Weekend Recap (Did you miss me?)

September 8, 2014

It has been quite the ghost town for the past week on Fitness Blondie, huh? Well, I had good reason. Initially I was going to take some time off to work on my book. I have been posting 7 times a week, which is great, but I felt like each post was not getting the proper time and exposure it needed, plus it was super time consuming. My creative levels were high though, so I went with it. However, I wanted to dive back into my book to finish a few more chapters. I planned to focus on that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Unfortunately, that did not happen. I worked 10-12 hour days last week with "end of the month" accounting going on, lots of problems with that, planning my third quarter "town hall" event, and meetings upon meetings. It was all I could go to work then go to the gym. It happens, I guess. 

Friday morning I was wore slam out. It was 95 degrees by 9 AM, sun was blazing, and I had a ton of errands to run for the event. I got the food from a local membership club, loaded everything, drove to the office, then had to go to a cornhole board since we were one short for our "company tournament", pick up tea from Panera, get sodas from a local grocer, rush back to the park, unload everything, leave to go get ice, then finally come back and help setup then cleanup. I was sweating profusely, felt dead tired, but it was so awesome to see everyone having such an amazing time. I truly love planning all of our events and all of the hard work and chaos that comes with it. Seeing happy people makes it all worth it.
I do not know how, but after work, I managed to go to the gym for leg day. I pushed through 35 minutes of cardio and heavy leg training

After the gym, I went home to shower and get ready, then I met my girlfriend Alexis for a cocktail and chocolate fondue at none other then "The Melting Pot". A drink never tasted so good after a week like that.

After our drink and dessert, we went to a "luxury" movie theater to see "As Above, So Below". I am a horror junkie and was stoked to see the movie. The theater was very cool as well. The seats were spread out and very comfortable; I loved all of the cushion. The movie was great too; I was surprised by the good story line, it was intriguing, interesting, weird, and scary. Also, the ending was great.

Saturday I was dragging. I felt like crap. At 11 I finally drug myself out of bed, threw on a pair of jeans, picked up a smoothie at Smoothie King (with extra caffeine), then took off to Greensboro to spend the night with my grandma and grandpa. 

I brought my laptop to my grandparents in hopes of getting some work done, but guess what? That did not happen. For literally 5-6 hours, my grandmother and I sat in the sunroom chatting. It is such a blessing to be so close with them. The view was beautiful too.

In true grandparent weekend fashion, my papa fired up the grill and I had the best NY Strip a girl could ask for and a salad. That is my idea of a perfect meal.

My grandmother and I spent the rest of the evening watching the Brittany Murphy movie and special on Lifetime, and I was actually in bed pretty early.

Yesterday I slept in then hit the road back to Charlotte. I had a ton of errands to run. I had to go to the grocery store, Pet Smart, and Target. I also treated myself to a "Wheatgrass Shot". Drinking it tastes like death, but the benefits are killer.

My last stop was picking out new clothes for work at New York and Company. They were having a killer sale, plus I had a coupon. Buy 1 get 1 half off and a $70 off $150 or more coupon. You can't beat that. I found a lot of classy and gorgeous items.

When I finally arrived home, I spent hours and hours cleaning up and food prepping. Around 8 PM I sat down to call it night. I'm still a little tired this morning, but ready to make it a great week!


  1. i heard wheatgrass tastes like ass but so good for you.

    sounds like a super busy weekend. i spent my weekend in my kitchen too cooking, cleaning and organizing. have a great week!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Looks like a busy weekend, well done working out!!!

    WOOHOO, Melting Pot is the best!

  3. Sounds like a super BUSY weekend!
    I love the selections from NY&C!!!

  4. WOW I am exhausted from just reading about your weekend!!!

    I am very curious about this wheatgrass shot you speak of. What are the benefits of them? Sounds disgusting!!! :)

    Happy Monday! Hope you're feeling better today!!!

  5. I think that is so sweet and lucky to have grandparents like that! I totally forgot to record the Brittney Murphy movie, whoops. I am sure it will be back on, lol.

  6. Seems like you had a great weekend! I just signed back up at the gym and I have been using your posts as inspiration!

  7. So awesome that you took the time for grandparent chat... those are such a blessing. I wish I could have my grandmothers back for more chats :)

  8. Wow, I feel really lazy after reading about your weekend! :) Love NY and Co!

  9. New York and Company was my favorite store when I worked in an office. That was a sweet deal you got, too.

    Kudos to you on that wheatgrass shot. Because I know I couldn't do it.

    And grandparents are the best.

  10. Glad your event went well. Looks like you had a great weekend. Love that you get to spend time with your grandparents.

  11. you are such a busy bee! and your grandparents are the best! that salad looks delish. love the items you got on sale, is that a top? love it!

  12. You go girl! Time off is good and you will never ever regret hours spent with your grandparents as you get older.

  13. So busy! I have never tried wheat grass before. It sounds like death! What are the benefits?

    I used to be all about NY & Co but I hadn't seen anything in there all summer. Perhaps I need to take another look!

  14. I love Smoothie King I go there about once a week after a gym session. Kudos to you for making it to the gym after a long hot day at work, you deserved that drink and desert!! I also find myself shopping at NY&co for work wardrobe. :)

  15. Gahhhh... the Melting Pot. I'm so jealoussssssssssss!!!!! I haven't been in ages!

  16. Great weekend as usual. You amaze me!

  17. WOW!! Girl you are always so busy... You always find the cutest stuff at NY & Co yet I can never.. ugh super jelly!! Sounds awesome though and super excited that you got to spend grandparents day with yours. Miss you & love you!!

  18. Yes, I like how you referred to the wheat glass shot as a "treat". The things we have to tell ourselves to get healthy stuff down!

    Stop to smell the roses - that's something I don't do enough of and with your busy lifestyle I am glad you took the opportunity to do it! Grandparents are the greatest gift and it is certainly nice to spend the weekend with them. That sun room is really a great place to do it!

  19. Aw, makes me miss my Granny, she turned 95 last week. She is still with it and very feisty and drove up until 3 years ago. Miss her. Looks like an awesome weekend!

  20. Love steak and salad too - would probably be my last meal on Earth!

  21. Have I mentioned how jealous I am of how often you go to the Melting Pot? There is one in Vegas, but it's not the kind of place you really go by yourself, and I don't have any friends or family around that want to go. *le sigh* i just love that place so much and I never get to go. Sad panda.

  22. I'm jelous of your NY&Co haul. Everytime I go there I find a ton of cute stuff but none of it ever fits me properly. Grrr... BTW, the adult beverages at the Melting Pot look fantastic!

  23. I have a drink with wheat grass and spirulina. It does not taste very good but it is super healthy. It is awesome you got to see your grandma and grandpa and spent a lot of time with them. We have a melting pot here in Illinois but, I've never been to it before. It looks like it would be a lot of fun though. I'm glad you had a fun weekend.

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