The Blonde Behind The Blog: 20 Facts

August 22, 2014

We have made it to another Friday, and as usual, I am more than happy to see it. I have had a "serious" couple of days on my blog so I want to keep it fun today, link up with my ladies, and write another "getting to know you" post. This is the second in my "series". The first can be read here: a list of current favorites. 

Before I begin, I want to say thank you for all of the comments and emails from Wednesday's post: "You are so pretty... for someone of your size". Writing that was really hard. I have been so damn ashamed of my body my entire life; and it was not until a couple of months ago that I finally fell in love with my curves and muscles and developed a healthy confidence within myself. I hope together, we can spread the message of embracing our flaws, uniqueness, and genetic makeup. Plus show the world that health and fitness come in many, many shapes and sizes, and we, especially as women, follow no standards or expectations except of our own. Two of my dear blogging friends Tricia and Rebecca shared their personal experiences and struggles as well. I am so proud of their courage and very lucky to be surrounded by such strong and amazing women. 

1.) I was born exactly 2 months early. I weighed 3.8 pounds. My mom was deathly ill with pneumonia and toxemia. Her doctor had to do an immediate c-section to save our lives. Because of this, a lot of my nerves were not properly developed. This caused me to have ADHD and severe night terrors. I still have night terrors sporadically. It has only been about 4 years since I stopped having them on a nightly basis. 

2.) I am related to two former United States Presidents. William Henry Harrison is my great, great, great Uncle. I am obviously related to his son, Benjamin Harrison, who was also a President.

3.) I have the skull from the movie "The Punisher" tattooed on the middle of my upper body. Above the skull is the word "Broken", which is my favorite song of all time by the band "Seether". "Broken" also happened to be the theme song of the 2004 Punisher movie with Thomas Jane. That is one of my favorite movies. My tattoo represents the pain and struggles of my childhood. I am also a huge, huge Marvel Comic fan and nerd.
4.) This may be hard to believe in blog land, but I have never eaten at Chipotle. I have also never seen an episode of "The Price is Right". How weird, huh? 

5.) My mom never made me sandwiches when I was a toddler because any time she did, I would cram them in the VCR player. (I have no idea).

6.) My dream career besides writing is to be a Forensic Psychologist. It was my major in college and I wish so deeply that I could have finished and received the required advanced degrees. However, I ran out of money and refused to take out loans. Additionally the course work was becoming too difficult to bare as I also worked full time at a minimum wage job 45 minutes from my home. Plus I helped take care of my mom and our home. If I am ever able to make a lot of money on my own, the number 1 item on my bucket list will be to get my PhD in Forensic Psychology and work in a jail and on trials. It still hurts to think about this. 

7.) Speaking of writing: if you read my blog, you know I am writing my first book! My love and passion for writing has been with me since I was a child. When I was 6, I wrote this book. Then when I was 14, I wrote the below "book" -- all for fun. It is called "Quest"; I can't believe I still have the notebook I wrote it in! 
8.) My Abnormal Psychology professor in school dated my grandmother when I was a baby. He announced to the class once that he used to change my diaper, ha ha!

9.) I have been in one car accident. It was November of 2009. I was driving home from the gym. The road I lived on was very, very curvy. The city was repaving the road and the new pavement was extremely slick. However there was no signs indicating this or to warn people to drive at a slower speed. My tires slid on one of the curves which caused me to veer off of the road. My car flipped twice down a hill and landed upside down about 6 feet away from a lake. My doors were crushed so I was unable to get out. By the grace of God, a Deputy Sheriff was driving by, saw my car, and rushed down to help me. He cracked my window and was able to pull me out. I walked away without a scratch. I only wrecked about 6 houses down from where I live so the Deputy Sheriff called my mom to tell her what happened while the EMS checked me out to make sure I was OK. When my mom walked up to the scene and saw my car upside down, she thought without a doubt that I was dead. That moment caused her to have an extremely bad MS flare up an sent HER to the hospital and she was out of work for a week. 

10.) I was obsessed with Britney Spears when I was a child. Hell, I still love love her, but her music disappoints me so much now. Anyways, I wrote fan letters to her all of the time, posters of her were all over my bedroom walls, I would play her CD's constantly in my room and pretend I was her putting on a concert. I would pretend that she was my best friend. Any time a new album of hers came out, I would beg and plead to my parents to take me to WalMart the day it was released so I could get a copy before school started. WalMart opened at 7 AM at the time and I would always make my parents get there at 6:45 (just to be safe, ha). I also had a VHS of Britney called "Time Out with Britney Spears". I watched it so much that the actual tape part of the video ripped and fell apart. 

11.) In 2009 I had bright red hair. It was hands down my favorite look! If my hair could permanently stay that color red without fading so drastically, I would never be blonde again.
12.) I have never bought a lottery ticket or played one.

13.) I consider myself a brave person and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. However, I have two fears that literally tear me up. One is flying in an airplane over the ocean. I am fine flying in an airplane over land; but the ocean? No way. It makes me shake, tremble, cry and I am convinced the plane will crash. My second big fear is death-- knowing that one day I have to die. I have had panic attacks in bed thinking about it sometimes. They both are so odd, I know.

14.) I hate seafood; all of it. Shrimp, tuna... there are no exceptions. I hate the way all fish look. I hate the way they smell. I hate the way they taste. I hate everything about fish. Gross!

15.) I am left-handed. 

16.) When I was a freshman in high school, my dog got sprayed by a skunk. The smell was so bad, that it migrated into my clothes and backpack for school. That day, I was sent home from because the smell was disrupting my class, ha!

17.) One day at the gym, I sneezed so hard on the elliptical that I fell off of it in front of everybody. It was so freaking embarrassing! 

18.) I love pretending I am a "model" and taking weird and "artsy" type photos then playing with exposure and contrast. Pictures make me come alive; I feel creative and free.
19.) You guys know the love of my life Marty, right? Well, my friend gave him to me in August of 2008 because he was moving in with his mother in New York and could not take him because she is allergic to cats. He did know anyone else in North Carolina and did not want to take him to a pound. Of course I said I would take him. I had been around Marty for 2 years at this point. However, my mom said no. I took him anyways and hid him in my closet sneaking food and purchased him a litter box. One night my mom heard him meowing and asked what was going on in my room. I told her I was watching a movie but she knew otherwise. She demanded to search my room, found him, and fell in love. Luckily I did not get in trouble.

20.) I am actually ALLERGIC to alcohol! I never get drunk and when I do drink, my limit is two - if even that. I develop really bad mucus in my throat and lungs and have trouble breathing. This is due to my body not having the proper enzymes to break down (metabolize) toxins in alcohol.


  1. Sweet Tattoo, I had no idea! I Have never eaten at Chipotle either. I have probably written a like 10 full books in my lifetime, I have since gotten rid of most of them, because at 10 they were really very good, but a lot of the story lines are still swimming around in my head. I don't know if we can be friends after the fish thing. Seafood is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world. I LOVE IT. I'm sorry to hear about your allergy to alcohol. My fiance is actually allergic as well, his symptoms however aren't that bad, a runny nose and his entire face and neck turns red after one sip. I find it adorable, he does not. lol I love these kinds of posts.

  2. -OMG I can't believe you had red hair! But it looked AMAZING! Not to say you don't look amazing with blonde hair 'cause I feel like that's your signature! <3 Dang red and it always fading!

    -I love taking model type pictures too. Ain't nothing wrong with being creative and also feeling like a BOSS for looking flawless. You go girl!

    -I feel like Marty was MEANT for you. I believe that a lot with animals. And whenever I see your pictures of him, it just feels like he was a perfect fit for you and vice versa. So glad he was able to get a loving home!

    I loved this post!

  3. aww you were a premie? Im so glad you and your mum survived that and look at you now!! You are a fighter from birth girlie and thats wicked cool. Love the tattoo! I hated Britney growing up and then I loved her and now Im indifferent. haha

  4. ahhhhhhhh we might be twinsies!!! My all-time favorite song is Broken by Seether & Amy-lee, too!!!
    I was a Psychology major in college as well and really wanted to go into forensic psychology too, but didn't!!!
    annnnnd I HATE, HATE, HATE seafood too!! grosssssssss

    PS-I love the red hair as well! You're awesome!!! :)

  5. Love this! The sandwich in the VCR though, that's hilarious!

  6. No idea you had that tat and look at you rockin the red hair hottie! I'm left handed too!

  7. I love The Punisher! Girl, try Chipotle, it's seriously so good. I am so so glad I am not the only one completely freaked out by fish and seafood... Cracked up at you sticking sandwiches in the VCR!

  8. Ah - a fellow tattoo'd sister! I love what your tattoo means to you.
    (Oh - I'm a leftie too)

    I too have done the RED RED hair thing - and also, if it didn't take SO much upkeep, I would have it too.

    And, you should be a model - you are SO beautiful.

    Happy Friday!

  9. Love love the red hair on you. I've never had chipotle either. Great post girlie.

  10. i love you. The red hair looks amazing!!

    and twins yet again.. I would love to be an forensic psychologist too.. It's all so interesting, instead I got my degree in Human Development and don't use it..

    ps. your comment on my blog, you were set to no reply :( Have a great weekend darling!!

  11. I too have never had Chipotle. I'm loving that bottom right selfie! So pretty! Cracking up at sandwiches in the VCR! haha
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  12. You've been a fighter from the first!

    Red hair is hard to sustain. I love how that looks on you!

  13. Love learning new things about you. I haven't had Chipotle either! I am a leftie. Love the meaning behind the tattoo. Wow a horrific accident but glad you made it out okay. I actually was going to college to go into Forensics before switching my major.

  14. So cool you are writing a book! And wow - 2 months early! You must be a survivor for sure :) I have a similar post up on my blog today too!


  15. so scary about the car accident! and I'm dying laughing over here thinking of baby Liz cramming sandwiches in the VCR

  16. I always love facts about people :)
    I never at Chiptole either & didn't even know we had one remotely close until I drove by it the other day - granted its still 50 minutes from my house :) haha
    I love the red hair!

  17. Look at you fighting since day one!

    LOL @ cramming sandwiches in the VCR!!! When I was little, my mom gave me Fred Flintstones vitamins. I only like one color and would shove any other ones in our radiator. (We had an old house.) One day my dad announced he was going to clean it because our heat wasn't working right. I went and hid upstairs in my room....boy did I get my ass beat! I tried to say I didn't know how they got in there. Whoops!

    You look good with all the hair colors I have seen you with! And I love hearing about other peoples tattoos and what they mean to them.

  18. You look STUNNING with red hair! Don't get me wrong, you're a hot blonde... but that red hair... fucking sexy!!!! Not many people can pull that off and you do!

  19. The red hair is fabulous! Like Arielle from The Little Mermaid.

    I have eaten at Chipotle once and I found it overrated. I have not been back since.

    Seether is AWESOME and now that song is stuck in my head. I love the story behind your tattoo. I have zero but I love to hear about other people's.

    Hating seafood is wrong. Just wrong.

  20. OMG YOU ARE LEFTIE!! ME TOOOO!!! P.S. - I like the blonde hair over the red, but I am not too big on out of the ordinary hair color LOL that being said, you did look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid and after seeing that picture you totally rock the red.

  21. I love your tattoo and your red hair is absolutely stunning. I had my hair that color too at one time and loved it as well. I'm thinking I might have to go back to it for a drastic change. So cute how you ended up with Marty.

  22. I love this!!! I normally do an All About Me Friday post too - this is just perfect - I need to get back on my own bandwagon on it, I have missed doing it.

    Your books remind me of mine. I have two that are still in my chest up in the attic in a notebook like yours.

    I love the bright red hair on you as well, so pretty and bold.

  23. I can't believe that you have never seen The Price is Right hehe

  24. I love these kind of posts!!! I love that tattoo and you look rocking w red hair

  25. This is fun! Allergic to alcohol!? That's terrible!!!! How cool that you are related to two presidents! And hilarious about the sandwiches in the VCR! :)

  26. I used to love.. well still do... Britney too. I was such a huge Nsync fan and Britney was right there on my list. I too have been disappointed by her new stuff lately but I still buy it because I still love her music. And I hate seafood too. Every single piece pf it grosses me out. I can never understand how people can eat it.


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