2014 is going to rock, baby!

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to all of my amazing blogging babes! Did you guys ring in the new year doing anything fun? What are your resolutions? Me... I don't have one. Ha!
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I was off new year's eve so my little vacation started Monday at 5 PM. Since I took a rest day from the gym on Sunday due to feeling like pure crap, I was ready to work, and work hard. It was not a weights day so I did an hour of 20 minutes of mixed cardio and burned a ton of calories. It was awesome! I love to sweat out those toxins.

After the gym I was dead. It was a killer work out, but it took all of me. I spent the evening cleaning and resting at home.

Tuesday morning I woke up early to go see the doctor for my B12 injection. They weighed me. I lost exactly 5 pounds the week of Christmas! Holy crap - 5 pounds?! I was shocked! That means since November 25th, I have lost 20.6 pounds! I felt like a million bucks. 

After leaving my appointment, you would think I felt on top of the world, but I didn't. I still felt like I was sick. I guess pushing too hard the night before was not the best idea, but I don't regret. I picked up more cold medicine then went back to my apartment to rest until my mom arrived.

She came down around noon and is spending the week with me. She brought me a Wii and a Kindle Fire. I am stoked! I get my family's hand-me-down electronics so it was great to get them and for free!

We took our time getting ready and glamorous while listening to fun music and then pre-gammed... with some Powerade Zero! Ha!

I'm ready, baby!

My gorgeous mother... rocking it at 50!

She is also my best friend.

She said; "let's take a selfie where you look one way and I look the other", ha!


We went to our favorite restaurant "The Melting Pot" to ring in 2014. They had a special menu for the night and it was an astonishing 5 course meal.

The first course was a fiesta cheese fondue with bread and vegetables. It was out of this world delicious.

Our second course was a salad. There were four choices to choose from and I chose the "Spinach and mushroom salad". Again, it was delicious!

The third course was a cute tiny dish of Sorbet. I was confused of why we would have this served before the main entree, the meat, and evidently this type of Sorbet increases your appetite for the main course. Who knew! I enjoyed it, but my mom absolutely loved this.

The meat portion was incredible. Steak, chicken, pork tenderloin, mushrooms, broccoli, and tiny pasta bites filled with Gorgonzola cheese. Everything was extremely high quality, fresh, and delicious. 

The meat cooking in the oil

The last part of the meal was the absolute best part - the chocolate. We had the white chocolate and caramel brulee. It was topped with cinnamon and sugar crystals. I literally have no words for this... it was that amazing!

Before we left, we were given a free champagne toast.


Except I only drank a sip of mine because I was having major heartburn at this point.

When we finally left dinner, we decided to go to WalMart to walk off some of the fondue. It was still a little early to hit a bar, so we thought we would walk around and do some shopping.

We decided to ring in the new year at a bar that is literally in the same part of my apartment complex. We went in there around 11 PM so we could have a drink for midnight, but it was so dead. It was not fun looking or hype, and it usually is! 

I was full, tired, bloated, and over it. I told mom we should just go back to my place and ring in the new year. It's so funny because she was disappointed, she was ready to party!

I spent the rest of the night playing on my new Wii!

We finally went to bed at 1:30 AM. And we did not get up until 12:15 PM today. I don't know what in the world happened, maybe it is my blackout curtains?! I never ever sleep that late and neither of us really drank. I suppose we were just in a food coma.

I finally made myself go to the gym for 40 minutes of cardio and an upper body weight circuit. I think I am finally back to myself now to where I can workout without having to take all of the "rest days". I had the song "Work" on repeat today during my training - I decided that is my anthem for this year!

After the gym I went back to my apartment to scoop up Mama and we went to McAlisters. I had my favorite salad; the Savannah chopped salad (OMG, yum!) and mom had this "loaded spud"... it looked amazing. Afterwards we went to Target so I could get "Mario Cart" for the Wii.

The first Target was sold out.

Next we went to Game Stop. It was closed.

We then went to ANOTHER Target and victory was finally mine.

Now it's time to get ready for bed because I have to work tomorrow and Friday, which totally sucks after being off the last two days... it just feels wrong to be going back to work! Especially since I slept until noon today. Wish me luck, I hope I am not a zombie tomorrow! 

In celebration of the 1 Year Anniversary of Till Then Smile Often and Wonder What's Next we joined forces to give back. We teamed up with three other amazing bloggers to give away $75 Target or Visa Gift Card (Winner's Choice) to one lucky winner!I am so grateful for what this past year has given me through blogging and the amazing people I have met and talked to through blogging. I look forward to what this next year brings and all the things I hope to share. Good luck!
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  1. How fun! I LOVE that lip color on you... you look amazing!

  2. Happy New Year love....so if you keep it up by December 31, 2014 you'll be like um some super thin super model whoa nelly! I am so proud of all your accomplishments :-)

  3. Rock it out girlie!!!!

    OH EM GEE melting pot is the best!

  4. Hi! Great blog! Gymtrition is a new company set up to review the latest products in the fitness industry! Check it out at gymtrition.blogspot.co.uk! Happy New Year! :)

  5. Sounds like a great NYE! And congrats on your weight loss! Happy New Year :)

  6. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your Mama!

  7. awesome about the weight loss!!!! so proud of you.

    My resolution/goals are as I said before take more ME time and eliminate credit card debt...which we have already got 2 paid off!!

    I get electronic hand-me-downs from my dad...we got a tablet for Breanna that she loves to play on and watch movies

    you and your mom look fabulous

    hope you are feeling better!!! happy new year to you

  8. great job with the weight loss! and sounds like a fun new years. I love the melting pot and haven't been there in awhile. I need to go back again soon!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  9. Happy New Year girllyy!! Congrats on the weight loss, especially during the holidays! My goal was to just maintain but you out did yourself mama!

  10. You look fantastic babe! Congrats on the weight loss, you go girl! That food looks absolutely delicious, I am really hungry now ha ha. So fun that you got Mario Cart for the Wii!!

  11. The melting pot is so amazing! Glad you had a great time with you Mom. Hope you are feeling better and congrats on the weight loss! You are rocking it girl!

  12. awwww happy new year girl i know you and your mama had fun!!! the melting pot looks so yummy!!!!

  13. ummm I LOVE the Mario Kart game!!! Seriously the BEST GAME EVER

  14. Proud of you babe!!! So much love :)

  15. Your mother is gorgeous, Happy New Year!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. I could liiiiive off of The Melting Pot! So jealous right now!!! You and your mom are adorable together. :)

  17. happy new year!! i love that your mom wanted to take a selfie. my mom doesn't even know what a selfie is let alone phones having cameras!!!

    Vodka and Soda


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