Friday is All About FIVE!

August 23, 2013

It has been a great week.

Damn it feels wonderful to be able to say that.

Today my blog entry is a summary of 5 random's of the week that has ensued.

1.) For the first time since starting my lifestyle blog, I poured my heart out. I started this personal blog because I felt like I could write about my fears, joys, pain, and everything in between. On my health and fitness blog that had been featured so many places and was well known, I didn't want too. It just didn't feel right. So, on this blog, I took a plunge and wrote.

It has been a rough YEAR at my job, and this past month has been an ongoing trial of just how strong you can be when you feel like you are falling apart. After some intense prayer, mental regrouping, pepping myself back up, and taking a risk to start something I have always wanted to do, it has been a wonderful week!

I started my dream. I started writing. I am well into chapter 1.

2.) I do not get near the amount of best friend time as I want. I love my girls. I love having girlfriends. I would die without them. I miss the single girl life because I always got to be with my friends. But we grow up right? We fall in love, work full time, train every day at the gym, have a house, pets, and well - life gets in the way. But my best friend and I had a date night on Tuesday and it was so needed and a lot of fun. We had a good work out at the gym of cardio and weights, had a delicious/healthy dinner at Zoe's, then did a little shopping. This girl scored a $10 bathing suit at Old Navy! Man, I love a good deal.
Post gym! Do you like my aviator's? I think they're so badass. Ha!
3.) Speaking of my $10 bathing suit steal at Old Navy, it is in perfect time for the beach. Only 8 more days! It sucks that Labor Day weekend is approaching so fast. This will probably be our last Myrtle trip of the season. But that just means we get to go to Florida soon. I miss St. Augustine and cannot wait to be back. We only travel there between October and March.

We are saying at the above resort, "The Anderson". Our first time. Can't wait.
4.) I switched up my meal plan significantly as you may have read here. I have enjoyed my new concoctions so much this week. They are all wins!

5.) I have never used Pintrest before but needed to find a recipe to make for a party Marquis and I are going to on Saturday. I "pinned" these and we are making "Red Velvet Cake Brownies". I am excited to create them - they look delicious. I hope they turn out okay! I will report the outcome on my weekend recap!

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies - I made these and they were super moist!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I hope your beach trip is amazing. I agree that its hard to keep in touch with friends with so much on your hands, but those chances you get to spend with them make you appreciate the friendships you made and value them more. Hope you have a great weekend in the party can't wait to hear about the taste results for the red velvet cake brownies they look delicious!

  2. that resort looks amazing!! and congrats on taking the plunge to start writing.

    my friends and i get together at least twice a month; with kids, a job, life etc..it's hard but it's also important to make the effort.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. OK this is a post that deserves a GO GIRL! Woo hoo!

  4. YAY for writing!

    I know what mean about needing time with your girlfriends! Life makes it really hard sometimes! Always the best to be able to have an evening together!

    Have a great weekend :)

  5. So proud of you for taking the plunge and writing!! That resort looks gorgeous. Glad you got to spend time with your bestie they are the best at helping cheer us up.

  6. Girl what is in your wrap?? I want!! Awe hope you have a blast on your vacation !!!! You deserve it!!

  7. LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! Seriously, you have no idea. Its soooo YOU!

    And im glad your writing. You have a wonderful way with words that makes you genuine and relatable. If you wrote a book, you'd better believe id buy it!

    Keep up the great work, doll. I had a really rough week too. Most of this week I literally felt like I could cry at any moment for absoulely no reason (well, not for "no reason" but something i shouldnt be upset over) and keeping up with you ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.



  8. IT sounds like you've had a smooth past couple of days :) And that wrap looks delicious.


  9. you are sooo naughty for posting a pic of those brownies!!! haha they look amazing. Love the avaitors, i need me some! Also I am thrilled you started writting!

  10. Yay for a great week!! And congrats on chapter 1!! Happy Friday!

  11. Your food is so healthy and looks SOOO yummy! Love your pink notebook too xo

  12. OMG almost wish I didn't read this because I LOOOOVE red velvet and now I want to have some...damn clean eating. LOL. Have fun in Myrtle, wish we could go up and meet up with you guys. xoxo

  13. Congrats on starting your book...that is so exciting, girl!

    And I love that you and your girlfriends hit the gym for a date...that's what I'm talking about! Haha :)


  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and that is awesome that your following your dream and writing! Love your blog!

  15. I posted about Red Velvet rice krispie treats for my 5...we were meant to be friends. I love that you are chasing your dream in writing, I am doing the same in photography!

  16. Recipes please. The food looks delicious.
    Writing feels wonderful. Congratulations on Chapter 1 and best wishes for all that follows.

    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com


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