Weekend Recap: My new hair!

September 15, 2014

Friday was end to an awful week. After work, I went to my girlfriend Sara's to get my hair done in her fabulous new home salon. She has been working on it for a couple of years and it looks great. In honor of fall and because I was yearning for a change, I added dark and caramel streaks into my hair. I am officially on the "dark" side right now! I may need to change my blog name to "Fitness Blondie with Brunette and Caramel Streaks". How does that sound?  Once I my hair was finished, I went to get groceries then finally home. I took a shower and relaxed watching 80's movies and made my favorite type of "pizza": fresh whole wheat dough made from my grocer's deli, low fat mozzarella, authentic brie cheese cut straight off of the big block, and a balsamic glaze. It is the most delicious and rich tasting meal. A little goes a long way.

Saturday I awoke to the worst lower back I have had in a long time. In fact, my whole body was aching. As I stated above, last week was not a good week. I took the week off from the gym to try and rest my body a little, however, I learned first hand that physical activity on your body is NOTHING like what can stress can do. I took it easy most of the morning but did get some cleaning done.

Eventually I took a shower and got ready the afternoon and evening. I really wanted to get a good picture of me with my new hair style, but I was not feeling very photogenic. I snapped one in the parking lot of Smoothie King and called it a day. Here is the result... ta-da:

I picked up a smoothie, went by GNC to stack up on my Quest Bars since I had a $10 off coupon (I love getting a box of Quest Bars for only $15!), then I went by Ulta to pick up my Smashbox primer. When I arrived there, I saw they had the cutest "weekend" bags on clearance for $10 bucks. Of course I had to scoop one up; it is my new gym bag!

After my errands I went to church. My Pastor and his wife did the sermon together for week 5 of "Meant to Be: The Bible's Best Kept Secrets About Sex, Marriage, and Being Single". The sermon was beautiful; Steven and his wife Holly have good chemistry and you can really tell they love each other. Some of it sounded and looked a bit "showy", but when one is putting their marriage on display like that, it is expected.

Though it was beautiful, it was hard to listen too. I agreed so much about what they talked about in marriage. A couple sat beside of me and I heard them talking about how "renewed" they felt and happy they were together. It was incredibly genuine and sweet, but hard. 

After church, I went for a sports massage. My goodness did my body need it. The massage was only supposed to be 50 minutes, but my therapist worked on me for an hour and 12 minutes. My lactic acid build up was that bad. I had tons of knotts on my shoulders, back, and neck. The woman even made the comment "Hun, do you have stress job or something? This is unbelievable. And you're only 25?". That was not great to hear. I already look older than I do, so the last thing I want to do is have stress contribute to that. Luckily, as I was checking out, I was given a certificate for a free message so I am booking one for this upcoming weekend.

Once my massage was over I was starving so I met my girlfriend Alexis and her husband Daniel for dinner. We tried a new place we have all been wanting to try called "The Rusty Onion". The atmosphere was fun, the food was awesome, and the prices were cheap -- that is how we like it.

Yesterday I had a really busy day at home. I posted a new recipe, did a little work on my book, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned my windows, and did a ton of food prep. I have a lot of good food this week that I enjoy immensely and per usual, healthy versions. I have enjoyed my crockpot a lot. Chicken never tasted so good.

I am really excited for a macaroni and cheese recipe that I will be sharing later this week. I have been developing this recipe for a while trying to bring together the best mix of ingredients (so official, ha). I think I did it. It is made with "hidden veggie" macaroni noodles, puréed cauliflower, plain Greek yogurt for lean protein, and more. It is a delicious way to get in a lot of essential nutrients. This one is for my parent friends out there; as it's a great way to trick your kids!


  1. Love the hair lady, looks fresh and fab for fall!

  2. Your hair looks soooo good!!! Adds a lot of dimension with the added color :) PS do you use 'Younique' by any chance??

  3. Your hair is super cute.
    I love it! I think after the wedding - I'll be getting a change with my hair as well - hehehehe.

    And I'm going to completely try the Healthy Mac n Cheese recipe - so GIMME GIMME GIMME the recipe already!

  4. Love your hair, it looks great with the dark and caramel streaks! That mac and cheese sound interesting, I would love to try it!

  5. Hair looks great. I also love the lipstick you're wearing in that picture. What brand/color is it?

    1. Thank you love. The brand is NYX and the color is Tea Rose

  6. Love the hair - it really adds dimension and color to your face!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  7. ohh cant wait for the mac and cheese recipe!! Love the hair. OMG your hair grows so fast!!

  8. Ummm so you look totally FABULOUS with your new hair girl :). And I totally know how you feel with stress. I carry it ALL in my shoulders so when I've booked massage appointments before, the lady will always ask me how I function everyday with these huge knots that build up....thanks lady...lol.

  9. I adore the hair!!!!!! And ditto the 12 others that ALSO want your mac and cheese recipe.

  10. I love your hair! And I can't wait for the recipe!

  11. OMG LOVE that bag! I totally need to check my ULTA to see if they have them...

  12. Your hair is absolutely adorable!! Hope this week is better for ya :)

  13. Your hair looks great! Sounds like a great weekend! Love your new gym bag!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  14. This is the best hair color I have seen one you girl, love it!! The mac and cheese looks so good. Stress can do so much damage to your body, glad you got some rest.

  15. I am loving the new hair!!! Just beautiful!!!!!! And that bag!! I want it!!!! And that mac and cheese??!?!?! Cue the stomach growls! Looks delish!

  16. your hair looks fabulous gorgeous! as always drooling over your food. yum!

  17. You're lookin' pretty good for "not feeling photogenic", just sayin'.

  18. Love the new hair! So pretty! I can't wait to get mine down this weekend.

  19. love the hair!!!! I cant wait to see the mac & cheese recipe Breanna is a mac & cheese girl!!!

  20. Your hair looks great! Glad you can get free a massage--it sounds like you could use it. I need to book another appointment here soon for my terrible lower back problems.

  21. Your hair looks gorgeous! love the new streaks. I can't wait to try the mac and cheese recipe. It looks delicious!

  22. Your hair looks GREAT girl! Perfect time of year to play around with going a little darker!!

  23. Love your hair! I went a little darker for the fall as well! Mmmm macaroni and cheese, something I miss dearly :)

  24. I love your hair!! I hope everything is okay.. Remember to hold your head up high!!!

    Love you:)))

  25. Your hair looks fabulous - the perfect change for fall! Very, very pretty!

    So great that the massage helped with your stress level. And, yay for a free massage!

    Interesting about the sermon...and that parts of it were hard for you to hear...I know nothing of what you are going through - but, I'm a firm believer that things happen when they are supposed to. And usually when you least expect it. And that's what makes it soooooo wonderful! What you wish for will come...

    There are great things ahead for you... :) Just keep going for it...and like Jessica said "remember to hold your head up high!"

    Good thoughts and hugs for you. Stay strong, fabulous girl!! You deserve the best in life!

    ps....looking forward to the mac and cheese recipe as well, it sounds so yummy.

  26. amazing and aristocratic. I like it. It looks very smart and beautiful.
    Personlig trener Stavanger

  27. OMG Your hair looks beautiful!! I loved it blonde and love it even more a bit darker!!

  28. I love the dark tones you added to your hair and I can't wait to see that Mac and Cheese recipe. I love macaroni and cheese!

  29. I LOVE your hair! It looks perfect. I can't wait for you to share the mac and chesse recipe. Mac and cheese is totally one of my guilty pleassures.

  30. No one in my family except for me likes mac and cheese so I'm excited to see your version because MORE FOR ME!!!

    I think your hair looks great and HOORAY for a free massage! Sorry you had a stressful week and I'm glad it's over so you can get back to your normal routine.

  31. Absolutely LOVE the new hair! I always go a little darker in the fall too. I need to find an amazing stylist who won't charge $100s of dollars to color my grays, they're so expensive here.

  32. Your hair looks incredible ... and I think I have that same lower back pain you had today :(

  33. I am glad you got a massage, I get terrible stress ones from my day job too. I can't wait for the mac and cheese recipe!

  34. Your hair looks fierce! Great change and perfect for fall.

  35. love the hair Liz, looks so great on you :)

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