A Mom Who Does it All: Interview with Model and "The Calling's" Angela Jennings

October 23, 2014

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am so lucky to be surrounded by such motivated and successful women. My friends have accomplished so much and they help instill drive into me in hopes that I can one day be just as successful as they are. 

My close friend Angela is one of the most beautiful, kind, and hard working women I know. She is a wife, mother, full-time Executive Secretary, model, and is currently staring on Destination America's TV show "The Calling". Though her schedule is constantly full and nonstop, she still makes her health and fitness a top priority. 

That to me is very impressive, inspiring, and I am dying to know how she does it all!

Has health and fitness always been a part of your life? 
(A) Not always, when my mother passed in 2001, I got very depressed and gained a good bit of weight (about 30 lbs)… before that I hadn’t ever worked out much,.. but after losing the weight through exercise and a healthier diet; I was addicted to staying healthy. It’s easy to let you feelings and emotions take a toll on your health. I learned that the hard way, and it only made me more depressed getting unhealthy. Now, if I am stressed or down in the dumps, the exercise becomes a relief to me, it’s puts me in a better mood and helps me not resort to unhealthy habits to cope.

What is your favorite healthy dish to make or eat? 
(A) My go-to easy healthy breakfast to make is egg white breakfast muffins. You get a muffin pan, spray it with olive oil spray, pour egg whites in to about half full, then drop in a little cooked turkey sausage, diced tomatoes, and fat free shredded cheese, season with salt and pepper and bake just like muffins.

I also found out earlier in the year that I have Celiac disease, so gluten has been eliminated from my diet. I have since found a lot more healthy recipes, and use a rice cooker quite a bit, it has by far been my best purchase in a long time. I love to cook brown rice in it, boil some broccoli, and toss some grilled chicken in, season with Mrs. Dash or some pepper and it’s a quick healthy meal.

Since you have an office job, side gigs with modeling more, and a family – how to you find time to exercise? What is your favorite workout to do?
(A) I am fortunate enough to have a gym right here in the office! We have a good bit of weights, stair climber, and even have showers in the back; so fitting in at least 30 minutes at lunch is pretty easy to do. Then I still have time to heat my lunch up.

I love to do planks and I feel like even in a short time, they work so many of your muscles groups, I also enjoy doing squats on the Bosu ball, get a couple of hand weights as heavy as you like and flip the Bosu ball over so you are standing on the black platform. This works A LOT of body parts since you are having to also stabilize your body as well as squat.

Weighted abs are a must, I use the 12 pound weight ball and do twists or put a 4 pound weight between my feet and do leg raises. Switching up my routine and doing different exercises give me the most results.

Since you have to travel for quite a few of your TV and modeling events, how do you stay healthy being on the go and away from home? 
(A) Since being diagnosed with Celiac, it shockingly has become easier, since I simply can’t have the fast food or quick easy to grab items, I have no choice but to look for salad options, or grilled chicken, plus I always keep Almonds and healthy snacks handy when traveling. Planks and simple ab exercises are good for being on the go and traveling.

Do you have any tips or secrets you have learned over the years that help you stay in shape? 
(A) If you want something like Pizza, have it, but have one slice not 3. When you don’t allow yourself the occasional unhealthy snack or meal or dessert; you are much more inclined to binge on it later. I feel like as long as it’s in moderation, it’s OK. If you do your best to eat healthy, allow yourself to be “treated” sometimes, not every meal, but sometimes… and you will keep yourself more on track with staying healthy.

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You can catch Angela on The Calling airing Saturday mornings at 9:30AM EST on Destination America! Click here to cast your vote for Angela for the fan favorite. #TeamAngela

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  1. Very inspiring! She seems to keep it together no matter how busy she is! That is a rule we could all stand to follow. No excuses!

  2. What a beautiful inspiring woman! & one you don't mess around with #canshootyou :)

  3. She is stunning, and inspiring. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  4. Thanks for the motivation! Starting a bootcamp class on Monday and eeeeeek I'm SO NERVOUS! You're so inspiring! PS- I've nominated you for a blogger award! Visit my blog to check it out :) xoxo

  5. Great interview, thanks for sharing! B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! Also, thanks for your congrats about our announcement!! Happy Friday girl!! xoxo

  6. Ok, could she be any more gorgeous?!!

    1. Makeup and multiple plastic surgeries, love.

  7. Wow, she is absolutely stunning! Plus, she has an insanely busy schedule -- that is amazing that she makes sure she has time for taking care of her health and fitness. What an inspiration! Also, can she teach me how to do my makeup like that ;D

  8. Angela is not anything special. As mentioned in the article, she's an Executive Secretary.(Ummm glorified receptionist maybe? Lol). Tell me where's the brain power in that job? If you want your blog to be noteworthy, interview some noteworthy people...ie people who actually have college educations and noble careers. Not some has been redneck Barbie who isn't the slight bit friendly to anyone that's not sitting 2 ft in front of a camera. #shesajoke


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