TGIF: Back on the grind!

September 6, 2013

Another Friday is upon us. I am most happy to see it, too. This three day work week was brutal. I do not know how I am going to handle a 5! So I definitely need a weekend to prepare myself, right? Can't we just go back to Labor Day weekend? I want my toes in the sand, a fruity drink in my hand, and the ocean. OK anyways, since it's 5 on Friday and H5F5 I am sharing 5 randoms of my short week since coming back from the beach!

(1) Wednesday, reality hit. It was time to go back to work. I definitely through a tantrum too. Ha! But luckily, my laptop was delivered! As you may remember if you read my bloggy blog (you better) Marquis surprised me last week by ordering me one. Mine has been out of comission for well over a year and since I have been writing, I have been using an OLD office laptop that cannot even connect to Wifi. Marq set it up for me and even made my name "Liz Beagle". It made me so happy!

(2) It's back on the bandwagon for healthy eating and my training schedule. And I need it. I need that structure. I am nowhere near perfect and I have definitely been slacking in both departments some. It gets difficult when work is stressful, way too busy, and nonstop. Plus when you're nonstop with everything else as well. But you must push on. I am big Fiber One fan. Their bars, etc. really do have a good amount of fiber in them. Fiber is SO essential and many people do not get enough. Their new lemon brownie flavor is out of this world. It is seriously so delicious! I cannot get enough. Pair one of those babies with an apple or greek yogurt and you are full and good to go. And... um, it will definitely help "clean ya out". There is a coupon for .50 cents off of a box on Coupons.com as well!

(3) August was a stressful month. Literally half of the month by the end of the day, I was in tears. It's very fun working for a small, start-up company sometimes. A lot of times I did not even take a lunch hour. I just had too much to do. I would sit at my desk from 8-5, taking small breaks here and there to blog, look at Twitter or retail websites, and drive right back into work. Well, I don't like that. I need that mental break. What a better way to do it then get in some good cardio at the gym? My gym is right across the street! It's an all around win: my favorite music, my Lateral machine, a mental escape, and burn some fat. I had a great cardio session Thursday, too! Extra cardio on top of my work out's will be fine. It's light cardio, just enough to feel good. I sit at a desk ALL day, my body can handle it.
(4) Since Marquis is in full contest prep again and I want to be better, we have really been cleaning up our meals, especially dinner. We have had the best dinners this week! Plain grilled chicken (it isn't bad either, very juicy and tender) with spinach, almond, and apple salad with sides of sweet potatoes and beans. Last night we had a butternut squash with ground cinnamon, sugar free maple syrup, and a hint of walnuts. What a delicious, organic, and all around nutritious meal. Yum!

(5) Our babies. These are just random pictures I have taken of them since we have been back. They are just too cute and lets face it; who doesn't like pictures of furbabies?

TGIF loves!


  1. Hey girl! I finally found your comment button! I don't know why I couldn't find it last Friday!

    Nice to see your new laptop and I must say kudos to you for being able to live an old computer for so long! If its me, I would have gotten a new laptop right away! Cannot stand slow computers at all!

    You are such a healthy buff! Puts me in shame! I am way too lazy and way too greedy to give up my usual food with heavy sauces and flavor.

    And I am amazed that your cat and dogs are able to co-exist in the same space peacefully! I love that!

    Have a great weekend babe! (^_-)

  2. Ermagherd I hate how long weekends screw us all up when we have to go back to "normal"! I caught up on your blog this a.m. and seriously you are so freakin' gorge without makeup and I just wanted to tell you that. Your gorge either way but whoa killa! Have a great weekend!

  3. short weeks are such a tease, but at least it's Friday girl. We made it. Happy weekend!

  4. Love you and your fur babies :)

  5. I really like the peanut butter Fiber One brownies, but I'm even more excited about this lemon bar!! So glad you shared it!

  6. Aww Marq is so sweet!!!! Love the new computer!! Acers are my fave! I also nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog!! check it out !! :)

  7. Seriously lucky girl. I wish my boyfriend would get me a laptop. I need a new one so bad. Christmas present perhaps. Plus Acers aren't that expensive either.

    I need motivation to get back on the gym. I have a gym membership but I hardly go. I hate going to the gym solo. Lol

  8. Yeah on the new laptop! I wish my gym was that close, but it's not too far! That salad looks so good! Contest prep can be brutal so it's awesome that you are there to help him through it.

  9. i frickin' love you!! I do not know how I am going to survive going back to school/student teaching come monday either. I like NOT having to go!!!! ahhh 14 more weeks!!!!!

    I love the new laptop!! very beautiful & those lemon bars look so good!! I loved the fiber one bars too but the chocolate chip ones compared to costco ones are huge.. minus costco doesn't have the fiber but only has 100 calories.. so i guess we give & take. & I really need to get on your program of clean eating & eating healthy... please make my meals for me?? lol I can never think of anything yummy to eat!!!

    & love all the children!!!

    Happy friday beautiful!!!

  10. Love your new computer!! Have an amazing weekend, friend! xo

  11. Hey Girlie :)

    I'm loving your puppies. I've been hinting about getting one to my man... so far, no puppy, but I'll continue trying!

    We are going to apartment hunt this weekend! Hopefully the trip is a success and by Monday I won't be homeless...

    I found that meal planner on pintrest, I'm very into the printables lately :)

    Happy Friday!

  12. Wow that salad looks delicious! I'm loving the sound of that butternut squash with cinnamon!

    Btw thanks for joining the Blog Hop! Hope you're having fun! :D
    -Your Co-host, Lynn @ MakeupWithTea

  13. Okay, I'm glad to see that someone else shares my obsession with fiber one! I love the chocolate chunk granola bars!

  14. those lemon bars look soooo good, lemon is my favorite! also, that dinner looks/sounds amazing! have a great weekend!

  15. I love the lemon brownie flavor! So yummy!


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