A busy week on the grind! (Friday 5)

February 20, 2014

Thank you G ZUS! It is going to Friday in just a couple of hours. Can I just tell everyone how happy I am to see this day? I am so tired. I am so sore. I am SO ready to relax and sleep in for the next two days. I have basically had a really boring week. All I have done is slave away at my job and my workouts.

If you have ever read my about me page: The Blonde Behind The Blog, you know that my office does not officially have a Human Resources department. By the end of the year, I will be the director because that is my passion in the business world. Thus, a LOT of my time is spent with the acting Human Resources Manager training, and meeting after meeting creating policies and procedures. Combine that with hard workouts and clean eating, and I have had hard week on my grind. Which is productive, but I need a little bliss. I go for my B12 injection and weigh tomorrow afternoon at my doctor's office, I hope to see a good change on the scale. 

Monday, nothing great happened, (1) but I did get my hair done. Ladies, my hair was awful and my red had completely faded. I am werdio and I love my hair platinum blonde and red. I am extremely excited to be back to normal!

Tuesday, nothing great happened. I worked all day as always. During work, (2) I tried a new Quest Bar flavor. It was alright. It was tolerable, but I doubt I will purchase again, unless I am desperate. Ha. After work, Kelly could not make it to the gym. And since it was a cardio and core day, I decided to just go home and do my "Hot Mess Express" workout. I have absolutely got to get a video up for you guys. I promise you, it will work you like never before. I am extremely muscular and work out religiously, and every time I do this random workout I created, it kills me. My stomach, booty, and thighs are super sore.

Wednesday, nothing great happened. (3) We had 70 degree weather though! I love living in Charlotte. Last Wednesday we were knee deep in snow and this Wednesday I am driving around with the top down on my car. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. I rocked a skirt and did not even have to wear hose!

My hair was getting a bit oily, but I don't want to wash it just yet because I don't want my red to fade. I usually wash my hair every other day, but since I just got it done Monday evening, I want to wait until tomorrow night to wash it. I have just been using dry shampoo and leave in conditioner. So I turned to my new favorite way to do my hair; (4) a head braid! I braid it at night, sleep on it (it stays fine), spray a little de-frizz on in the morning, and I am good to go. I basically taught myself how to do it. I watched a video on YouTube for about 30 seconds, but grew annoyed because the woman was not making any sense and I could not see what she was doing. It took a lot of trail and error. 

Today has been busy, busy, busy! I accidentally set my alarm for 6:30 PM instead of AM. I woke up 10 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, ha! And the only reason that happened is because I heard a school bus and even from my somber, I knew something was not right.

For lunch at work, we had our monthly "Celebrate Us" party. Once a month we either do breakfast, lunch, or dessert for all of the birthdays and work anniversary's during that specific month. Since I am the Office Manager I kind of consider myself chairman of the "Social Committee" (ha ha). Initially everyone wanted to do fattening desserts in lieu of Valentine's Day, but I finally convinced everyone to opt for a salad buffet instead. A lot of people agreed too! Our health insurance is doing a "Sugar Smasher" challenge and employees signed up to participate so we did not want to derail anyone with sugary desserts. Also, at my desk, there was previously a big bowl of candy that the old Office Manager used to keep full. I have replaced it with mints. Surprisingly people enjoy that as well. (5) Slowly but surely, I and the acting Human Resources Manager are working diligently on getting the office healthy and happy!

After work, the weather was still absolutely beautiful. I put the top down and headed home. Kelly came over and we did "The Hot Mess Express" workout OUTSIDE. Perfect day for it! After, we still wanted to cruise with the top back so we took the long way to the grocery store to get a bottle of wine! Now I'm hanging out with Kels, drinking a glass of wine, and catching up on the new season of "The Real World" (this season is so good). 

I hope you guys have a great weekend and be sure to check out all of the awesome Friday link-up's going on! They are such an awesome way to find new blogs and catch up with your friends. 

One last thing...

I made it into the top 3 nominations for "Healthiest Honey's" blog award. If you are my friend and enjoy reading my blog, could you please take one second and vote for me? I can't do this without you! Thank you so much to anyone who helped me get thus far. It was an amazing surprise and it would be great to get the award! Health and fitness are my passions. Click here to go vote!

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  1. Ok, number 1, your hair is adorable! I went to beauty school back in the day...hated it. I just want to do cute hairstyles, not the old granny blue shampoo sets...
    Number 2, I am in the same boat as you, I am heading up our HR also, but we're a pretty small company (but growing!) so it's me trying to figure out what the hay I'm doing, lol.
    Number 3 way to go on the salad bar! We get donuts and pizza, lucky me.
    Number 4, I will pouring a glass of wine in about 3.5 seconds
    And lastly, yes I will head on over and vote for you!

    P.S. Jealous of you're weather, we are in the middle of another winter storm, 6 inches and counting...sigh...

  2. Your hair is too cute! I need to do something new with mine but I have no idea what to do with it, ha ha. I wish I knew how to do my hair, I can't braid it, curl it, or keep it straight to save my life ha ha.
    That's awesome about the salad bar!
    I've been voting like crazy for you :D

  3. I think that is the only Quest bar I've yet to try, I have a feeling I'd feel the same! Voting for you now!

  4. Love the hair and 600+ calories burned!? WAY TO GO!!!!! You rule.


    Danielle Faith @ DanielleFaith.me

  5. You're hair looks fab! Please put up your video ha... I would like to burn 687 calories. My norm is is like 220 ha. Ugh I'm so lazy don't judge me!

  6. The red is bomb babygurllll!!!! And like I said, you teach me to braid my hair like dat when you come see me, mmkay?

  7. Boo to waking up late, but hell yes to that table full of good food! I need to implement that at work. And the red looks great on you! Have a great weekend!

  8. Girl I LOVE LOVE your hair!
    Totally heading over and voting for you :)

  9. Is it weird I kinda liked the PB&J one. Love the red in your hair so glad you are getting your hair did! ;) The braid is so cute and perfect for getting an extra day out of not washing the hair. P.S. You are looking smokin hot in that dress girl! Rock it!

  10. I love that salad bar idea for work! It is so great when you can get a whole office on the healthy train! I work with four guys who eat out almost every day and say how strong I am for not caving and going with them. One of the guys has started bringing his lunch a few days this week and I tried to encourage and praise him the days he did haha. He said he needed it!

    You are rocking that dress!

    Totally voted for you!

  11. Love your head braid! How the fuck do you mess up PB&J, people?!

  12. You didn't like the peanutbutter & jelly quest bar? I was very unsure how I feel about that so I just didn't even buy it. I love the idea for a salad bar at work. You seriously rock my world! & cant forget I love the hair. Hope you have the best weekend as you deserve it with how hard you work. & yes I voted for you! :) Love youuuuu

  13. Your hair is gorgeous. But not trying to sound weird but "dat ass doe" lol girl how do you get your booty like that??? Squats?

  14. 1-You're beautiful no matter what
    2-You're hair looks absolutely sexy
    3-I wish I had a booty like that
    4-The salad looks sooo yummy!
    5-You deserve the award! Done

  15. Your hair is awesome! And congrats on the award nomination--voting now!!

  16. Ok, you're dope!!! You've got killer style and your body is TIGHT… Love, your blog honey, keep doing it, because you're great at it. Now following from the hop. Peace!

  17. I love love love your hair!! I'm always so tempted to go a platinum blonde color, but I just don't have the right skin tone for it (nor the patience for the upkeep as it would be a drastic change) - but I can admire yours!!

  18. Your hair is super cute! I really love the braid.

  19. i voted!! i hope it worked, but good luck sweetie!!!

  20. Your hair looks gorg! I wish I could pull that off. And, as someone getting back into her regular workout routine, I would love a video of the hot mess express workout!

    Have a great weekend, doll!

  21. Ok....green with envy over here...your hair...LOVE it! It really brings out your eyes as well (beautiful!)....and those temps?! Feels like I haven't seen the sun in ages...it's a rare occurrence in winter in upstate NY! Have a great weekend!

  22. I think the salad bar was a great idea! With so much desserts around lately it's definitely a fun way to have something a bit unexpected.

  23. I love your blog


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