Good Wine, Big Hair, A Budget Diva, and Cat Food...?

August 15, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone. I was originally not going to blog this morning, as this is my SEVENTH post this week, ha! However, 7 is a lucky number so I thought I would just share a few random things that happened this week and products I love. I started this morning off by picking up Crackbuck's for my boss and I. That made me come alive, thus I can write now.
Monday my best friend Kelly came over to my apartment when she got off of work. We had girl talk and a bottle of the best wine I have ever had. Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite type of wine and this bottle is the best. It is not sweet, but still has a rich fruitful flavor. Plus it's only $10 a bottle.
A few months ago when I took Marty for his annual physical and check up, the veterinarian told me he was almost a pound overweight. He is mostly hair and naturally a big cat due to being part Maine Coon, but nonetheless, he has some chub that needs to be fixed. 

It has been hard.

He is addicted to "Temptation treats" and knocks me over if I dare step in the kitchen and not offer him some. I have been transitioning him off of those treats and his regular cat food, to a natural, grain-free diet. I am sure a lot of you have seen the "Blue Buffalo" pet food commercials. I have, thus I decided to try him on it since it seems authentic and healthy. The doctor agreed. 

I have to say, I am shocked at how much Marty likes this food. He is usually "over" dry food quickly and will not eat it after a week or two, but not this brand. I have had him on this weight control kind for 2 months and he devours it like it's filet mignon. It just goes to show that quality does make all the difference, even with our pets. He gets half a cup of this in the morning, then half a can of Variety Pet's "fine dining" grain free canned cat food at night, which he also loves. I want my baby happy and health forever and ever.
Yesterday I needed to make an Ulta trip. I was out of my favorite dry shampoo and decided to try the "Powder Play" from Big Sexy Hair. I love big, voluminous hair; so if there is a product people are swearing by, I am going to try it. The verdict on this product is that it is worth every penny. Combine "Powder Play" with the dry shampoo, and my volume is out of control! Also, the dry shampoo does not make hair roots oily either. Win!

When I finished my errands and the gym last night, I had a letter in the mail from Sirius XM giving me a 3-month free trial of XM radio since I purchased my new car. I have never used XM radio so I am excited to try it out. I love talk show type things, so please leave any recommendations if you have them. My favorites are raunchy comedy, paranormal/ghost talk, motivational and inspirational messages, and celebrity gossip. 
Then I opened my email and Time Warner sent me two advanced screening tickets to see "Sin City" this upcoming Wednesday. They are also providing free concessions. That was unexpected and very welcome; especially since I die a little each month when I pay my cable bill. I can't wait to go.
Those are great additions to go with being a diva on a budget!

Lastly, I updated my about section so take a peak and let me know what you think. Now I believe I am finally out of things to write about so I'm signing off. Have a great weekend everyone. I'm linking up today; you should too! 


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  2. Im laughing about your cat practically knocking you over for treats...I dont have any pets but sometimes Im tempted to get one. Also do you have any tips on how to use the powder play Im thinking about going to get some I need to start doing my hair more often!
    Also, I LOVE sirius radio! I tried to cancel it but then I had to get it back. Car rides are so much better when you don't have to suffer through commercials!

  3. happy Friday sweet friend!!!! I have no talk radio suggestions but I loved the Country Stations. Prime Country (58) is older 90s country, The highway is newer (56). Also the 80s (8) and 90s(9) channel were good. Then I would occasionally listen to The Message Christian Channel (63) Christian Pop/Rock

    If you go here you can see the channel line-up :)

    have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  4. :) I haven't had full caffeine coffee in a LONG time.. I miss it.. but, oh man oh man.. am I an addict!

    We have 2 cats, one is just a domestic short hair and the other is a Manx.. he's got a stubby tale, and is such a FATTY.. not going to lie, We have tried to trim down his eating... but, then, he just goes for my other cat's food. Such a hog.

    And we don't really give them treats... only if we are trying to distract them from nail trimming...

    I love the volume of your hair... I'm such a tomboy when it comes to hair... But, I am trying to be better. It's all about trying.. RIGHT? Come up to NY and teach me your amazing hair ways... Please?

    1. LOL! He eats the other ones cat food, that is hilarious. I wish I did not have to give Marty treats, but my friend who raised him started him EARLY so he is freaking addicted. I swear I think they are laced with crack. He literally annoys the shit out of me if I don't give him them. However, I have been buying a grain free kind, and though they smell SO fishy. He loves them and they have a fraction of the calories.

      And girlfriend, I would be in NY in two seconds to have a girly weekend with you. We could do hair, nails, make up, go running, make healthy recipes, and O M G a total teenage sleepover, ;-) hahaha

  5. you look gorgeous love! your cat is so freaking adorable i just want to snuggle.

  6. I love ULTA!!!! Happy Friday!

  7. You look gorg hun! I absolutely adore your cat!!!

  8. My dogs eat grain free, I'm glad Marty's doing it too and that he likes it.

    I need to hit Ulta soon, I'm about out of dry shampoo myself. I don't like to exist without a full bottle as backup. hahaa

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Look at that hair! Love it! Happy Friday

  10. I went to Ulta this week, too! I purchased some new lip gloss, hair spray, and stuff to tame my ridiculously thick hair that also has decided it now wants to be wavy. Which is fun.

    One of my dogs is overweight. We've tried to get some weight off of him, and we did, but much like his mother, he likes to hang on to those extra few pounds.

    How much do I love that polka dot martini glass?

  11. I switched my kitties to a grain free food a while ago. I know it's more expensive but there's less stinky poo and I'm a fan!

  12. Can we talk about how much I love that polka dot martini glass? Fabulous!

    We switched our dog to grain free food about a year ago, and she loves it plus she's been more playful :)

    Happy Friday!

    P.S. Loving your hair!

  13. I lb? My dogs are like 15 lbs overweight... just like their momma :)

  14. Happy Friday, love! Mmmm, Starbucks <3 I've been trying to kick my addiction to save money, and just buy bags of it to make at home... but isn't coffee so much better when they make it?
    My mom switched my dog (she has custody because my association doesn't allow dogs!) to Blue Buffalo and said he also loves it. He's a tiny thing, but was getting a little gut - he loves it!
    Look at you, hottie! Your hair is always on point, girl.
    Enjoy your weekend! xox

  15. love your big hair don't care look girl it's so pretty!

  16. Awww my Apollo is mostly fluff too and could stand to lose a pound or two haha. I spoil my kitties too much that's for sure. XM Radio is the best too!! They'll have random promotions throughout the year and I get so excited when it reactivates in my car haha. I hope you have a great weekend!!

  17. Poor Marty is dieting too, right along with Seamus. So awesome on the Sirius radio and the movie pack. Your hair looks gorgeous so I"ll have to try that dry shampoo. I love the Big Sexy Hair leave in, and hair spray.

  18. I love the blue buffalo training treats too. My dog goes nuts for them and will do anything I ask as soon as he smells the package open. He does it for carrots too, and turns up his nose at milkbones, so I think he is a health nut.

  19. My husband and I lived off of our XM Radio on our honeymoon last week. Of course we bickered between country music and nascar radio. haha.

    Trips to ULTA are my favorite but i always have to make sure I go in with a purpose or I will come out spending all of my money UGH! The struggle is real! I swear!!!

    Happy Friday! I need to head over to starbucks and get myself some coffee - it's 11am here in California and I am dying already!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  20. I love that hair powder! I have used it for a while now! That and hairspray always does the trick :)


  21. I used to feed my sweet cat treats all the time. Her name was Lizzie - - HA, HA! We had to put her down when about 5 years ago - she had cat breast cancer and was too old to be put under anesthesia - she was 19 years old!! We got her when she was 5 weeks old - so you know it was the worst thing we've ever had to do. But we couldn't let her suffer any more with no end in sight. Even now I swear I see her spirit running across my kitchen!

    Anyway, on a happier note - my new car came with 30 days of XM Radio. I had no intention of renewing it - but did - - I love it. I like 80s on 8; The Bridge, 2000 Country, and The Oprah Channel. Not sure of the numbers but I'm sure you have a list.

  22. I stopped to get Starbucks this morning too :)

    I love Blue Buffalo products!!! Both of my dogs and our cat are on their grain free line and they all are good eaters with it. They are my babies and deserve the best!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  23. I have a cat who is pretty big as well. I did have a Maine coone and they can be huge especially the males which is what I had. My mom wants to switch the cats over to the Blue Buffalo cat food but is worried about the same thing. Our cats are extremely picky eaters. We tried to give them "healthy" treats and they just turn their noses up to it like it is poison or something.

    I love dry shampoos and am always looking for great brands. I haven't found too many I've liked so i will have to give that a try. I've heard of Big Sexy Hair but have never used those products either. I might have to give that a try as well.

  24. Ugh, my poor cat is so fat even though she is on a diet :( I guess better her than me. I'm LOVIN' the volume, I'm gonna have to try combining the two!

  25. I have a Maine Coon too, and people are always shocked at how big she is when they see her... she is almost 20 lbs!!

  26. We just bought a new car and I am loving XM! Big fan of Oprah haha I think it's channel 107?

  27. Tink will stare me down for treats and paw at my face until she gets one. Now, somehow she only manages to exist at 8 pounds all the time, but she eats constantly. Marty is adorable, he just seems so sweet and fluffy and I would want him to sleep on my head every night too. Dry shampoo is the best, I have just recently discovered it and it's great for a gym touch up even with super sweaty hair. I am on day 2 of dirty hair and LOVING it :)

  28. I looove Sirius! My car is too old for it but Pete had it on his for a few months when he first got his lease... Pop2K is my JAMMMMM!

  29. this is all so awesome!! sirius xm is the BEST.i love bpm.. but i really love dance music so that's that!!


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