekend! I love your ambition girl!

  18. Sounds like a good weekend! I keep hearing about Gone Girl everywhere! I want to read it before I watch the movie! Can you believe I still haven't tried Quest Bars? I think I'm like the only one. Haha And I seen your pretty little face on their instagram the other day! Go girl!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  19. Looks like you had a great weekend!
    I just watched Fed Up a few weeks ago, coincidently after starting a 30 day no sugar (and a bunch of other things) diet, and was so thankful I had. It's crazy to see how much politics plays into the food we eat, and how much sugar is in foods we would never expect them to be in.

  20. Wow you are so organised with your food prep! The strawberry Margarita's look amazing! Looks like a great weekend. I am hoping to get to the cinema soon to catch Gone Girl. I did love the book x

  21. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! I'm going to see Gone Girl on Friday and can't wait!


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