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June 5, 2013

If you read the title of my post, you had been of been singing Icona Pop's song ;)

Today is my first time linking up for "What I'm Loving Wednesday" and I do a lot of loving.

I love to laugh. And what I am loving this Wednesday is a funny story to share.
Last month I interviewed for a prominent position with a real estate investment firm uptown. I wanted this position so bad I could taste it. I ensured that I prepared everything I could to make myself stand out and be the best I could be; polished resume and cover letter, portfolio of prior business documents, and a stellar writing sample. As fate would have it, I did not get the position. However, I read about who did and this chick was a lawyer in the UK and Australia AND a former CEO of a charity organization in the UK. HAHAHA... I'm sure I was next on the list if she did not accept!


I love that today is Wednesday. That means Friday is just that much closer.

Speaking of Friday, I love that one of my best friend's, Jennifer coming down to stay with me!


I am loving that tonight is season premiere of Paranormal Witness! Yay to the 50th power. I love all things paranormal and this show is my top favorite.

I am so totally loving my child, cat. He likes to hang out on the counter right after I Cloroxed it. :) He cracks me up.

I am loving how my quads feel. I had 2 days of kick ass spin classes this week and last night was a good work out as well. These legs feel happy, happy, happy.

I am loving being able to wear my work out gear to work. Working in an office alone 90% of the time is awesome.

Lastly, I am loving ZOE'S KITCHEN! Spinach, mushroom, and chicken wraps with a side of "clean" pasta salad. It does not get any better. I get a cheat meal tomorrow and guess what it will be.


Time to link up and write about what you are loving, too!



  1. I love zoes i always get that exact meal!!

  2. So jealous of you being able to wear workout gear to work! That is the life, ha!


  3. I wish I could wear yoga pants to work! Your kitty is too cute! Hope the rest of the week flies by! :)

  4. I wish I could wear yoga pants to work, that's awesome!

    That meal looks amazing!

  5. Haha your cat is too funny! Also loving the workout clothes to work. I like to secretly kick my shoes off under my desk ;)

  6. I love Zoe's kitchen too! Spinach wraps are my favorite!! Happy Wednesday!

  7. You are SO gorgeous! First and foremost thank you for stopping by my blog, I am so glad you did because I will get lots of nutrition/workout inspiration from you :)

    Have a wonderful rest of your week, you're so lucky you can wear workout clothes to work everyday!


  8. You are beautiful! I am following your blog. Need some healthy inspiration.

  9. I love when I can wear workout gear to work! :) You look hot lady!

  10. I have literally been singing that song all morning - LOL!

  11. You've got me singing Icona Pop now!! I've never heard of Zoe's Kitchen - I just checked and there aren't any in NY. It looks so good!

  12. So jealous of your work clothes! I get to wear jeans for the summer and we celebrate that, haha!

  13. OMG you remind me of myself so much! We're both blonde and we're both addicted to the gym. And if that's a recent picture of you than we even have the same body types LOL and I have a cat who lays that exact same way! Great post!

  14. mm that zoes meal looks so good!

  15. Yum! Zoe's kitchen looks amazing, can I have some??? Lucky you getting to wear workout clothes like it's your job! Have fun with your bestie, those are always the best of times!

  16. I would LOVE to wear workout clothes to work on a daily basis! They're seriously so comfortable and I wouldn't have to ever buy anything else! Haha.

  17. Oh wow, the lady who got the job had quite the resume. Better luck next time! :)
    I haven't heard of the show Paranormal Witness, but I love shows like that even though they really freak me out haha.

  18. Hollaaaa for paranormal shows! I loveee them! Sometimes they're kinda dumb, but so damn freaky at the same time. My husband makes fun of me but I don't even care. I'll summon the shit out of spirits.

  19. I love this post!!! What a fab idea. Your cat is amazing, plus that food looks delicious!

  20. It really is awesome that you can wear what you want to to work! I'd love to do that! And now it's Thursday. The end of the work week is even closer--I'm definitely happy about that.

  21. FIRST off, thanks for the LOVELY comment on my blog! I will totally count on you for motivation.

    Second- I LOVE Icona Pop's I Love It! LOL Every time I hear it, I go right to Hannah dancing in her braless mesh shirt on Girls. I don't care... I love it! I'm def a 90s bitch since I did go through my teens then :)

    And I loooooooove Zoe's!

    Great post!

  22. I love Paranormal Witness! Thanks for reminding me :)

    Following your blog


  23. YAY for workout clothes to the office!


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