It's my style: ugh, I know I don't "need" makeup.

August 9, 2013

I hear that a lot. And it drives me crazy. I have been doing makeup on people since I was 15 years old. From 15-18 I sold Mary Kay alongside my mother. At 18 I became an artist for Sephora. Then at 22 I worked for Clinique. I love makeup. I love empowering women. It's amazing how a woman's confidence can change dramatically when she finds that perfect lip shade.

Makeup and accessories are my fashion. I don't always put on makeup to "accentuate" my features. I know I don't have to have it. I don't feel ugly without it. I like to match my makeup to my outfit, the occasion, my mood, my personality - rarely do I use makeup so I feel "prettier". I think of my face as a white sheet of paper. Tan rather, yay Summer. Much to how an artist views a blank canvas. Some people think women who wear a lot of makeup are insecure, but that is not always the case. A lot of times I will roll out of bed to run errands without a drop on, I never wear it in the gym, but cosmetics are simply my art.

A lot of you guys post your fashion outfits. I love reading them. I am intrigued by everyone's unique styles. Me, I'm a little different. My fashion style is pretty simple. I love v-neck tops and tight fitting jeans with a cute pair of heels. That's about it. 99% of my tops come from Venus.com, Affliction, or TapOut.

My fashion isn't clothes. I keep my clothes simple -- my fashion comes from my hair, my make-up, and my accessories. I love big hair and styling my hair different ways, I love matching fun makeup looks to my clothes, and I LOVE big jewelry. Oh and of course purses. That is the fashion statement - not with clothes, but with goes with it.

Before you start looking at the pictures, let back dat azz up with Whit

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard on Grooveshark
Here are some of my different styles. Sorry for all of the pictures of me. I do not have my client portfolio nor authorization to use anyone elses pictures. 

H54F and 5 on Fri with these lovely ladies is here! I'm blogging like a motha' this week.


  1. I love love love makeup, so much fun to wear. I am not nearly as talented as you are, but I love too find interesting looks on pinterest and play.

    Would love to read some of your best tips and tricks.

  2. Hmm since I work in a conservative office I am so limited as to my clothes, but makeup? I can have a little more fun and lord I live in Texas so the hair is big and the curls even bigger! But like you, I love to play with make up more than clothes and my go to outfit for going out has been cropped boyfriend jeans, tank and heels, but let the make up do the talking!

  3. The first look is my absolute favorite! They're all beautiful though!

  4. I love makeup! if the hair and makeup looks good, you feel good!

  5. I LOVE this post! I am all about make and love jewelry. My clothes are pretty plain and most important comfy but makeup and jewelry can make all the difference.

  6. Love this post and can totally relate. I enjoy cute clothes and accessories but makeup and beauty is my passion. Makeup is more than just putting it on everyday before I leave the house, it's an art to me that I love to experiment with!

  7. i'm completely boring when it comes to makeup. I've never worn much and never take the time to try new looks or techniques. its a weakness of mine, i wish I was better. You looked amazing as a brunette!!

  8. I LOVE the working girl and the first look! PRETTY.

  9. I think whatever makes you comfortable is what matters. i love the first one and the working girl one, but that is just me. I tend to go more Audrey Hepburn minimalistic. Work is conservative so nothing to dramatic but hair varies from straight to wavy to curly.

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  11. I love this! You are gorgeous by the way. I too love to play with makeup. And fashion, as much as I like it, most days I just throw something on. Not in a work environment where a lot of people see me anyway! www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  12. i'm pretty low-key when it comes to fashion in every sense; i'm like you (jeans + tshirt kinda gal) but also little makeup (just enough so that i look like i didn't just crawl out of a crypt) and that's about it! i recently bought a red lipstick which was a huge step for me because i usually only wear tinted gloss and that's not even every day!

    Vodka and Soda

  13. I love your bright lipstick! I am usually pretty low key during the week at work. I like to put on a lot of eyeshadow for the weekend though. Usually browns/golds since I usually have dark hair. I love big jewelry too! Accessories are my fave.

  14. I love how you were able to get so many different looks. My makeup tends to be the same all the time...very boring. The only thing I change up is lip color or the occasional cat's eye. Thanks for linking up to the Get Inspired Hop :)

  15. I love hair and make up, they are fun , but I wish im as good as you. I believe there just people that are born with it. The artist hands, just like you. Great content and its nice to know your style. I'm more like a clothes person, I don't know why, I just love them and oh don't forget the purse and shoes. I'm obsessed with them

  16. Wow you are great with the makeup! So pretty!

  17. I like your style. I was an 80's girl and rocked the big hair and at times I still do.
    My signature style is very similar to your working girl look. By the way what color is that lipstick, honey red matte, LOVE it. So, mascara and a red lip are my go-to's.
    Because I wear a uniform for work I focus on my make-up. I'n not a risk taker as you are, I wish I was.
    Before I finished this post I jumped around a bit on you blog. Very inspiring. Tomorrow I begin my clean eating lifestyle. I have been doing loads of research and it's all about eating foods with as little processing as possible. I am following you via Bloglovin' because as I said earlier in the post I like your style.

    Found you via That Friday Blog Hop.

    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com

  18. I unfortunately am in my 30s and still learning what makeup works for me. I really didn't learn about make up or use much until I was like 25 after i lost my first baby a girl trying to cheer me up took me to a clinique counter and that was fun....i learned a little then and wore what i could until someone stole my supply. I guess I kind of let myself go, or don't understand how to do hair etc so I am working more on that now....I wear my hair in two different colors...that is what makes me different...I am bright blonde in the front....red in the back...i like it and can do it myself. I also like gold eyeshadow and sparkling eye liner when i can find it...it has been too hot though to wear this summer...it just melts off. I unfortunately cut all my hair off and can't figure out how to style it....nothing to do now but wait for it to grow.....unfortunately i do feel like I need makeup because i have dark circles under my eyes and you can't see my eyelashes unless i wear mascara :(

  19. Love the makeup and that outfit is so cute especially the bag xx
    Just started following your blog and love it maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?

  20. You know what...I wish I had more opportunities to have fun with my makeup! Hopefully after I move to Europe and get out of customer service I will have the chance!

    great posts so far, I plan to read more once I am off work :)


  21. I love this. I'm glad you don't use makeup as a crutch, but rather a creative outlet. Good for you!

    I'm not much of a makeup gal. I rarely wear it. But I feel like my style shows thru my afro and big, nerdy glasses. They make me feel like me. :)

  22. Wow! You have so many different looks. I love that you're so adventurous.. makes me want to jump outside of my comfort zone and maybe try a lip now and again :)


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