A Good Hair Day Means I Can Take On The World

August 26, 2014

My readers and fellow blog friends know I love all things hair and cosmetics. One of my favorite topics to write about besides health and fitness is about my newest and latest hair and cosmetic finds, plus tips and tricks I learn along the way. I also love to read about what you guys find and use. When the opportunity arose for me to receive and review Head and Shoulders Green Apple shampoo and conditioner, I had to jump on it. 

My natural hair is a lot like my spirit: wild, unruly, and is going to do whatever the heck it wants, no matter what you do to it. It is also very thick. Thus sometimes I have had a hard time finding the best brands of shampoo and conditioner that work well with my hair. I was pleasantly surprised by Head and Shoulders, as I had never used this brand of products before. First, the smell. The absolutely amazing, delicious smell. It is natural with just enough fruit infused into it without an overly fake scent. Head and Shoulders Fresh Scent Technology is a breakthrough approach to enhance the shower experience; we are talking going from “good morning” to “good morning beautiful”. This is done by combining proprietary scalp technology and proven hair benefits with an amazing, water activated fragrance boost. 

The best part? It really is a good quality product. My hair felt silky, smooth, volumized, and it is reassuring to know that I can fight dandruff with this number one dermatology recommended brand. My hair is coarse and begs for conditioner every time I wash it. Unlike ordinary conditioners that can wash away up to 70% of scalp care ingredients deposited on the scalp; Head and Shoulders conditioners contain 0.5% pyrithione (ZPT) to help maintain and embrace scalp protection. When used in conjunction with Head and Shoulders shampoos, the conditioners maximize the coverage of the scalp-protecting ingredient ZPT on the scalp and are more effective than using Head and Shoulders shampoos alone.

I know you are rushing out of the door right now to get your own bottles of the Head and Shoulder's fresh scent collection, but before you do, I have something awesome to tell you about:

Head & Shoulders has been part of the Vergara family for over 20 years because of the product's surprising benefits. Now's your chance to meet Sofia Vergara and become #PartOfOurFamily.

To enter the #PartOfOurFamily sweepstakes, here are the details:
For a chance to meet Sofia Vergara, follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter and post a photo of your gorgeous, flake-free hair tagging #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps and @HeadShoulders
Sweepstakes kicks off Monday, August 18 and will run until September 1st!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



    I gigged - you're so cute!

    And, I have problems picking what shampoo/conditioner is right for me too.

    My hair was over processed and kind of ratty - so I was using the damaged/frizzy Keratin Suave products.. That seemed to work well - but recently it hasn't been. My hair has been looking limp and awful.

    I realized - my hair is no longer damaged and frizzy - Because I've been getting regular hair cuts and finally all of the old processed hair has been chopped away. So, I'm currently searching for the new IT shampoo.

    I'll give this a try - I wish there were small sample bottles though - don't you hate trying a new thing and then being stuck with an ENTIRE bottle of it when it doesn't work out!

    Long message - sorry - LOVE YOU!

  2. Obviously, twins! Ha!

    I love finding products that work well. My hair has a mind of its own, and with the humidity down here...the frizz is OUT OF CONTROL!

  3. MFD is a huge Head & Shoulders fan, he's been using it for years!

  4. Sophia is so pretty and totally my girl crush too. Love how your hair looks in that picture! Looking good.

  5. I'm so simple with my hair lately that I have been thinking I better get a hair cut and do something with it! And it's oily so I never have dandruff problems but I know peeps who do so I will let them know about this. Thanks!


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