The Hump Day Blog Hop!

January 8, 2014

Hey guys! I am so excited you have come over. We are halfway through the week and the hump day camel is too freaking cool, so I decided to start a weekly blog hop to celebrate.

This is a little different than a link up. To participate, simply add your blog link. There is no required entry or anything like that. This is about networking, making new friends, and finding new blogs.

All I ask:

1) "The Hump Day" blog hop button button be displayed anywhere on your blog page or a specific entry with a link back to me or the weekly co-host.
2) You don't have to follow me, but in the words of Blake Shelton: it'd sure be cool if ya did.
3) Please follow the co-host. I love helping and promoting these amazing women in the blog world!
4) Mingle with your fellow Bloggers.

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The Hump Day Blog Hop

This weeks co-host is my amazing Bloggy BFF, Kerry! Be sure to check out her blog Til Then Smile Often

Till Then Smile Often

She is so talented. She literally posts some of the most amazing recipes. I get so many ideas from her. She also keeps me motivated with my work out's. Have you seen the calories this chick burns during her workouts?! Even if you need just a friend, Kerry is the one to lean on. Oh also, I teamed up with her to giveaway a $75 Visa or Target giftcard for 1 year Blogging anniversary... now you REALLY have to go check her out!


  1. Found your link up via Bloglovin' Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. So glad to be co-hosting with you girl! Big hugs! You are the best!

  3. So excited to link up! I am following you and your co-host!!!

  4. YAY for your hump day blog hop being back! Loving the new layout by the way! :)

  5. yay!! I am so glad this is back!!!

    ps. can you please submit your button to my blog so you can be on my side bar too?

  6. Happy to see this linkup back! Hope you are well, girlie! xoxo


  7. Hump Day Blog Hop I love it!!! We're always doing the camel commercial at work, so bringing it to my blog world makes me happy!

  8. Lots of great new blogs to check out. Thanks for hosting!

  9. I love this little blog hop because you always have a great group of participants! Thanks for hosting!

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