December 10, 2013

I am the Office Manager and President's assistant.

He assigns me tasks to complete on a daily basis. Some of them are typical and administration related and some of them are "unique" and interesting. 

Last week I was told to purchase 60 "holiday" cards for our employees.

Fun, right? And easy enough I thought.

I go to WalMart (gag) because I had other supplies to get for the office and I picked up "holiday cards". They had "Christmas-y" pictures on them; you know like a Christmas tree, Santa, things like that, but nowhere on the box did it state that the inside of the card read "Merry Christmas". I thought they would be safe enough.


Some read "Merry Christmas" and some read "Happy Holidays".

I go back to WalMart, wait in line for 46 hours to return the cards, and proceed to go find another two boxes of "holiday" cards.

One box includes 32 cards, I bought two. One box has a picture that reads "Season's Greetings" and another box reads "Happy Holidays". Great.


I open them to begin working on them and they are assorted. Some say "Merry Christmas", so say "Happy Holidays", and some say "Season's Greetings". Unfortunately, majority of them say "Merry Christmas" so I have go return them.

For a second time.

Who would have ever thought buying freakin' "holiday" cards would be so hard!

SO then I hold the staff meeting to draw for "Secret Santa". 

We all write our name, three gift ideas, fold the paper, and put it in a bowl to be drawn.

First round, I was the last person to pick a paper and guess what?

I drew myself.


Everyone puts their papers back in the bowl to go again.

I picked my paper last again.

Guess what? I drew myself.

For the second time.

I can't.

Finally, the third go round, I drew someone else.

I am officially over this holiday mess.

All I can do is LOL. Story of my life, friends. You would think I am making this up, but with God as my witness, I'm not. 

PS: Join me over Kristen's blog for "Tell All Tuesday's" - a weekly link up and yours truly is the co-host this week!



  1. Aww that stinks about the cards, and then drawing yourself.

    Thanks for linking up with us for Totally Posted Tuesdays!

  2. The card thing is so silly... People are just so overly sensitive these days! Sorry about your bag Christmas luck!

    xoxo Savanna @ ...and I don't like onions!

  3. If you play secret santa, why do you have to have "holiday" cards. That stinks! And drawing your name twice? LOL. Sorry doll, but it makes for a good blog post! Just remember glitter, and cheer and pretty things and your spirit will return. When in doubt sing loudly for all to hear!

  4. What are the odds? Hopefully you got a chuckle out of it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. All of this made me laugh and you handled it wonderfully!

  7. Geez! What luck. :-) It will be over soon. Lol.

  8. Your post title made me smile! Ha ha! I am a chronic Merry Christmas-er ;D
    You weren't having very good luck wish cards! We shop at WalMart 90% of the time only because that is the only "big" store in our town.
    And, what are the odds that you would pick yourself twice in a row!!

  9. I bought holiday cards for our office and also had a hard time finding ones that were generic enough! I settled on a dog driving a car with a Christmas tree attached to the hood!

  10. Who would think something so simple as buying holiday cards would turn into such an ordeal. They should clearly state on the box what's written inside. Hope you have better luck the rest of the week!

  11. Haha that's hilarious! I would want to throw something at people.

  12. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. They better love those DANG holiday cards for the next six months!!! ;)

  13. lol you should have kept your own name, you would have gotten the best gift then haha!

  14. I love you!!!

    Did you find any blank ones?? Sometimes I want to do holiday cards than I remember I have crappy hand writing & it becomes more of a pain in the rear end than anything else!!!

    Happy Wednesday darling!!

  15. Very funny.



  16. I'm thinking this is the universe telling you, you need to buy yourself a gift for all the craziness you've been going through the past few months! Just go with it, sweets! lol

    Maria @ The Good Life

  17. lol about drawing yourself!!! TWICE!

    its so hard to find christmas errr holiday card that wont offend someone!

  18. I work for a Christian University so we are allowed to say "Merry Christmas" and I absolutely love it!! I know we try very hard to avoid offending people who do not celebrate Christmas and I think that people are becoming more tolerant and realize that "Merry Christmas" is not ,meant to be offensive.

    It seems like less people are offended these days. I think everyone is beginning to realize all religions just want happiness :)

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