A great 5 for Friday this week!

January 23, 2014

Hello ladies! We made it... tomorrow is Friday. I for one am super duper glad. It has been long week. It has actually been a long month. Since the holidays have ended, my company has hit the ground running - full sprint. I am pooped. Thus I am taking a 3-day weekend, double YAY! Since today is a day of fun linkup's, let me get to my 5 on a Friday and high 5 for Friday.
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Monday I woke up to another cold trying to make it is way into my body. I stayed doped up on Zicam, Emergen-C, and cold medicine. I took the night off from the gym and went home to rest after work. Since Monday was a pretty day and not too cold, a lot of birds were flying around. Marty was hilarious. He literally goes nuts when birds are around. I caught some funny pictures of him.

Tuesday I felt back to normal, thank goodness. It was the usual work day. On my lunch hour, I went to Old Navy because I had $10 in Old Navy "cash" and they have really good clearance stuff. I did good! I bought a pair of pants, a sequin tank top, necklace, and earrings for only $25. A complete new outfit! That is what I call being a diva on a budget! I rocked it on Wednesday, I love the design on the pants.

Tuesday night, Kelly and I hit the gym like we usually do for a cardio and core workout. She decided to spend the night with me after. I love how she is 29 and I am 24 and we still have sleepover's - even though we both have own apartments, ha! We had so much fun. A killer work out, getting tipsy off a couple bottles of wine, and watching trashy reality shows. Is there anything better?

I made the best dinner for she and I. It was chicken grilled via stove top that had been marinating in balsamic vingerette and cut up into pieces over a bed of spinach, and topped with feta, dried cranberries, and plain walnuts. It was so, so good. It was filled with so many different tastes and everything complimented each other so well.

Remember my headband that I bought for the first time on Saturday? It was the first headband that I have bought in at least 10 years. Well, it's safe to say I. am. obsessed. I have worn it everyday! Now I am going to have to go back to Ulta to buy more colors and styles! It's so fun.

Today I finished the second book of the "Original Sinners" series. I am so addicted to this book series. If you are into BDSM or even slightly intrigued by it, you will thoroughly enjoy the series. There are twists, turns, romance, action, adventure, desire, and the books are so much fun and easy to read. I bought and started the third book; "The Prince" on my lunch hour. Oh and of course I had the above salad again, ha!

After work today, I had the best workout at the gym. I had an hour of high intensity interval training. I did 40 minutes on the Elliptical then 20 minutes on the tredmill. I swear, using such high incline (the highest available) on those machines work wonders on thighs and glutes. I felt like a million bucks after. I pushed hard. After the gym I decided to make breakfast for dinner. I had two eggs over easy, fresh from my mama's farm, and I even made "paleo" biscuits with my coconut flour. As I mentioned earlier this week, I have not had the best of luck thus far with my recipes, but the biscuits were actually great. I will have the recipe up next week.


  1. I am feeling you on this week.. I'm pooped! Your food looks yummy, wine and trashy TV can cure all, and headbands rock.
    The end.

  2. That feta, cranberry and walnut salad looks DELICIOUS!

  3. I love your headband! I love headbands that I probably wear on everyday lol, especially when I wear a top knot.

  4. Hello gorgeous! I want to eat dinner (and every meal) with you!

  5. Marty cracks me up. He is too funny & handsome man!! I love the food & that is one of my favorite salads. It is so good, I use the raspberry salad dressing too from Walden farms (the only one I can eat) over it. Headband looks so gorgeous on you. & is that last shirt from kohls (the black one with chains) I think I have it in red. :) twinies!!! & I should really start reading again.. I love that you read so much & wish we lived by each other for gym buddies. Alex wants to switch to LA fitness. Well see what the future holds for us.. Happy Friday darling & hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. The pictures of Marty was just way to cute!! Especially that first one.
    Sleepovers are fun!! No matter what your age, that is why I like guests so much lol
    And that salad looks amazing!

  7. That headband looks so cute on you. Also, looks like I will be purchasing that book, I've been looking for a good one to read recently.

  8. i don't put enough effort into my food. i just slap stuff together and eat it so the hunger goes away. your salad/food looks amazing!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Marty is just too cute!! The salad sounds wonderful, love feta and walnut combo. I love the headband on you, you rocked it! I will be checking out that book series for sure! Hope you have a fun weekend planned!

  10. That salad looks amazing! I love a good salad. Marty is cracking me up! He looks like a dog looking out the window, which is entertaining because my dog acts like a can and sits on top window seals, the backs of couches and chairs, etc. He also swats things with his paw like a cat.

  11. Marty is adorable :-) I miss having cats {allergic son and Hubby}. Happy Friday to you - enjoy your long weekend!


  12. I just found your blog and love it! Of course we both have Blonde in our titles so of course I immediately felt like kindred spirits lol. But besides that everything I've read so far clickin around your site, I've enjoyed! Glad to have found ya :)

  13. Great photos and I, too hit Old Navy and purchased some really nice things. Love the pattern on the pants.
    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com

  14. Marty is sooooo cute! My kitties do the same and sometimes I think they are literally going to jump through windows! Mmmmm salads! I've been eating similar salads every day for lunch for 3 weeks. Makes me feel so good!

  15. The biscuits look really good to me! I need to try coconut flour sometime.
    I LOVE those earrings!!!

  16. I love that headband! I totally need one because my bangs are at an awkward length and always get in my face. Also that last picture made me so hungry lol

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