Weekend Recap: Blissful for No Reason

August 18, 2014

This weekend was simply wonderful. However, there was nothing magnificent that happened... and I did my own thing mostly; but I really, really enjoyed myself. 

Friday I worked a half day then took off to Greensboro, NC to take care of my grandmother who is recovering from a brutal neck surgery. My Papa is still recovering from a double leg break in March, and even though he is a LOT better, they still needed help around the house. They are my anchors, so I take advantage of any excuse to go to stay with them. 

When I arrived to Greensboro, I ran a couple of errands for my grandmother; picked up medicines and a neck pad, picked up her favorite magazine "Marie Claire", and a couple of Redbox movies. I wanted to do anything to try and lift her spirits. She is super active just like I am, so being down was not fun for her. 
Once I arrived to their house, I cleaned up and some organizing. Then my Papa and I made steaks vegetables on the grill. We always grill out when I come up, it's one of my favorite things to do with them. 
I must have been more tired than I thought; because after dinner, I spent time with my grandma then I was asleep by 10 PM. That is unheard of for me on the weekends. 

Saturday morning I was up really early getting the rest of the cleaning done. As I was about to leave to drive back to Charlotte, my grandma called me into her bedroom and surprised me with the cutest new purse. She said she saw it at DSW before her surgery and thought I would love it. She knows me so well; black and white purses are my favorite!
I arrived back to Charlotte around 1 PM. I was so fatigued from the long drive and waking up early to clean, that I did not feel like working out. I decided to do laundry and clean my apartment instead. 

Once I got that out of the way, I had a burst of energy. However, I did not want to go out to dinner or drinking, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I realized that I had a ton of errands I needed to get out of the way, and decided to take a shower and get ready, and make an evening of it.

Little did I know just how fun an evening of running errands could be, ha.

My first stop was Starbucks. I was craving my favorite blackberry tea. When I drove up to the window, the Barista was being so flirty -- I don't know even if he was 18 yet! I then went to pay for my drink, but he handed my debit card back to me and told me it was on the house. I never get hit on, so I thought it was super cute. I will be a cougar in no time!

After Starbucks I ran by Kohls and PetSmart. Then I picked up a sweet treat at my favorite cupcake place in the world; SAS. Look at all of the options they have! I chose the Neapolitan one. It was really good, but too much icing. I am opposite from a lot of people: my favorite part of a cupcake is the bread. Icing makes me nauseous. 
After I picked up my treat, I went to Target then Ulta. "Sexy Hair" products were on sale for buy 1 get 1 free, I had a coupon for a free Calvin Klein mascara, and then another coupon for $3.50 off my total purchase. Yep, just being a diva on a budget. 

As I walk up to the check out counter, I noticed one of my old co-workers from Urban Active Fitness was working at the register. When it was my turn, I was walked up to him and said "Hey stranger!". He blankly stared at me for a second, then realized who I was. He did not even recognize me because he said I looked so different. I have not seen him in a LONG time and he could not believe how much weight I have lost. It was one of the best feelings in the world. He then me gave me all kinds of free samples with my purchase. My night was officially made.
After I left Ulta, I ran into the grocery store. As I was walking out, a man rolled down the window in his jeep and complimented my wedge heels. I could not believe what all was happening, but damn it was great! At that point, I wished I had more errands to run so hopefully this positivity would keep coming, ha! But it was late and I was tired, so I went home. 
Sunday I was well rested and ready to hike. I took off to the mountains and had 10 miles on my agenda. It was very hot, but I like it that way. I like sweating out toxins and water weight. I felt "hulk" like strength when I started, and power walked almost the entire time. I was even making better time than when I interval train with jogging. However, the last quarter mile leading up the mountain started to kick my butt. I was hurting bad. Then after that quarter mile, I had another quarter mile of 350 steps that lead to the very top. I thought I was going to die at this point; my side was hurting and my heart was beating out of my chest. I did not stop, I put one foot in front of the other, and I made it!
Once I finished my hike, I drove home so I could clean up and get ready for church. It was part 5 and the last week of the series #DeathToSelfie. As usual, it was food for soul. I think this sermon was probably the one I needed most. The topic was about something I always try to live by: turning pain into strength, sorrow into happiness. You can call something like it is... but how easy is that? Call it what you want it to be and make it change. 
After church, I excitedly drove to the movies to see "The Giver". I am so happy this book was turned into a movie. To make it even better, I gained enough points for a free movie ticket! "The Giver" was a wonderful movie; but it needed to be a lot longer than it was. There were so many details left out, and it felt kind of rushed. I did learn though, that they are making more of them, so it should workout. It is definitely worth seeing though. The message in it is beautiful. 
Today is my last Monday off for "summer hours". I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3-day weekends. I slept in, food prepped, lifted weights, and now it's time catch up on blogs and get some writing done. 


  1. Woo hoo for all the compliments, LOVE that! I'm the same way, I usually scrape the icing off too. Glad you had a good weekend friend :)

  2. OOooh! How exciting that your errands turned into a positivity FLOOD! So well deserved!

    And, I think you are so great, going and taking care of your grandma and grandpa... Family is SO important.

    Your hikes look amazing. I really need to get one in sometime soon. Maybe we'll do a sunset hike as a family. Emry is just big enough for us to do the really hard trails with him!

  3. ok, this has got to be one of the best weekend recaps~ i'm so glad it was amazing for you! i think you are the only person i know besides myself who likes the cake part of cupcakes too. i HATE icing

  4. Man, look at all those samples!!!! I need a hook up like that! I just bought the UD misting spray and used it for the first time today. I think I love it! They're Real is a great one too! Look at you racking up!

    Give me your icing! Yum!

    Looks like a great weekend girl!

  5. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Nothing makes me happier than beauty samples!

  6. Sounds like the universe was trying to send you LOTS of positive love!!!

  7. Damn girl, I'm jealous of all your freebies!! (Even if you don't deserve them since you don't like frosting... freak.) ;P

  8. Feeling blissful for no reason is one of the best things ever! You don't need a REASON to be happy. Just feeling happy is good enough!

    --Linda @ http://thefitty.com

  9. Look at you getting compliments everywhere you go, and score on the free samples. Your Grandmother has great taste, such a cute purse. Those hiking pictures get me every time.

  10. looks like someone had a good weekend. looking stunning as always!!! damn cupcakes. I want one now!!!! lol

  11. You had such a productive weekend! And you have a heart of gold helping your grandparents out! And uh duh that guy would hit on you because you're hot girl!! ;)

  12. I had a day like that at the gym the other day...I got a compliment on my workout shirt in the bathroom and a little later got a comment on my tennis shoes. Simple comments but they made my day!

  13. Sounds like fun! I also made went to Target and Ulta this weekend. I can't wait to see The Giver. Loved the book!

  14. You look great as usual girlie :) Looks like a fun weekend, but Im yet to see an un-fun weekend from you! They always look like such a blast!

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  16. Looks like a great weekend! Good for you! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  17. Oh girl i wished we lived closer to each other because I have like zero friends that like going hiking with me.

  18. Girl I hate too much icing on cupcakes too. My bf picks on me and says I might as well just have a muffin since I always scrape off the icing lol. I'm glad you had such an amazing weekend!

  19. Loving all those samples you got, and those cupcakes look delicious. I might have said it before but your grandmother has great taste, what a cute bag!!

  20. I love 3 day weekends. I've been wanting to try the Urban decay Makeup setting spray. Is that the benefit they're real mascara or liner? I would love to know how you like it. I want to see the Giver. I think I read the book a long time ago but I don't really remember the whole premise. I need to read the book again and see the movie. It looks really good! haha I usually get hit on by younger guys too.

  21. You always have the most wonderful weekends!

  22. oh em gee that bag is GORGEOUS! love. cupcakes now please. yum! Icing makes you nauseous? girl you cray. give it all to meeee!


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