Bubbly, Pizza, Lateral Cardio, Spin, & The Weekend!

June 6, 2013

Y'all I am so proud.

 Last night was my "cardio blast" work out of the week. I usually do this once a week for various reasons. It is typically 70-90 minutes of pretty intense cardiovascular training. I like to sweat out toxins and water. Some people use the sauna or other ways - me, I hit the cardio. It helps my endurance tremendously (in lots of areas, hehe), and strengthens my heart! Last night was a cardio milestone for me. I started off with 25 minutes of lateral cardio then did my third spin class of the week! (Kickboxing was canceled, sigh). I ended up doing 15 miles in spin after my lateral cardio. That is the most miles I have ever done in one class after lateral training. I ended up burning 1,100 calories. Ow!

But now, I'm tired... and sore.
It's been a long week.

Tonight I am taking a well deserved break from life; spending time with my man, drinking some bubbly, making a homemade pizza, and watch the Paranormal Witness season premiere that I was so excited about last night, but fell asleep before it came on (typical). I made the most delicious pizza, too. Not to brag! I do not really care for frozen pizza, I always make mine. A local grocery store makes this whole wheat dough for pizza and it is absolutely amazing. I am not 100% sure it isn't laced with crack. I bought that, added sauce, low fat mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni, and baked to perfection. D-LISH! 

The other day in my blog post, I mentioned the amazing "lateral cardio" and a lot of people are puzzled by it and want to know what it is. I don't blame you, I recently learned what it is and now I'm madly in love.
Lateral cardio is movement is when your body works side to side. The machine picture above is not exactly what I use, but very similar. Think about this; when we walk, it's forward. When we use the elliptical, it's forward. When we bike, it's forward. When we use the StairMill, it's forward. 90% of the time, all of our cardio motions and exercises are in forward motions. What I love about lateral cardio is the side to side motions. You immediately feel it once you engage in the activity. Your body thinks "WOW this is new!". It is really, really helping my quads and hamstrings (thigh area). They are feeling rock hard. Also, this machine really works your core (stomach) area as well. 

To get more of a work out in my stomach, I do not hold on to the handles you see pictured on above on the machine. I move side to side fast and really work my core to keep my balance. I am depending upon a tight core to keep me from falling off of the machine. It is an awesome challenge. A lot of gyms do not have this type of cardio machine yet, but check around your local facilities. And mention it to management if they do not have it. It really is a great cardio work out.

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  1. WOOHOO go you! That's super awesome, I wish I could burn 1000 calories :)!

    The lateral machine looks awesome, but we don't have it at my gym. I will have to ask them to get one asap!

    Yum...pizza so nomnomtastic!

  2. OMG I wish I had the motivation you do when it comes to working out. Instead, I was thinking to myself how much I really really want a pizza now after seeing how delicious yours looks.

  3. that pizza looks fantastic!!

  4. I love cardio for sweating out everything! It really calms me, and is a great way for me to get my frustrations out!
    Your pizza looks SO GOOD. Any chance you're in the south? Publix(a grocery store only int he southeast) sells whole wheat pizza dough, and it's amazing!

  5. What! I need that machine! I'm always wishing I could work my sides more, on all parts of my body! So jealous.

  6. I've done lateral cardio and holy cow that stuff is legit and you feel the burn! Get it girl!

  7. Wow that was a workout! the pizza looks so good.

  8. Way to go on burning that many calories! We have those machines at my gym and I always see people using them wrong or barely moving on them so I never try them. Glad to know they actually work.

  9. Great job on your cardio blast workout!
    That pizza looks delicious! I've been wanting to try to make homemade pizza, but haven't gotten around to it I guess.

  10. I wish I knew how many miles I went in spin class... is there a way to figure it out without it being part of the machine?

  11. Liz, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you. I am getting ready to start going back to the gym next week. My hubby is getting ready to deploy and I want to surprise him when he gets home with me being near my goal weight.

  12. That pizza looks so delicious! Any who I nominated you and your blog for the Leibster Award! You can find details for this on my latest blog posting, hope you are having a great day!


  13. The pizza does look great and homemade is always better! I have never heard of that machine but it makes total sense.

    Oh, and I nominated you for a Liebster award today too... looks like someone else had the same idea!

  14. i've never heard of a lateral cardio machine before but it sounds like an awesome way to change things up. i'm going to keep my eye out. and that pizza looks so so good!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $50 shabby apple giveaway

  15. Aw my gym doesnt have this machine! Maybe they will get it soon. I would love to try it out.


  16. Lovely blog! Found it through the blog hop! New follower:)

  17. That lateral machine looks SO cool! Never heard of it. Kind of makes me think of rollerblading, and even if it's nothing like that that in itself makes me want to try it.

  18. Hi Liz, thanks for visiting my blog. Sure you can share the photo. Have a nice day! :)

  19. Hope you enjoyed your most deserved treat after that workout! I need to get moving, but I need to start slow. Thanks for sharing your inspiring post. That machine sounds amazing!

  20. Lateral cardio kills!

    Good for you and thank you for linking up! :)

  21. Oh, so motivating! Also, that pizza looks fab :)

    Glad to be a new Bloglovin follower!


  22. I worked out a ton this week & definitely hit a wall this morning. I pushed through my run, but going to take it easy for the rest of the day :)

    and that pizza looks great!

  23. Hey thanks for linking up with Instagram Thur. Excited to follow you!


  24. I have used that machine before and after the first workout my quads and glutes were feelingggg it!
    Enjoy your much deserved rest this evening xo

  25. Love your blog! It's super cute.

  26. Thanks for the comment, Liz! That pizza looks awesome! And I think I'd be walking ALL day to get a 1000 calorie workout...props girl! Enjoying your blog!


  27. That Pizza looks amazing! Now im hungry :)

  28. The homemade pizza looks scrumptious! Love cardio too - need to try the lateral cardio!

  29. I need to find one of those lateral cardio machines!

  30. I'm familiar with the concept of lateral cardio, but didn't know that there was a cardio machine for such a thing! I follow a lot of YouTube fitness videos (diethealth is my fav) and I've found lateral cardio intervals for the floor that I can do sans machine. I LOVE feeling "new" muscles working!


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