Weekend Recap: Ghosts, Tipsy Painting, and a Blog Makeover!

August 11, 2014

Happy Monday! What a great weekend.

Friday after work, I went to the gym per usual. As I wrote on Friday, after being off of my normal schedule, traveling, and my birthday, I was off of my game. I gained 2 pounds (sigh) and I was not feeling my workouts. When this happens, what I usually have to do, is push myself harder than before, and get that one amazing workout to bring me back to myself. I did just that Friday evening. I pushed through 30 minutes on the StairMill, an upper body weight circuit, then 20 minutes of high intensity interval training on the elliptical. 

After the gym, I went home to eat dinner, and shower, and get ready. I then went uptown to do a ghost tour. I was so excited for this because I love studying and learning about the paranormal. We met the tour guide in a graveyard by a historical church to start the tour. From there we walked through different parts of uptown and learned about the history of some of Charlotte's oldest buildings and the haunted stories that come along with them.
Overall, I was quite disappointed in the tour. Uptown was a little chaotic due to the Panther pre-season game which made hearing the tour guide difficult because she did not have a microphone or anything to enhance her voice. Additionally, we did not go into any of the "haunted" buildings. It felt more like a history tour than actual ghost tour as well. I enjoyed walking through uptown though. The tour lasted two hours so it was great exercise. I snapped a few pictures as well. Suffice to say that I had a decent time.  

Saturday, I woke up so, so sore. I was fatigued the entire day and could not "wake up". Plus it was rainy and gloomy thus Marty and I enjoyed quiet time at home. I got some good writing time in. I kind of just hung around my apartment and did whatever I wanted. That was so nice because usually I am rushed and have a ton of errands to do.

Later in the afternoon, I managed to shower and get myself presentable for an evening out. I was able to use my beloved hot rollers for the first time in quite some time. Ever since my big hair cut back in June, I have not been able to use my hot rollers without looking like Shirley Temple's hot mess older sister.

Once I was ready, I went by Trader Joe's to pick up my favorite bottle of wine for Cajun Canvas; a BYOB painting studio. 
I then scooped up my girlfriend Alexis and we took off for an early dinner at a local hole-in-the-wall bar and grill called "The Comet Grill". I bought an Amazon Local deal to try them out, and not to my surprise, it was really, really good! Most places like that are. I will definitely be going back.
After dinner Lex and I went to a painting studio to create a masterpiece. I have not done this in a long time, but I enjoy it immensely. I ended up not drinking much because I was getting so into my painting. I get really self-competitive doing things like this since I never paint. I am not good at it, but damn it, I want to be. So I threw "having fun and taking it easy" out the window and was so into concentrating and doing a good job. Meanwhile, Lex was getting bombed on Sangria and creating an artistic masterpiece per usual. She has amazing taste and style and dubbed her painting "Tim Burton" style; I loved it!

Sunday was another gloomy day, but I made the best of it I slept in, cleaned up, had a successful plyometric "Hot Mess Express" workout at home, and did some writing. Then it was time to get ready and go to church for another week of #DeathToSelfie. This week was all about Breaking Free. My soul desperately needed to hear it, too. There is a lot I am working on breaking free from. Though I am at work in progress, I feel very strong.
After church, I went to the movies to see "Into the Storm". I love a good crazy weather movie. Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012 are among my favorites. The cashier let me get the little kids pack and I was ready to go. When I go to the movies and want popcorn as my treat, I usually get the kids combination. It is just enough popcorn to satisfy a craving, plus you get fruit gummies, and who doesn't love those? The movie was OK. It could have been better with more action and a stronger story line, but I enjoyed the effects of the tornado and weather scenes - that part was very, very cool.
Today is another gloomy day in Charlotte, but at least I am off of work! I am spending the day writing, cleaning, food prep, gym at 2, then Kels is coming over for dinner and much needed girl time.

Let's make it a great week!

PS: My blog has been made over! What do you think? I want to give a huge thank you Leslie at Sweetie Baby's Designs. She has a great portfolio, is extremely prompt (I am so impatient especially when I am excited as hell about something, so she is a Godsend), and delivers top knotch quality and pricing. 


  1. Love it - first of all, good for you for getting right back into your workouts. 2 lbs is no big deal, and can totally be expected with birthdays and trips. You're amazing for keeping going after all that - it'll melt right off because you're so dedicated!
    You look GORGEOUS and nothing of a hot mess at all (no matter whose sister it may be). Your hair is perfect and I LOVE your painting! I actually bought a LivingSocial deal for my best and I to do a paint night, so now I'm even more excited.
    Loving the blog redesign as well, boo. Keep up the awesome work, you're amazing! xo

  2. Hiya CHICA!!! The blog looks great and I loved this post!

    You are just so REAL. And you're not afraid to put yourself out there. Inspirational.

    Love you BlogSister!

  3. How fun! Death to Selfie sounds sweet... so glad your'e loving your church!

  4. I am a firm believer that once you fill your spirit up with Jesus and allow Him to have full control of you... then all the hurts and pain get all healed up and the outward physical body begins to just naturally fall in line to what it should be.... 1 Timothy tells us that yes some physical exercise has value but Godliness has value for ALL things (including weight loss) I am so happy to hear you tlak about Jesus and the work He is doing inside you. What a smok'n hot babe you are.... inside and out! :-)

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend . . . good for you! And I think the new blog design is great!!

  6. LOVE the Cajun Canvas. It's owned/operated by one of my friends from high school and her family. It's such a great small business! I love going there. :)(and they are legit Cajun...like from Louisiana Cajun)

  7. THe blog is looking good!!!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! I wont go on ghost tours because I am a scardy cat so I probably would have liked that one since you weren't in the buildings they were talking about haha. Sometimes spending the day with no real plans are my favorite days!

    That popcorn makes me want some so bad!!! I love movie popcorn!

    Have a great week!

  8. Your blog make-over looks ah-mazing!! I would love to do a ghost tour one day. I'm just so worried I'll either be bummed because it wasn't scary enough, or needing oxygen from running and screaming because it's too scary. LOL! Have a great week girl!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look!!!

  10. Love the new look. Would you believe I"m in the process of a blog makeover and our colors are similar. I guess pink lovers think alike :)!!!!

    HOpe you have a fabulous week. Bummer that the tour was eh, I had a great ghost tour in NOLA three years ago.

  11. Love your hair like that! You are so pretty! A wine and paint night that sounds so fun! So does a ghost tour but they should have taken you inside!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins
    P.S. I'm loving the blog makeover.

  12. Love the new blog!! so clean! Oooh girl your church notes got me thinking! Just what I needed today (:

  13. What a fun tour!! I'm sure that was so interesting! Happy Monday!


  14. Hi! Just started following! I'm glad i'm not the only one who got off track in the last few weeks. Back on track now! I also did a ghost tour this weekend (in Pittsburgh) sounds about the same as yours (didn't get to go inside) but it was good exercise! And I LOVE wine/painting classes! Enjoy your week!

  15. Don't beat yourself up about gaining 2 pounds. It happens to everyone. It could just be water weight. I love the design of your new blog. It looks awesome! I like your painting. Glad you had a great weekend.

  16. The new design is awesome so cute! Love it!

    I am glad I am not the only weirdo who loves the paranormal...it makes me so ready for fall and halloween too. August seems a bit, pointless, to me..as I am SO ready for the fall to be here! Come on mid-september!!!

    I was on hitais, and then my honeymoon...but hello again!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  17. The new blog design is rockin'! Love it! And your hair just looks so darn great at this length! Have a fabulous week, pretty girl!

  18. Sweet new blog look.

    Love your bracelet in the wine bottle picture.

    Great weekend! Enjoy your day off!

  19. That ghost tour sounds awesome. I love stuff like that. PS Your hair looks amazing!!

  20. Getting back to the gym after vacation has been so hard. Love the new look of your blog. The painting came out great and BYOB is pretty awesome.

  21. Sounds like a great weekend! I've been on a few ghost tours too and I'm always a bit disappointed. I know we'll probably never see anything but maybe a little something?

  22. The blog design looks great, I love it!
    I've always wanted to go on a ghost tour! We have one in Seattle that you get to go underground and what not.. I'm hoping to be able to go this year :) Sorry that the ghost tour wasn't the greatest.
    How fun about the wine and art too!

  23. Dear me I could never go on a ghost tour! I would freak myself out! haha

  24. It seems from my experience that “big city” ghost tours are more about the history rather than an actual ghost hunt. I believe that in smaller towns, you seem to get more of the authentic “ghost tour” experience. Also, I would go on Amazon or check out the library and see if there’s some sort of “ghost guide” book for your state. Also see if there’s any paranormal groups online?

    But nonetheless, they are a lot of fun and I would love to spend the night there! :D

  25. love the new blog layout. looks fantastic...as does your hair...i'm growing mine out from a pixie and am researching to buy my first curling iron. yeah i'm over 40...ha! I may look like Shirley temple's older sister when i'm done :)

  26. stop being so gorgeous! seriously, my self esteem is on the floor somewhere ;)
    love your painting, mine are always so horrible when i do those wine & painting classes!
    i went on a ghost tour in new orleans and i couldnt sleep that night. i'm easily scared!

  27. I absolutely love this new look. And the Shirly Temple comment. I may have snorted.

  28. Painting and wine - looks SO FUN!!! I LOVE that you give us a view into your "real life" - the everyday and the extra-ordinary


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