Holy Sh!+ What a Day!

June 12, 2013

Okay y'all... I just need to breathe for a second.
My brain is all over the place right now.

It's all good stuff at least!

I am marrying an entrepreneur. And it's a crazy life.

Marquis, the future worse half of myself, is 44 years old and from a small town in upstate NY. He grew up dirt poor. I'm talking a house built in the 1800's with no air conditioner, and the only way they ate was from their farm. He went into the Army; graduated number 1 in bootcamp for his physical fitness, then after he discharged from the military, he put himself through Ithaca college and graduated with honors. Even with severe ADHD. And honey, he still has that ADHD today.

He is a pretty driven man.

He just sold his two main businesses that have been operation since the year 2000. They were tanning salons; he sold them to a major franchise in the US. 

Over the past 6 weeks we have been working hard and now he is ready to open a new one.
Since marketing and advertising are my things, we have completely redone the tanning salon and what makes ours different and unique. I can't wait to share everything on here with you guys in the next month or two.

But we have some questions. The main one being: Where the hell are we going to put it?

There is one location in Charlotte (where we live and are established now) but if we open that location, it takes virtually every dime he made off of the sale of the old salons. That's a big pretty big risk. Especially because I don't trust the shopping center it would be in. It's in one of the most upscale places in Charlotte, but I am telling you guys, something just doesn't feel right. Just ask all the little restaurants that have opened and closed.

We have been talking for over a year now about buying a condo and Myrtle, opening a business there and kind of going back and fourth. I would be in Myrtle full time but he would still keep the house in Charlotte (for the time being) and go back and fourth.

Today he spoke with a man in Myrtle who is selling a really awesome tanning salon. Great location, great beds and Mystic HD, PLUS it would cost freaking 75% less than Charlotte to open it. We could pay cash today and still have a H U G E cushion. We are touring it Saturday.

We are also touring a bar/grille (my top choice to buy), an ice-cream shoppe, and a house to buy and rent out to people.

He then told me he spoke with a realtor and we are touring 6 condo's on Saturday to potentially live in.

Home sweet...home?

We could buy a condo and the tanning salon in Myrtle BOTH and still be spending 30% less than what it would take to open the one in Charlotte.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but it makes me happy.
We are also considering selling or renting out our house in Charlotte because though it looks small(ish) on the outside it is HUGE in the inside. The only reason we bought it because it was such a good business investment. See, there is that business again.

Either way, I think Myrtle is clearly a better and cheaper choice. Plus, like I have said before, I was a fish in my past life and I was meant to be on the water.

Our anniversary trip is turning into a business development trip... why am I not surprised!!! LOL... just another day in the life! 


  1. Do you just wanna come to El Paso :) ???????? With all 2 tanning salon companies in this city!

  2. What fun and exciting decisions you have ahead of you! Good luck girl !

  3. GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRl you sound so busy, but it's all good stuff.

    I feel you on the uncertainty, there are few things up in the air right now with my life and it's like WHOA, what way, what to do...etc.

    I'm sure your trip will be awesome though!

    And mad props to your man :)

  4. Always go with your gut feeling! It is trying to tell you something. Congrats to him for being a self-starter and go-getter!

  5. AGH!!! That's the only way to roll - crazy and out of control:) I think it is amazing and admirable to put yourself out there and try something "new". I can't wait to keep updated on the fun:)

  6. Wow you have so much going on! Hopefully you can have a little bit of down time during your trip :)

  7. Just think of all the shopping you could do at Broadway at the Beach if you lived in Myrtle! ;-)

  8. Wow! What a big moves coming your way! But, kind of sounds like a super fun adventure to me? Moving to a whole new place together! And the beach?? AMAZING!

  9. What a crazy ass day for sure! Sounds like such a great opportunity though. I love to travel to new places but never had the guts to move anywhere new...although I think it would be an amazing adventure! Curious to see what you guys decide.

  10. Wow you do have alot going on! Myrtle Beach??? heck yes that sounds amazing! Good luck girl I hope everything works out this weekend and you love the places you look at!

  11. Definitely go with your gut and go for Myrtle Beach!! Good luck - I am super excited for you guys!

  12. SUCH exciting stuff!!!! Myrtle Beach sounds amazing!!! :):):)

  13. How exciting good luck to both of you and your new adventure! Always trust your intuition! or you could always come to south pittsburgh! :)

  14. This is all so exciting! I vote beach!! The math just makes the sun, sand, and ocean that much better ;)

  15. Oh my gosh...all this is so exciting! Go with your gut instinct....it'll all work out the way it is supoosed to work out!

  16. That's for commenting on my post :) YESSS and it is abolutely delicious!! You have to try it!!
    You have some very exciting things happening in your life. Embrace them - it goes fast!! Keep in touch xo

  17. Lots to look forward too! You move Im in for a visit! LOL. Cannot wait to see what condos you tour. I wish I could I pick up and move sometime, but alas law is state licensed...

  18. That is amazing! Your are awesome!

  19. That is amazing! Your are awesome!

  20. That is amazing! Your are awesome!

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  22. Good luck with everything! We're heading to Myrtle this weekend too. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  23. Wow it looks so gorgeous! I just followed you via bloglovin from the blog hop ♡


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