Friday's 5 and Faith

October 4, 2013

It's Friday; one of the best days of the week, and one of the funnest days of the week to blog. It is the 5 on Friday and H54F link up's. It's a time to reflect and write 5 things about the week that has been. I am writing this post on Thursday night while I clear my heads and thoughts. I looked forward to this post all week. I thought my Friday post would include how excited I was about landing my new position. Not so much though, I still have not heard anything. My faith is running low but I keep holding on. I know you guys are probably so sick of hearing about it, but this white screen and these black letters create an outlet for my over thinking mind.

1.) The crazy situation about this potential j o b.
I interviewed last Wednesday for the Executive Assistant position for a rapidly growing real firm. I would be the Executive Assistant to the CEO. The more I read and learn about this company, the more I yearn for this job. Who knows the opportunities that could come from this and I am praying relentlessly that I will get that call. The CEO of the company has won so many awards, she is so well known, and the firm is rated number 12 by the Wall Street Journal of top real estate company's in the US. What is so crazy about this whole damn thing is, I applied for this job nearly 2 months ago. They called for an interview in August and I accepted, but then a meeting came up and I had to cancel the interview. I called back a few days later to reschedule and from that point, it was a ping pong match of back and forth emails to find a convenient time for both myself and the company. I was tired of it, I did not think it would work out so I just gave up trying to interview with them. But they kept contacting me. So then two weeks ago when I came to the decision that I had to leave my current job, I decided that maybe I really do need to give this real estate company and chance and go interview with them. I was leaving my position and they were still trying to get me to come in for an interview. It made perfect sense and it also felt like fate working its way into my life. Last Wednesday the time had finally come. It was a killer had interview with that CEO and I felt kindred and connected with her. She is exactly how I want to be in 20 years. I have been obsessing and waiting by the phone for this job ever since. She called my references last Thursday (which were great) and that is all I know at this point. I have not been told either way. I sent a follow up email Wednesday evening and no reply thus far. I have been keeping up with the firm via Facebook and Twitter and they have had several events going on this week plus an awards ceremony for the CEO who has won yet another award. I am hoping that she has just been way too busy and will make a point to contact me either way soon. I promise to not write about it anymore, unless I get the job. Have you ever been offered a job, but it took them 1-3 weeks or maybe even longer to call you to offer it? You thought there was no way you landed the position but actually did get it?

2.) Training my r e p l a c e m e n t
Since I am leaving my current company as they are cutting costs and closing the office I work in and making everyone transition to our manufacturer an hour away (which I cannot do), I have been training my replacement. In addition to her current duties at our manufacturer, she will now be taking over my position. Again, another way the company can cut costs (it's that bad) and let me tell you all, that has been absolutely exhausting. By the end of the day I feel like I have ran a marathon, plus a sore throat. My job is really complicated so I am having to create training manuals to help the woman learn. The below picture is only half of them!

3.) Captain P h i l l i p s 
I am a member of GoFoBo, they send invites to advanced screenings of movies that are coming soon. I am not sure how you can become a member. I think you have to be invited. I joined through my Regal members card. If you know me, you know I spend way too much with Regal so I get to go to these screenings often. I am a junkie. This week we saw "Captain Phillips". All I can say is GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It is absolutely worth every penny! The movie is incredible and a true story. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The action, cast, and story line is impeccable. Tom Hanks never ceases to me amaze me with his acting skills. He was definitely born for this. 5 stars all of the way.

4.) China G l a z e
Every girl needs a little pampering once in a while. I recently bought some fun new China Glaze colors. I gave myself a homemade pedicure last night with this fun new color. 
5.) P i c t u r e s 
To celebrate true blog fashion, I have a bunch of a little random pictures from the week. The first one is Marty being adorable on his giant tower scratch post. The second picture, beside of Marty, is Charlie and Dottie watching their daddy talking on his phone on the deck. It was so cute. The third picture is Marty sleeping in one of my gym/laundry bags. Marquis texted me that picture when I was at work. Apparently he was missing his mommy - so cute! The fourth picture is Marty laid back, being as cute as ever. The bottom two pictures are some treats I have enjoyed this week. The "Orange Refresher" from Starbucks; I rarely ever go to Starbucks, but that Orange Refresher is the exception. It tastes natural and delicious, it's not sugary or filled with fake sugar crap. I love it. Lastly there is a Quest bar. It is hands down the healthiest and most nutritious protein bar on the market.They are a little pricy, but they are buy 3 get 1 free at GNC, I would go try one! 
Have a great weekend guys!


  1. Good luck! I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

  2. I hope you hear back from that company soon! I know how exhausting it can be waiting for a call back from a job. I hate it when you don't get the job and they just don't tell you.

    Also I LOVE Tom Hanks! I can't wait to see Saving Mr. Banks where he plays Walt Disney. It's 2 of my favorite things combined :)

  3. I hope she calls you soon!!! it is so frustrating not hearing back!! I hope they call regardless if you get it or not

    I wish I could sit at a movie theater for an entire movie...I am too antsy lol, and especially if I am not into the movie in the first 5 min I am done, I dont even remember the last time I was at the theater

  4. Fingers crossed you'll hear back about your job soon!! Happy weekend!

  5. Good luck with that job offering. Hope they will call you very soon!
    Have a great weekend and S.T.O.P thinking about the job. The more you don't care, the more it will happen (something like Murphy's Law). Cheers! (☆^ー^☆)

  6. what a gorgeous colour!
    goodluck with the job hunting!


  7. Most companies I've worked for take a lot longer on the hiring process than you think. Even after they pick who they want.

  8. I really hope you hear back and get that job! Usually they don't check references unless they want to offer you the job. My fingers are crossed for you!!

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  9. Thats so funny you ask that because the job iam currently at, I applied for years ago and he didnt hire me. Months after that he called to see if I wanted the job, the person he had gotten had fell through after a few months. I laughed !!! But it ended up being like the best thing ever. So crazy. Anyways now you got me wanting to try that refresher!!!

  10. I have my fingers crossed for you about this position! If it is the right one, everything will work out. I have noticed a lot of companies take much longer in the hiring process that you think they should so I wouldn't sweat too much. Also, love the pedicure color, how fun! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  11. Keep the faith girl! Love the China Glaze color, I need to paint my toes this weekend. My current job had a crazy long interview process including phone interviews and two in person interviews. I have been here 4.5 years so it worked out.

  12. Keep your head up!!! Praying you get the job!!

  13. im currently working towards an exec assistant position. its soooo difficult but definitely gratifying. and kudos to you for putting your feet on the internet. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES IVE WANTED TO SHARE A PEDI AND COULDNT?! lol. LOVE YOU!


  14. You're going to get it, love! It's a completely reasonable amount of time for that position. I've seen it take much longer. Love you!

  15. My current job took 2 weeks to confirm that I had the position. A friend of mine who works for the company confirmed that I was chosen, but I did not hear from the company officially for two agonizing weeks! Hang in there girl! May God be with you.

  16. Sending prayers your way friend :) Painting nails is always fun and relaxing!

  17. More power to you on your latest endeavor....& I'm a China Glaze fan too!!!



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