I skipped the gym for burgers and a sundae

May 30, 2013

I MIGHT have skipped spin class and weights last night to cook bacon cheddar burgers on the grill and make a homemade ice cream sundae! Ok, well Marquis cooked everything, I just supervised, that is just as important.
Totally worth it.
 I am so ready for the weekend. I just want to sleep. I love sleep. Even though this has been a short week, I feel like short weeks are the longest sometimes. I don't understand it either.

I am having a crazy curl day today. I don't know what is going on. I love hot rollers, but you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes they make your hair absolutely fab and sometimes they are a miss. Today was a little bit of a miss.
Curls for daysss


  1. that looks really good!!!


  2. I do this all the time. I beleive it's totally acceptable:):)

  3. Love the title!! Sometimes you just gotta go that! Last night I went to yoga and then came home and had frozen yogurt! :)

  4. Found you on the thirsty thursday blog hop, good for you! We can all use a break from the gym once in a while. Your curls are stunning by the way!

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  5. I skip the gym everyday to eat awful foods.. terrible I know! haha. & girl I wish my hair would curl like that! it won't hold a curl worth crap!

  6. I think the curls look fabulous!
    and that food...yumm!

  7. I want EVERYTHING about that sundae. I want to eat it right now. Seriously. I honestly think I might leave and go get ice cream right now. I will send you the bill. :-)

  8. mmmm, the burgers and sundae look amazing. and 5000% worth skipping the gym for one day :)

  9. Been there done that! Go girl! :)

    I also LOVE sleep! Too much sometimes...lol



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