America's Got Talent - The Live Show! + The Week!

October 10, 2013

Since I am a rebel, I feel like celebrating two of my favorite Friday link up's early. You know the ones where we write 5 things about our week - 5 on Friday and H54F. It has been a great week!

Monday, I worked until noon. When I got off of work, I rushed home to get glam then Marquis and I took the three hour drive to Raleigh, NC for "America's Got Talent". That is Marq's and I's favorite show. We have tons of shows that we always watch together but "America's Got Talent" is our number 1!

1) The l o o k
Since we were going downtown for dinner before the live show, I wanted to have a sexy look. I played in my new Urban Decay Vice 2 eye shadow kit and gave myself a grey/black smokey eye with hot pink lips and big blonde curls. It was a little on the 1980's nightclub look but I loved it!

2) A vegetarian/s p i n a c h burger
Before the show we had dinner at those most delicious place. It was called "The Hive". Oh my, it was too freaking good. They had the best salads and they made all of their vinaigrette dressings in house. I ordered a spinach and feta "burger" and had a spinach and berry salad on the side. The dressing was a honey champagne vinaigrette dressing - I want to learn how to create my own!

3) America's Got Talent - L I V E
The show was so much fun! The performers were all so good. We had the best seats in the house as well. We were in the center, in the second row. What makes it even better is that the two seats in front of us in the front row were empty the entire time. We lucked out!

After the show, we were able to meet everyone since we were VIP.

The first two acts we met were: the winner, Kenechi Ebina and second place, Taylor Williamson. They both were not were personable. Marquis tried to joke with Taylor and he was just awkward.

Next we met Jimmy Rose and Tone Tha Chiefrocka. They were both awesome. I love Jimmy. He waved to me in the crowd. And now I know why; Google his girlfriend. We have the exact same features, ha. I think meeting Jimmy was my favorite. You can tell he is so thankful and down to earth. He will go far in country music. I have no doubt.

After those two, it was time to meet my girl, my favorite, and wannabe BFF, Cami Bradley and the sexy underage; Collins Key. I cannot believe that kid is 16. He is so hot. I feel like a total molester saying that. I immediately ran up to Cami and told her how much I love her and how we should be BFF. 

Lastly we met the super talented, amazing, and super duper sexy KriStef brothers. OMG they are so freaking h o t. Stefan, the blonde one, makes me drool. I am not even kidding. They were fun.

4) F l o w e r s
Marquis surprised me with some gorgeous flowers and a card congratulating me on my new position in Real Estate and telling how I need and should believe in myself. I thought that was really nice. But I also deserved it because he has been in a completely rotten mood lately and is getting on my last nerve. I will be so damn glad when his bodybuilding competition is done so we can go back to normal.

5.) The official job o f f e r
I received my "official" job offer from the Real Estate company on Tuesday. Basically, I am the Director of Operations; I am over Human Resources, Office Management, and the Executive Assistant to my CEO. I am over the entire office ensuring attendance and accountability, hiring and finding new talent, continuing my education consistently by attending workshops and a lot of social events, being the "wing man" to my CEO - man this position is going to be the absolute biggest challenge of my life, but I could not be more excited and more ready for this!


  1. You're going to do AMAZING in your new job.. and I love your new makeup look!! I'm glad you had fun at the show... it looks like a blast!

  2. Congratulations on your new job!! How fun that you went to the America's Got Talent Taping and sat so close!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Good Luck on your new journey in your new job! Sounds incredible!!
    & LOVE the makeup! Super Pretty!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun at America's Got Talent! Your new job sounds amazing, you hiring yet? Haha. NC is a little bit too far for a commute every day! I know there are great things in store for you!! And Marquis is right, you gotta believe in yourself...even if he has been a moody boy lately!

  5. Congratulations on the job. Sounds like you had an amazing week! I don't watch America's Got Talent but had I known it was in my neck of the woods I would have thought about going to watch.

  6. AGT looked like fun - I've never watched the show!
    Congratulations on the job, happy to hear it is yours!

  7. Looks like you guys had fun! I love the way your eye makeup turned out. I can't believe that I live in Raleigh, but have never been to The Hive. After seeing your food, I want to go check it out! Lastly, big congrats on the new job - I'm sure you'll rock it :)

  8. Looks like you had a blast at the show, fun!

  9. good luck lady!!!!! your pics are great from the show - so exciting you got to meet all them!

  10. that looks so freakin fun!!!!!! And how awesome about your job iam so excited for you!!!

  11. The burger sounds delish! Look at you all VIP style! Sounds like a blast!

  12. Love the makeup!! I never wear anything- just mascara. That's super sad I know. So exciting about the new job! I know you'll do great :)

  13. OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW you would get the job! Congratulations lady, you deserve it and all of the wonderful things that will come along. xoxo

  14. You're amazing :) love you gorgeous!

  15. So many awesome things going on! So glad you had such a blast at the show and got to meet some neat people!! How sweet of Marquis to get you flowers, you definitely deserve them! And, of course, another huge congratulations on getting the job!!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend ♥

  16. It looks like y'all had so much fun!!! And congrats on the new job!!! I knew you would get it :)


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