End of Summer Celebrations!

September 9, 2013

What an awesome, fun weekend it was!

Friday night when the clock struck 5 PM, I was off of work to start my normal routine; gym. I did cardio followed by yoga, then went home. Marquis arrived shortly after me and told me to get changed because he was taking me downtown for dinner, drinks, and live music - my favorite! We live in a suburb of south Charlotte called Waxhaw, and it is so beautiful. It's rapidly growing, safe, very classy, and upscale, and I just love it. The "downtown" area reminds me of an old western town. It's very small, but packed with local restaurants and pubs, shopping, ice-cream, hardware stores, and more. Downtown was even having horse and carriage rides.

We stared at this little hole in the wall, listened to bluegrass, and drank Fireballs. 
After being there for a while we went into Charlotte at a pool hall that Marquis worked security for a long time ago. More live music, drinks, karaoke, and good food there. And um, Marquis got pretty drunk! It was very entertaining!
We went to bed around 2 on Saturday morning and ended up waking up at 9:30. That's late for us, we are usually up around 8:30. Not to my surprise, Marquis felt horrible. From enduring 14 hours of training in the gym in 4 days, then a night of drinking, he was exhausted. We spent most of the day just hanging out around the house and relaxing.

So did Marty.

Finally later in the afternoon he was feeling better. We got creative in the kitchen and baked from scratch his mother's fruited oatmeal cookies for the "End of Summer" luau. They were amazing!

We then showered and made ourselves presentable and it was off the luau. The cookies were a total hit. I will admit, Marquis did most of the baking. I handed him ingredients and cleaned, but he did all of the good stuff. At the luau we had the most delicious BBQ and drinks. As always, it was such a fun night.

Sunday we woke up and had breakfast outside on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful morning. We then took the dogs to the dog park. I had to snap this picture of Dottie trying to get a lizard from a tree and Charlie watching. Typical.

We took the dogs back then had to get some errands done. One of our stops was Old Navy. I was able to get 2 PJ sets, a pair of work out pants, an adorable pair of flip flops, and Marq a pair of flip flops all for $52. I love a good deal.

Since Marquis felt so good about the cookies and how well they turned out, he wanted to bake AGAIN. So it was back for round two! This time he made (I helped some!) a cherry pie, all from scratch. Another one of his mother's recipes (She passed in 2008). And I believe this one will be another hit. We are giving it to friends since we can't really have any right now. Want a slice?

The rest of the evening was spent making a delicious squash dinner and watching "Bar Rescue". And now another Monday is upon us, let's make it count!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I also love watching bar rescue, some of those places are just disgusting!

  2. Those cookies and that pie look YUMMY! The luau looked so fun! :)

  3. I am SO impressed with the baking, wow!! Also I will have to visit downtown waxhaw now, you made it sound so cute and quaint!

  4. I'm at work hungry and these cookies/pie looks so delicious.

    The luau looked like fun. I wish our fam did something like that.

  5. I want to party with you guys & I'm obsessed with your cat.

  6. The pics from the Luau were too funny, looks like you guys had a few drinks! ;) Fun times! That pie looks delish!

  7. Well well well, look at Betty Freaking Crocker over here.

  8. The luau looks like such a fun party!

    I'm drooling over that cherry pie! YUM!

    The Tiny Heart

  9. I'm pretty jealous of how prefect that pie looks. but glad you had a fun weekend!

  10. Oh, I will take a slice please! Yum! Looks like you had a fun end of summer weekend! Hope you have an amazing week!!

  11. oh how i love ON workout gear! it is my go-to!

  12. That pie looks delicious. I love that he likes to bake too cute! Also his drinking pictures made me smile haha it's looks like it was worth the hangover!

  13. are those dogs jack russel terriers? i can tell by the way they are jumping :)

    Vodka and Soda

  14. Yuumm! All those baked goods look so delicious! And I LOVE your old navy purchases! Jealous!

  15. He made that cherry pie?! Oh my lawd! It looks good!

  16. Um pretty sure I just gained 15 pounds from the pictures :)

  17. Stopping by and you are too cute! I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of your baking skills...I don't even tempt making anything because I know it will end up bad! Also, love love love Bar Rescue! When it's on I can't turn it off.

  18. those cookies look amazing!! and a cute man who bakes!? Winner! :)

  19. You are so deligent to go to the gym on Friday. After work on Friday, I'm usually just lazy. I do have a great yoga class on Fridays after work but I have such a tough time making it there.

    The oatmeal cookies look amazing! I need to learn to be a better baker :-)

  20. Yum! That pie looks amazing! I also watched bar rescue like all evening haha! It's the first time I had seen it and I love it! I love those transformation shoes

  21. I want a slice of pie & some cookies (as i should be eating better to lose weight) & looks like such a fun weekend!! Love the white jeans, wish I had the guts to cut the tags off mine & wear them!!

    Happy Tuesday darling

  22. What fun end of summer celebrations! Yum to the baked goods! Looks like you guys had a great time (:


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