Weekend Shannies: Good food, good shopping, and the best mom!

September 22, 2013

It has been the best weekend. I am heartbroken it is coming to an end. But I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week. As all of my Blogger friends and readers know, I have some big life changes coming up. Mama has been staying with us since Thursday night and we have a had a great time.
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Friday, it was a busy day at work. I worked out during my lunch so I could go home and get ready for a mother/daughter date. Mama and I went to our favorite spot; "The Melting Pot" for fondue!

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels... unless it is fondue!"

After, we had a little bubbly.

Can I interest you in a bottle?

Saturday, we were early risers. We had shopping on our minds. We fueled up on Ihop and hit some of our favorite and regular spots that we love to go to when Mama comes to Charlotte to stay.

I found most of my shopping goodies at my favorite place in the whole world; "Ulta". My big find: Urban Decay's Vice 2.

Okay, so I have a story: I was reading Tara's blog (Fabulous But Evil) and I saw her review on Urban Decay's Vice 2. I knew I HAD to have it. I had my heart set. So when Mama and I were out running errands, I ran into Ulta like a crack head to find the Vice 2. Well, I could not find it. I finally asked a vendor, who grabbed a manager. The manager told me she had a sample I could look at, but they cannot start selling the palette until the 26th. As crazy as this sounds, I had tears in my eyes. I was SO disappointed. I know that sounds so crazy, but I love makeup. So then the manager says she can tell I really want it, so she went into the stock room and pulled one for me! I was SO thankful!

I also found really fun nail colors. I love China Glaze!

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful. I hit the gym after shopping all day and it was hard. Mom's MS started acting up and she felt bad so we stayed in and enjoyed watching Ghost shows on the Bio channel. 

Today. Sigh... today looks fun, but I have to tell you guys, it wasn't... at first. I slept horrible last night. I had really bad nightmares. The nightmares effected me so bad that I felt sick to my stomach. I will not go into detail, but one of the dreams was that Marty was killed. I was up and down all night. Marquis and I finally woke up at 7:30. We went and got breakfast then went up to Concord to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a car show. It was a blast, but we walked in the blazing sun for hours. My body was aching by the time we left. 

I was in such a rotten mood after. I slept horrible, the nightmares were still weighing on me, and my body was aching. Marquis and I argued over the air we were breathing. You would think he and I were brother and sister, not an engaged couple as much as we were arguing. It as PMS on steroids. We managed to get groceries without killing each other, then I took a nap. 

When I woke up, I felt better, but I wanted to drink. I haven't had a drink in like two weeks so I wanted a Margarita. And what goes good with a blackberry Margarita? Mexican food!

After we had a delicious dinner, Mama wanted to go to Target one last time since she is leaving tomorrow morning. Mama lives in my hometown, a tiny farm town in northern NC. The nearest Target is over an hour away so she does not get to go often. Me? I have 2 Target's within a 5 mile radius.

Anyways, she was able to get some goodies for herself, I bought a Batman watch for Marquis for being such a bitch today, and I got myself a planner - that includes meals, fitness, and expense planning! It was only $20, too! Take that Erin Condren! Ha. Kidding. I also found some fun Sharpies. It just felt appropriate to get Sharpies with a new planner. 

So, the main reason I bought this? My new Weight Watcher's membership. I bought a three month membership. I am not a Weight Watcher's affiliate or anything like that, but Weight Watcher's works. It really, honestly, truly does. I did it a few years and I loved it. I have been on a stand still with my weight. I managed to get off the weight from my miscarriage and emergency surgery from earlier this year, but I need a kick. So I am doing the online program. Aside from wanting to switch things up, I have a lot of chaos going on with life right now. I am leaving my job in a few weeks, applying for new jobs, interviewing (I have one this Wednesday, please a say a prayer), and on top of all of that, Marquis is still starting new businesses. We are literally all over the place. I am working and interviewing this week, and this weekend Marquis and I are driving down to Myrtle Beach for a franchise meeting. Life is nonstop so Weight Watcher's will help me stay on track so I do not fall apart during these next transitions in our lives I don't know about you guys, but when I am so busy and scattered brained, the first aspect of my life to suffer is healthy eating.

Let's make it a great week. I can't wait to read what all you guys have been up to this weekend. Don't forget to join me for "The Hump Day" blog hop on Wednesday! Our first week was a success, so lets make this week even better!


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  2. Looks like you had a great weekend minus the nightmare. That blueberry margarita looks so good! Hope you find a great new job that brings a lot less stress!

  3. What a fun date! And props to you for getting your workout in on your lunch so that you still got it on.

  4. That planner sounds amazing. I think I'm gonna copy you and head to target to get one. I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with your mother. And we've all been there with the crabby days :-) Hoping things go smoothly for you this week.

  5. Mmm I LOVE the Melting Pot, it is sooo delicious!

    I think I'd cry if the nearest Target was an hour away! How do people live without Target? :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Style Lately Giveaway!

  6. OMG yes the Melting Pot!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE that place. Where exactly do you live again??

    and your mom seems precious. I see where you get it! ;)

  7. Sounds like a good time with your mama! Feel you on the times we're total bitches to our loved ones...I get that way like once a month for seven days if you catch my drift. Fingers crossed on the interview. Just remember if its meant to be it will be. WW is freakin' awesome. My mom is a lifetime member. Good stuff! <3 ya girl!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time with mama!! Hope she enjoyed her stay as much as you did with her. Maybe next time mama can make a guest appearance on the blog :) Finger & toes crossed for you and many prayers as I know job changes are tough but God has a plan for you & i promise you it will happen exactly how he wants it to happen, which might be completely different from what you think!!! Target is so dangerous and that planner is adorable!! Maybe you can do a post about what you put in your planner, mine i never have an idea but I like to write things out rather than my phone. Ah I was thinking of starting WW online too, i need a kick & lately things haven't been working as I am leaving on this cruise in 10 days & eating everything in sight... Praying still hubby gets the time off from work :) so with all that I know I am going to gain weight & will want to lose it before Christmas.. We can do this girl!! Let's motivate each other - & glad to hear you and Marquis are doing much better!! No killing each other.. Happy Monday darling

  9. so Liz I was wondering if you would be interested in linking up some of your wonderful advice on Tuesdays here http://www.exploringdomesticity.blogspot.com/ they do a tricks and tips Tuesday for fitness etc...I think you would be a a great addition!!!

  10. yay iam so excited you are doing WW's!!! I know you had so much fun with your mama and yeahhhh car shows in the heat can put anybody in a bad mood!! lol But mexican makes everything better...hahaha

  11. I have only had dessert fondue at the Melting Pot, but it is simply divine! That Urban Decay palette looks pretty divine too ;) Good luck with the interviews and WW!

  12. Nothing better than a marg and mexican food :)

  13. I've never had melting pot, i know what a shame. but, i've been to those stinking car shows a millions times...something needs to change :) target and mexican food are always the best

  14. you're just soooo klassy....


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